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fuck my ass久久电影网

Seven years ago my company sent me to Columbus, Ohio to take several specialized management courses, so, at least for one year I was a college student again.It felt a bit strange, I was 27 years old and in management with my firm; but, upon completion of the courses I, contingent on performance, was slated for a middle management position in our Orlando, Florida regional office.So, here I was, back on campus.As I walked across the quad I noticed a girl ahead of me.I couldn’t see her face but, then again, I didn’t need to.There’s no denying that I’m an ass man and hers was beyond spectacular.Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea but I like big bottoms.Hers was like two luscious ripe cantaloupes beautifully wrapped in tight white shorts.Mesmerized, I followed her like a stalker.As it turned out she was aiming for the cafeteria, I followed her in.She got a tuna salad sandwich and a diet Coke and took a table.Food wasn’t what was on my mind.I got a cup of coffee and wandered toward her table.I gave her a smile and asked if she minded if I joined her.She nodded me to a chair.I sat and introduced myself.“Thanks for the seat, I’m Robert Stephens but everyone calls me Robbie.”“Hi Robbie,” she replied, I’m Sharon Bannister, it’s nice to meet you.”The fact that I was older than most of the students was obvious and she asked if I was on the faculty.I told her no, I was on TDY from my company for a year to take the specialized classes.She told me she was a nursing student, that she wanted to be a Registered Nurse when she graduated.We made small talk for a while before she had to head out to class.Before she got away, I asked for her cell number and invited her to dinner.She paused at my invitation then said that, yes, she’d accept but only on the condition that she could bring another girl with her.That wasn’t ideal from my perspective but beggars can’t be choosers, I said,“Of course.”We set a time and place to meet.Nothing fancy; burgers, fries, that kind of food in a restaurant just off campus.I arrived a little early so could watch as she and her escort arrived and I was stunned.Both about 5’2” tall, I’d guess weight at around 115 pounds, shoulder length strawberry blonde hair, both with small pert breasts, both with spectacular bottoms, both with cute pug noses, green eyes and a light spray of freckles on cheeks.They were identical in every way; they were twins.I stood and walked to greet them.Sharon handled the introductions.“Robbie, this is my baby sister, Shannon.Shannon, this is Robbie Stephenson.”I guess I was staring, I asked, “Your baby sister?”Shannon is the one that replied, “Yeah, I’m the baby, by five minutes.”I led them to the table where we placed our orders.We chatted, learning about each other.Sharon and Shannon were born and raised in Columbus and still lived with their parents.They were 20 years old, were both enrolled in the nursing program from which they would graduate the following year.Both wanted to do hospital nursing as a career and expected to remain in Columbus after graduation.I had to confess to my 27 years and that I was in management with a mid-sized corporation headquartered in Orlando.I was also born in Ohio but had been in Orlando for the past five years.Shannon commented, “It must be nice to live in Florida in the winter.”I gave her my pat answer.“Yeah, down there we at least don’t have to shovel our bad weather.”Over the course of the evening we traded stories and got to know each other.I found both of the girls to be bright and interesting conversationalists, though both were a bit feisty and Shannon in particular could be argumentative.At the end of the evening, I walked them to their car and asked Sharon if she minded if I called her, telling her that I’d like to go out again.She said she’d like to hear from me.Our relationship rapidly developed; athletic events, concerts and simple walks in the woods or along the river, occasionally Shannon and a date joined us but usually alone.When it became evident to both of us that what we felt for one another was more than fleeting, our discussions, though still hypothetical began to cover other subjects.Like the matter of pre-marital sex.At 27 I’d had several relationships and more than a few short term or one night stands.Sharon professed to be a virgin so, by mutual agreement we would wait.Children?She wanted 2 and so did I but we both agreed that a couple would be wise to wait 5 years.That assured some solidity in the marriage plus the time gave the couple the opportunity to have some fun and get to know each other intimately.It was amazing how similar our beliefs were.Even in religion, although both of us professed a belief in a supreme power we were ambivalent about GOD in capitals.Sharon had been raised in a household where religion was not an important part of daily life and, although I held back the absolute facts, I told her that my parents had been strict Christians.It wasn’t until I became old enough and mature enough that I formulated my own beliefs.What I held back was that I was raised in a family where Christian Domestic Discipline was practiced.My father didn’t spare the rod to his children but it was many the night that I heard Mother in tears over some transgression.He wasn’t an evil man in any way but there were rules in our household and we were expected to obey them.Daddy spanked for most disobediences and, although not severe beatings they were long and firm enough to be remembered.We kids, my 2 sisters and I both got our share.I managed to avoid the most feared discipline but Mamma and both of my sisters weren’t so lucky.It only came about if the transgression was so egregious or repetitive that the spankings hadn’t altered the behavior.I even hesitate to mention that Daddy used punishment enemas on those occasions, followed by the spanking.I further hesitate to say that I agree with what my Daddy did.My Mother was the finest woman I’ve ever met; loving and respectful to everyone, industrious in her endeavors, she was the most adored woman in our small town.And my sisters?Both maintained good grades, were active in after school activities, obtained college degrees and married well.I couldn’t ask for more from the women in my life.I decided that Daddy had it right but, honestly, all I imparted to Sharon was that I’d been raised with strict Christian values.As we moved forward, she toward her graduation and me toward completion of my classes and a return to Orlando our conversations grew more serious.Were we to be life partners?It was Sharon that proposed we have a contract which would govern our relationship. I proposed some rules that we would live under, they are:Always be respectful to one another at all times.No lying.Unconditional trustWhen out, check in regularly.No excessive spending.No foul languageNever go to bed angry at one another.Don't be wasteful (with water, electricity, etc.)Clean up after yourself.Maintain good hygiene.No embarrassing behavior in public.No "temper tantrums."Maintain a clean home.No secret bank accounts, credit cards, or loans.No profiles on social networking sites without letting your spouse know about it.Make "major" decisions together. (Home remodels, big purchases like a car, etc.)Cooperate during all punishments/disciplines:.No infidelity.Consent can be withdrawnSay I love you everydayWork for a good communicationCompliments and acknowledgementsHelp each other with bedtime curfews as established in the household.Weekly talks to discuss how things are and what we want to work harder on.Head of household helps wife to achieve her goals of being a good wifeWife helps husband to achieve his goals as a good leaderThe following are rules that are punishable if broken::::::::::::::::::::THE 5 Ds:• Disrespect, (contempt)• Dishonesty• Disloyalty• Disobedience (wife)• Dangerous situationsPunishment for Husband if he breaks a D rule:• Acknowledgement of wrong-doing ,apology and amends.Discipline tools for Husband to use to enforce our rules:Corner time - spankings - removal of privileges, reminder and maintenance spankings as deemed necessary by husband or, more extreme measures for egregious or repetitive behavior. ________________________ ___________________________Robert Stephenson Sharon Bannister Sharon reviewed my proposal and felt it was weighted toward my being dominant.I didn’t disagree, I simply explained that for a relationship to work it was imperative that there be a decision maker and all others needed to be acquiescent to his or her decisions.I also fully am convinced that that last paragraph falls under the old adage that, “If you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance, baffle them with your bullshit.”Sharon signed.I bought a ring and, at the finest restaurant in town, proposed on bended knee.She accepted.We set a date for the following June.In the interim twin Shannon also got engaged to Ron Washburn, so, the girls decided that a double wedding would be a wonderful thing.I knew Ron at least passively and was surprised about his upcoming nuptials.I’d been in school with him and it was believed by, if not all at least many, that Ron liked six packs and pecs as opposed to tits and ass but, who knows; guess we were wrong.By the time of the wedding I’d, of course returned to Orlando.I’d had Sharon down, we’d closed on a house and furnishings but had decided that, instead of a honeymoon we’d tow her things to Orlando and set up housekeeping.The honeymoon would be Aruba for our first anniversary. The wedding was special to both of the twins, there were several hundred guests (I slipped Mr. Bannister a couple of thousand to help defray his costs and got a big smile in return), then the reception; sit down dinner of lobster and steaks, champagne flowing like water, dancing and then Sharon and I and Shannon and Ron were off in our limos.We checked into the nicest hotel in Columbus, my car was already there, we’d leave for Florida in the morning (or whenever we were capable of motivation), shared the bottle of complimentary Champagne and, with my beautiful wife now clad in a snow white peignoir I took to our marital bed.I won’t recount the entire evening and night, suffice to say, she was sweet as cherries and luscious as strawberries as I feasted.My lady was like liquid gold as she flowed and then I entered her for our first time.The sex was fantastic, I’d never enjoyed it more, but then, I’d never anticipated it more.Not to brag but we went three times before fatigue set in; we slept with our bodies entwined.Morning and we had room service breakfast, Sharon was as loving as I could hope for and she was even beautiful with the sleep still in her eyes.I kissed each eye and sent her to the bathroom for her morning ablations.Something bothered me.Not that it would have made a difference in how I felt about Sharon but, over my earlier years I’d had more that a few sexual liaisons; 3 had been with virgins.In every case there had been pain and blood from the ruptured hymen, red sheets in the morning; I checked, our sheets were snow white top to bottom and Sharon took me with no moaning or tears.It was evident to me, she was no virgin.Again, I didn’t give a fat rat’s ass if she was, I damned sure wasn’t but the fact that she’d lied to me bothered me.Yet, she was so happy I didn’t wanta bust her bubble, I decided I wouldn’t mention it until we were settled in at our house.The drive to Orlando was, at the least boring.The only thing interesting was our conversation and, it, in fact tended to piss me off.Sharon should have just shut up.She was like a bunch of social media, saying far, far, too much.She complained how the loss of her virginity had been painful, how she needed to sit on a pillow, etc., etc.Once in, I ordered some Chinese take-out for dinner and we went to bed.I’ll confess, with a new bride beside me, a bride that I found startling attractive we had sex several times before we dozed off entwined in each others arms and legs.But now, we needed to make some things clear.I sent Sharon off for some shopping for herself and I went the other way.I bought the groceries that we’d need for the next several days, then at the local Walmart I picked up things I knew I’d need.Even when I was in Ohio I’d noted that Sharon would feign illness to avoid class or work, I selected a rectal thermometer, a red two quart enema bag, both a double retention nozzle along with one of small butt plug size and lubricants from the pharmacy department before finding an old style oak backed brush, then to a medical supply store for an IV stand.I took them home and placed the thermometer, the lube and the brush on the top of the vanity, the enema bag went in a drawer and the IV stand was wheeled to the closet.When Sharon arrived home it was obvious she’d stopped for a cocktail or two, she wasn’t inebriated but she was a bit tipsy, I took her upstairs to our bedroom, sat her on the bed and inquired as to why she’d been drinking.She pled one drink with lunch and, it was evident, at least to me that honesty was not one of me bride’s strong points.“Sharon,” I started, “You’ve had several cocktails, more than you should have before you drive, so, you’re to call me or take a cab, isn’t that what we’d agreed?”“I’m sorry Robbie, I just didn’t want to bother you,” she answered.“Sharon, your safety is my concern. Any time you can call, I’ll come.”“I’m sorry.”“Love, there’s something else I think we need to discuss, don’t you?”Sharon’s expression said she didn’t understand, “What?”“You lied to me, didn’t you?You weren’t a virgin, were you?“Robbie, please, I don’t want to talk about it.”“Sharon, I wouldn’t have cared.I love you, I was no virgin, so whether or not you were made no difference to me.What does make a difference is that you were untruthful, that’s something that we agreed that we wouldn’t do with each other, am I right?”“Robbie, I’m so sorry, I was just trying to make myself more desirable.”“Sharon, let’s go upstairs to our bedroom,” I said as I took her hand..Sharon was wearing ladies side zipper shorts and a T-shirt when I led her to our bedroom.There were several new items on the vanity; the hair brush, the rectal thermometer and the sexual lubricant.Only one was about to be deployed.I’d positioned a straight-backed chair mid-room, I walked to it and sat.Positioning Sharon directly in front of me, between my legs I began.“You were not a virgin yet you lied and said you were,” is that correct?“Robbie, I just, I just…”“Sharon, were you a virgin when you said you were, yes or no?”“No, but…”“No buts, you lied, right?”“Yes, but…”“Again, no buts.Don’t you think that a lie and particularly THAT lie is a poor foundation on which to build a marriage?”“Robbie, I love you and I’m so sorry, please forgive me, please?”“Of course I’ll forgive you but you know we have rules, rules designed to make your and my life better, so, we must abide by the rules.”Sharon’s tummy had churned and her bladder had leaked as she climbed the staircase.Her panties were damp with urine before Robbie sat in the straight backed chair, a chair that was a new addition to the room, and, by her hips he held her in front of him.A ten minute lecture covering truthfulness and excessive consumption of alcohol preceded him lowering her over his lap.“Sharon, I love you without reservations but honesty between us is imperative, do you understand?”Already tearful, Sharon answered, “I’m so sorry Robbie, I am so sorry.”“Still, you’re going to be spanked, are you ready?”“Please don’t, I won’t lie to you again.”His hand was massaging her bottom, it was the first time he’d really felt it and it truly excited him.He hit her with the first spank then rubbed.He hit her again then a third.Sharon gasped, pleading, “Don’t Robbie, please don’t.”He gave her twenty, slow, moderately hard strokes then massaged her before saying,“Lift your hips.”He unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts and took them to her knees. He began to spank, first one cheek then the other as he admonished, “We’ll be truthful in the future, won’t we?”Sharon was pleading, she’d never lie to him again, she’d be a good girl, please stop.And he did.She tried to get up but his hand was on the small of her hack, he held her down.She had a T-shirt on, he took it off over her head then he unfastened her bra and let it fall to the floor before pulling her panties down over her feet.She was naked.With a certain rhythm he spanked, first one cheek then the other, up and down, not exceptionally hard but steady.It went on for over 20 minutes before Sharon broke, her tears flowed yet the spanking continued, first the left cheek, whack, then the right and then again the left.After Sharon had been in tears for at least ten minutes Robbie stopped spanking.He slowly and lightly massaged her bottom as she cried, then he took her up in his arms.“Sharon Baby you’re not a bad girl but you did a bad thing.I’m not mad at you, I love you to death and want the very best for you.This is over, this is behind us, you understand.?”Sharon continued to snivel, Robbie let her cry herself out before he lifted her and laid her back down on the bed, her bottom was on the edge of the bed, he lifted her legs.She was naked as he opened her thighs, her sex was wet and inviting, he fell upon her, tasting her sweet, salty flavor.Exquisite, she was absolutely perfect.His tongue rapidly agitated her clitoris while two fingers sought out her G spot.The two stimulations together rapidly brought her to climax.He mounted her.She was soaking, he slid in as though she was melted butter, her hips pounded against him as both came to a rapid orgasm, and then.Robbie had a capability beyond that of most 27 year old men.His refractory period was measured in seconds, he was ready again, “The spanking was for what you did, the sex was for your pleasure but the rest is for me.”As he forced her legs upward and took her arms so that she was literally holding herself exposed, she felt a greasy chill against her anus before she was penetrated.A finger filled her bottom and then a second.She moaned from the violation before screaming, “What are you doing Robbie?”He moved onto her as he answered, “Fucking you,” as his cock slid into her chubby ass.She screamed, pled and cried as his cock skewered her.He was completely in before he stopped and her tears were flowing as she pled, “No, please Robbie, don’t, don’t, take it out, Oooooooooooooooo, God, Nooooooooooooooo, please, please.”He leaned forward and took both breasts in his hands, gently he squeezed, but with enough pressure that Sharon knew she was within moments of feeling pain.He leaned forward so that his mouth was at her face.“I love you Sharon,” he told her as he kissed her, “But never lie to me again,” he continued.“No Robbie, I won’t, I’m so sorry, please forgive me, please don’t hurt me any more.”“Sharon Baby, I want you to relax for me.Just allow your muscles to loosen because we’ll be doing this again and I really don’t want to hurt you.”Slowly he stroked into her, he listened as she mouthed, unh, unh, unh as she took each of his strokes.He was gentle with her, his hands were massaging her body, her hips, her sides, her breasts as his lips nibbled at her nipples and kissed her ears, eyes and lips.He came.“No Baby, stay right here, you don’t need to go anywhere, you don’t have to poop, that’s from me being in you, so just lie here with me,” he said as he slid over her.Sharon was on her tummy with Robbie over her back.He massaged her shoulders and neck, telling her how sexy she was, how alluring, how beautiful.As he talked to her he was slowly rocking on her bottom.His cock was stiffening, it slid into her anal cleft.His Baby was still lubed, he easily slid up and down her crevasse, she began to rock back in response.It felt good to her, the pressure against her anus was sensual.Her breathing became a bit raggedy, his hands sought out her breasts, he was hitting her erogenous areas, she began to pump her hips, she wanted him in her.“Please,” as she raised her hips.His thighs against hers forced her higher, she was open, exposed and she only hoped he chose her vagina.He filled her and slowly began to pump.She’d been fitted with an IUD prior to their wedding as he’d explained that he wouldn’t use any type of contraceptive.He was only going to have a single partner so he wasn’t concerned about STD’s.Her climax was spectacular, fueled by her excitement and, truth be told a bit of fear; for the first time in her life she squirted.Strangely, she was so proud of herself, she’d gone off like a fountain and Robbie was so intrigued by what she’d done.Pleasing him was taking on a major importance to her.Before they dozed off she got up to use the bathroom, when she came back she got her pajamas but, before she could put them on Robbie told her no, she was to sleep naked as he expected to have sex with her several times during the night.Sharon had learned a couple of important things; Robbie was deadly serious about the rules under which they were to live and, she further learned that her husband’s sexual appetite was nearly insatiable.They slept in the next morning and, upon awakening she was kissed, hugged and loved.As he entered her she smiled and sighed, she was one happy girl.Even thinking back on her spanking she realized how important it had been.An episode that could have been destructive to their new marriage had been dealt with and they could move forward.After showering together they dressed and he took her to Bob Evans for breakfast.“Are you ok with yesterday?” He asked.“Well I sure learned something.I don’t want to break our rules, do I?”“I’m pleased with your attitude, that’s so important for a successful partnership, don’t you agree?”“Oh yes, unquestionably.”Back at home Robbie suggested that they review their contract.He pointed out several areas that he expected might create problems.Sharon could become waspish and argumentative.She’d even acted up in public, at restaurants and parties.Robbie had put up with it while they were dating but, as his wife it would be unacceptable and he wanted Sharon to understand that.Even to that she gave him a flippant answer.“Sharon Baby, I’m sorry but I think we’ll have some work to do.I don’t want an attitude from you, I’ll treat you with respect and I expect the same from you.”“What Robbie, what have I done or said?I mean, you don’t expect to govern everything I do or say, do you?”“No Sharon, I don’t expect to control your every word or action but you need to understand the parameters that we’ve established.”“Oh, I understand alright, you want to run my life, don’t you?”“That’s enough, I don’t want to have to deal with your argumentiveness.I think we need to go upstairs and work this out.”Sharon realized she’d overstepped her bounds, she immediately apologized but he took her by the hand and led her to the staircase.He sat on the spanking chair and positioned her in front of him.“Sharon, it’s Saturday so, on Saturday for the immediate future you’ll receive a maintenance spanking to remind you of what is expected.”He had her sit on the bedside so he could remove her sandals then stood her up and removed her T-shirt and shorts.She was now clad in only her panties and bra.He walked her to the corner and turned her so she was facing the wall.“I want you to stand here and think about your conduct.”He left the room.Sharon did think, she thought about how erotic it was to have Robbie undress her to make love.He treated her like he was unwrapping a very precious gift but this was totally different.Being stripped for discipline was, at the very least embarrassing.Standing in just her panties and bra staring at the wall nearly brought tears to her eyes.He left her alone with her thoughts for half an hour then came back.With a hug and a kiss he asked,“Did you make any decisions?”“Yes, Robbie, I want to be a good girl for you and I will be, I promise.You don’t need to spank me, I’ll be good.”“I’m sure you will be, still, I think you’ll need your Saturday reminder for a little while.”He led her to the chair and bent her over his lap.As he massaged her plump pantied posterior he explained.“For your spankings I’ll first take off your shoes, your pants or skirt and your top.Initially you can keep your panties and bra.Sometimes you’ll be given time-out before your spanking, other times not.When I begin your discipline it will be on your underwear but before I’ve finished I’ll remove your bra and panties.You will be naked for the final part.I’ll use my hand until the end then, you may get up to five strokes with the hairbrush.While you are being punished you are to call me Sir.Any questions?”“No.”He gave her a swat, saying, “No what?”“No Sir,” she answered.He began.Slowly with firm strokes, he continued until Sharon was sniveling and swearing that she’d learned her lesson, that she’d be good.He stopped then rubbed her back and bottom, telling her,“Settle down baby, get control of yourself.”As her breathing steadied Robbie unfastened her bra and let it fall to the floor then said,“Lift your hips Baby.”Her panties came off, over her feet.“You’re beautiful and I love you dearly,” he told her as he began to spank.Again, he didn’t beat her, he spanked with slow deliberate strokes, first one cheek then the other; she was in tears in moments.The spanking continued for 20 minutes.He concentrated on her spank spots until she was a glowing red then finished off with three rapid whacks with the hairbrush.“Go ahead and cry Baby, use it as a catharsis, get out the bad feelings and wicked thoughts.Learn to be a good girl and an obedient wife.”As he talked he was massaging her bottom.Her legs were splayed, her sex evident.He cupped her and, to his amazement, he found her wet.“Did you like your spanking Sharon?”With a gasping sob she answered, “No.”A quick whack.“No Sir, no Sir, I didn’t like my spanking Sir.”“Why are you wet then?”“I don’t know Sir.”“Sharon Baby, I think you find your spankings exciting, I think that, in time you’ll come to look forward to them, now, turn over and let me kiss you.”Cradled in his arms, he kissed her eyes and her lips then told her how proud he was of her and how much he loved her, she kissed him back, her sobbing done.As he had the previous night he lifted her and laid her on the bed.He started on her breasts, licking and sucking her nipples then trailing his tongue down over her tummy, through her pubic hair and to her slit.Her flavor was intoxicating as he laved her.His lips tugged at her labia while his fingers pumped her vagina.Sharon squirmed under his intense attention and when his tongue teased her clitoris her body trembled as she exploded in orgasm.Robbie’s face was soaked but he continued, licking and sucking her nectar as she squirted and flowed.He mounted her in the missionary position, entering her swiftly, filling her.She moaned then cooed,“Oh yes, just like that Robbie, just like that.Fuck me, fuck your Baby good, oh God, oh God, yes.”“I’m cumming Robbie, I’m cumming,” she intoned as she quivered with an intense climax.He continued pumping her until she came once again then she felt the jerking or his cock as he flooded her with hot semen.“Was that good for you?”He asked.“Fantastic, absolutely fantastic, but I’m sorry about my language,” she said.“In this setting the language’s ok, let’s just be sure to keep it in the bedroom.”Her legs were draped off the side of the bed, he was standing between them.She watched in amazement as his penis became erect.He reached for the lubricant.“Robbie, can’t you just do the same thing again.It hurt me when you put it in my bottom last night, I didn’t like it at all.”As he lifted her legs and forcing them back to her breasts he told her, “Sharon Baby, this is going to be part of our sex life.I love your plump bottom and want to make love to it.We won’t always do this every time but it will be pretty frequent while I’m breaking you in.”She felt the cool greasiness against her before a finger penetrated her.“I’m lubricating you so it will be easier for me to get in.It’s important that you try to relax as I enter you, understand?”As popped through her sphincters and slid in she groaned then pled,“Take it out, please take it out, oh it hurts so much, please Robbie.”He stopped for a moment and told her to relax before continuing.Once he was all the way in he paused again.“How does it feel Baby?”“Oh God Robbie, it hurts and I feel so full, you’ve got to let me up, I need to poop real bad.”“No you don’t.You feel like you need to poop because you have a full rectum but it’s my cock filling you.Now relax.Here, you can help yourself.He took her hand and brought it to her groin. “ Finger your clit while I’m fucking you Baby.”As her fingers danced he pumped her.He reached under, lifted her hips and pumped her hard as his cock filled her bowel with pulse after scalding pulse of his cum.As he pulled out he told her, “Just lie here for a minute.”He went to the bathroom and got a warm washcloth.Back in the bedroom he wiped her bottom and then cleaned himself.She started to get up to retrieve her panties but Robbie took her wrist saying, “Stay here, you won’t need your panties for a while, lets get under the covers and snuggle.”He held her in his arms and said, “I love you so much, you know?”“I know you do Robbie and I’m madly in love with you but, tell me what did you mean about breaking me in?”“Anal sex is what I meant.It will get easier for you the more often we do it, you may even learn to like it.”“I don’t think so.”“We’ll just have to see.And, to that, it’s important that you keep yourself ready.If you have a bowel movement you’ll empty your rectum but if you can’t move your bowels for two days you’ll need to have an enema.”“God, I’ve never had one of those but they sound horrible.”“Baby, I’ll give them to you and I’ll try to make them as pleasant as possible.We’ll make them small ones, we just need to clear your rectum.”“Robbie, since I’m asking questions, why do you have a thermometer over there?”“I remember you seemed to be sick frequently back in Ohio, I just want to be able to check up on you.”“Robbie, I’m a nurse, I know what that is.It’s a rectal thermometer, isn’t it.”“Yes, if you complain about feeling bad I want to take care of you.I’ll take your temperature and, if your complaint is about your tummy, I’ll give you a nice big wash-out enema, fix you some broth and put you to bed.”“And if I’m faking?”“All of the above plus a spanking for untruthfulness, of course.”“Gosh Robbie I haven’t had my temperature taken rectally since I was a baby and I’ve never had an enema.”“Well Sharon, I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that will change, don’t you?”“I suppose.”“Hey, it’s simple, don’t fake sickness.”They spent the entire day in bed alternately having sex and then snuggling until they dozed off.The only time they got up was for bathroom breaks and clean up.Sharon had kept count.Robbie and she had enjoyed vaginal sex seven times over the course of the day and he’d taken her bottom on four occasions.When she got up around five o’clock her vagina and anus were sore and her legs were shaky.Robbie saw her wobble, he got up and helped her to the bathroom.He seated her on the commode and asked if she was ok.“I’m so sore Honey, my whole lower body aches.”Touching her on the inside of her knee he said, “Open your legs and let me see.”He spread her labia.She was red and swollen.“Come on Honey, I need to go,” she said.“Go ahead, I want to watch.”“Robbie, you’re embarrassing me.”“Go ahead Baby, let go.”With a sigh she peed.Her flow was golden.He leaned forward and kissed her saying, “You’re beautiful, my beautiful wife.”He folded a pat of tissue and handed it to her.“God Robbie, we’ve been married for just 3 days and you’re already learning every nook and cranny of my body.”“And I adore every one of them,” he teased.As she finished he said, “Why don’t you lie on the bed and let me check your bottom to be sure there aren’t any tears.”Tummy down, she spread her legs.He spread her cheeks, it was evident that his potty training had been a little too energetic.She was red and swollen but, at least there was no injury.He told her to wait as he got some analgesic cream and applied it to her.They hadn’t done the grocery shopping so Robbie suggested pizza.That was fine with Sharon.He asked her preference.“Pepperoni’s my favorite,” she answered.“Mine, too, so pepperoni it is along with a salad and beer.Sound good to you?”“Excellent choices and I’m starved.It’s been a long time since breakfast and we’ve had a lot of exercise.”“Do you want panties?”“Yes, and my robe and slippers, please.”He got her things then steadied her as she walked downstairs.He put her on the sofa where she could recline then sat so she could rest her head in his lap.“So Mrs. Stephens, how do you like married life so far?”“Well for the short time I’ve been Mrs. Stephens I’ve learned a lot.Like I need to abide by my rules or I’ll have a sore bottom and that I have a sexual beast for a husband.”“You don’t like?”“I’ll take my spankings if I deserve them and I crave the sex, at least in the front.The back door, not so much, though.”“I’m off this next week so we can get settled in.I expect we’ll have a lot of sex but after I return to work it will probably only be 3 times a day.”“And that’s not a lot?”“Hey, once in the morning to send me off to work happy then when I get home because I’ll have missed you so much.”“And the third time?”“I’ll give you some oral to warm you up then we’ll do anal.”“So Robbie, you’re going to sodomize me once a day, right?”“Yes Sharon, that’s right, that’s absolutely right, at least until you can take me without pain.”The doorbell rang, Robbie got the pizza and salads, put things on the cocktail table and brought them each a beer; glass for her, straight from the bottle for him.As they ate they talked; mundane things, assembling a grocery list and working out a division of duties.He would take care of the lawn, the gardens and the pool while she would be responsible for the interior cleaning and the laundry.Eventually they would alternate the responsibility for cooking but initially that would be Sharon’s job, too.She wasn’t going to start looking for work for at least a month.A little vacation for her and a chance to learn her way around town.Tomorrow they’d find her a little car so she could get around.After eating they watched a little TV before re-ascending the staircase.As they lay in bed, he held her.She whispered,“Honey, if you’d use a little of your lube my pussy would love to have a visitor.”Some on her, some for him then he asked her to get on her knees.“I want you from behind Baby, even if I can’t have your sweet bottom I can admire it.”She giggled as she rolled over and got in position.He held her by her hips as he entered her.Sharon coed as he slid in.It felt so very, very good.She felt just like she would learn to be Mrs. Stephens, Mrs. Stephens submissive to her forceful husband.After only 3 days she knew how their relationship would develop.Sharon also knew herself, she was sure that she’d earn more than just her maintenance spankings.Oh God, the spankings, they stung like fire but, he had been right, she did get excited.She felt like he was melting on his lap, like a bad little girl with a strict but loving father.She came with a shudder.His hands were all over her, massaging her bottom, stroking her sides and back, caressing her breasts.He gripped her shoulders and pulled her back on him as he sped up and pounded her harder.She was gasping as he shot into her, his pulsing jets of cum took her over the top, she climaxed a second time.He stayed in her as he rode her to the mattress.Laying across her back he continued to stroke until he was completely drained.“God, you’re fantastic Baby.”“I feel like your Baby and I feel like you’re my Daddy.”“Well if I’m your Daddy we’re gonna commit a bunch of incest,” he joked.“You’re getting hard again and I’m still sore.Would you like me to take you in my mouth?I’ve never done it but I want to do it for you Daddy.”He rolled onto his back, his erection standing straight up as she took him in.Sharon thought, well, at least now I know what my pussy tastes like.Slowly she worked up and down his rod, her tongue swirling around the head, stimulating, exciting him.“Oh yeah Baby, yeah Baby, God you’re too hot.”She sped up as she felt him swell.“I’m gonna cum Baby, get something to catch it.”She already had what she needed, she sucked harder as he exploded.Ropy cum flooded her throat and mouth.She swallowed as fast as she could, she didn’t want to waste his cum, she wanted it inside her.She got almost all.When she lifted her head she smiled.A little cum was oozing out from each side of her lips.She swirled her tongue and caught them.“Did you like Daddy?”“That was fabulous Baby, just fabulous, come here and give Daddy a big kiss.”“Oh Robbie, let me rinse my mouth first.”“Come here, you tasted you, it’s only fair that I taste me, don’t you think?”She threw herself into his arms.They curled up in each other’s arms and slept.The next morning Robbie woke up first, he completed his ablations before kissing Sharon awake.“I’m going down to see what I can stir up for breakfast, there isn’t much, though.”He found about half a loaf of whole grain bread, four eggs and six ounces or so of orange juice.He started coffee, got a can of evaporated milk from the pantry, started toast and fired up a skillet for scrambled eggs.By the time Sharon came down breakfast was on the table.Scrambled eggs, toast, orange juice and coffee; black for him hers with a little of the evaporated milk and a teaspoon of Splenda.“For nothing in the pantry you did pretty good Mr. Stephens.”“Hey, the chef appreciates all compliments, let’s eat.”Sharon took care of the clean-up and they were off with grocery list in hand.First they shopped for Sharon’s transportation.At the third dealership they visited she fell in love.Her newest love was a cherry red 2010 Mustang.Her old love wrote a check for $10,536.75 and bride now had a ride.They told the sales manager that they’d be back in about three hours so they could complete the paperwork for licensing.He gave them the name of his insurance agent so they could confirm coverage and they set off.First the supermarket for staples and dairy, then the green grocer, we stocked up on fruits and veggies next the butcher for lamb chops and chickens, they also got a duck for this evening’s dinner and then to the seafood market.Fish, shrimp and scallops filled the bill along with some Old Bay then back to the auto dealership.Sharon led the two car caravan back home.“Oh Daddy, I love my car, it’s so cute, don’t you think?”“I think it looks especially nice with you in it,” He told her.“Oh, you.”“Well, it’s true, my Baby makes anything and everything look better.”Robbie was sitting on a recliner, Sharon jumped on his lap.“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” as she gave him a big sloppy kiss.He smiled at her then, seriously he said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t ask earlier.How are you feeling?”“Oh Daddy, I feel wonderful.”“No, I mean, uh, downstairs.”“Good, I feel a lot better.”“Why not let me take a look Baby.”“Daddy, we’re outside.”“Yeah, but look around.”The property was circled on all sides with a tall dense hedge.No neighbor’s house was within sight.He unfastened her shorts and lowered them to her knees.First he checked her vagina.The swelling had abated and her color was a pretty coral pink, she looked absolutely perfect.He ran a finger along her slit.Even from such mild contact she began to lubricate.“Looks good to me,” he said.She giggled, “Feels good to me.”“Roll over, let’s see your bottom.”He spread her cheeks.Again the swelling had gone down.She was the brownish pink he’d hoped to find.Gently he pressed on her anus; she tightened.“Baby, you need to learn to relax, ok?”“Yes Daddy.”“Baby, I know you didn’t yesterday, did you have a bowel movement this morning?”She hesitated but then remembered the penalty for untruthfulness.She didn’t want an enema but she wanted a severe spanking even less.She decided on equivocation.“Not yet Daddy.”“We’ll give it ‘til bedtime then check again, ok.”He didn’t intend to have anal sex with her that night, she’d been so sore the previous day that he thought she needed a break but, tomorrow he intended to catch up and he wanted her ready.She hung around in the kitchen sipping a German white wine while he prepared the duck.Roasted and served with braised red cabbage and apples.“I’ve never had duck before but this is delicious,” she exalted.With a smile he said, “We aim to please, particularly for beautiful, sexy ladies.”Why it struck her from that comment she’d never really understand but she did understand something.“I know you love me Robbie but you like me, too, don’t you?”A grin slowly took control of his face, “You’ve figured me out, hunh?”“Robbie, a lot of guys have found me attractive, have wanted me.I slipped once, you know I did, and I’m sorry I lied, said what I wished instead of what really happened and I’ll tell you about it if you want.”“Sharon Baby, I’ve had sexual experiences that I don’t see the need of sharing with you. By the same token, you don’t need to share with me.Except for the fact that you felt a need to lie about your past we started afresh, you’re my lover and you’re my Baby…period, paragraph, discussion closed.”God, she truly did love him.It was all about her.She didn’t have a past dragging at her, she had a future.Yes, no doubt a future she’d never imagined久久电影网, a future as a subservient wife, but, already she was beginning to enjoy her position.She thought, I mean, just today he bought me a car, a cute little car that I really like.He took an interest in my health, he cooked dinner, a fantastic dinner for me.He even let’s me sip several glasses of wine.In a lot of ways he made her feel like a Princess.“Come on, let’s play some video games,” she challenged.He wasn’t very good, the age difference showed.She spanked him like he spanked her.She was laughing at his ineptitude by the time the game ended, then she asked, “Have you ever looked at porn on this?”Honesty cut both ways, he’d like to avoid the question but he couldn’t dance around a direct question.“Yeah, a few times,” he reluctantly replied.“Show me Robbie, let me see.”“Baby, it’s not for you.”“And it’s for you, is that what you’re saying?”He went to the website xnxx and the tag anal.Selecting one of the videos that were black girls gaping anal he clicked.His choice was intentional, his girl was white and he hoped she could divorce herself from what she was about to witness.He knew, there was no difference, black girls, white girls, no difference really.If it was rough it hurt either one of them, he started the video.“Sharon Baby, these girls are professional porn actresses.What we’ll see isn’t what real citizens can do, understand?”As the video ran Sharon’s eyes bugged out.She watched as huge cocks penetrated brown bottoms, she listened as they moaned and groaned or as they chanted, Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck my ass, fuck my ass.And then she saw what was billed as an anal cream pie, when a man ejaculated in her.When he pulled out she was still open, Sharon was able to look up her, ah, plumbing.“God, that’s gross Robbie, isn’t it?Do I do that?”“I guess every girl does.The anal sphincters are really designed to work one way, outgoing.Anal sex forces them to open inward and they’re stretched.They close back up pretty quickly but for a few moments they stay open.”“Whatever, I still think it’s gross.”He chuckled, “I can’t say that I disagree.”“It’s 11:00, you ready for bed?” He asked.“Yeah, I’m tired.”Upstairs she used the toilet then climbed into bed.“Have a BM?” Robbie inquired.“I tried but couldn’t.”“Ok, we’ll wait ‘til tomorrow.”Monday morning they stopped in at his office.In Human Resources he added her to his health insurance and changed her to the beneficiary on his company life then it was off to his attorney.He changed his will then took her to a late brunch.From the restaurant he phoned his life insurance agent and set an appointment for him to visit them at home that evening.A call to his doctor resulted in a 3:00 p.m. appointment.After brunch he drove her around on a sight seeing tour, ending at the doctor’s office at 3:00.He introduced Sharon to Doctor Weinstein and said that she would need a gynecologist and could he make a recommendation.“Male or female, if you have a preference,” He asked.“Female, I think,” Sharon answered.He wrote out the name and phone number of his colleague. “Sharon will want you as her primary care physician.She brought the contact information for her doctor in Columbus, Ohio so her medical records can be forwarded.”“Fine, I’ll take care of that.After I’ve received them we can set an appointment and take care of any medications or tests that might be needed.”After leaving they wasted a little time before going home, the insurance agent would be there at 5:00.Robbie increased his life insurance coverage to $500,000, changed the beneficiary from his parents to Sharon and insured her life for $100,000.After the agent had departed Sharon commented, “Busy day.”“Yeah, it was but I think we got everything taken care of.Anything that I missed?”“I can’t think of anything.”“I’ll fix supper, how do sautéed scallops sound?” He asked.“Wonderful, I’ll fix a salad while you sauté, ok?”Sharon handled the clean-up duties while Robbie sipped the last of his white wine.“I should have asked earlier, how are you feeling today?” He inquired.“Everything feels fine, completely recovered, thanks for asking.”“Oh there’s a little selfishness in my question; just sitting here admiring my beautiful wife I’m about to be overcome with desire.”“Well I can’t have an overcome Daddy, so I’ll have to do something about it.I’m going upstairs to get ready.”“You still haven’t moved your bowels, have you?”“No, and that’s part of the getting ready I’m talking about, you’ll find me on the potty for the next few minutes.”And with a swish of her bottom Sharon was off.Robbie gave Sharon 30 minutes.When she hadn’t called to him by then he went up.He found her sitting on the bedside, still fully clothed in her shorts and T-shirt.She looked unhappy.“I couldn’t go,” She pouted.He went to her, kissed her and said, “Poor Baby, it looks like she gets her very first enema.”“I don’t want an enema.”“I know you don’t but you don’t want the mess that could result if your rectum isn’t empty.”“You’re going to do me that way?”“Baby, I want all of you, every way possible.”“I still don’t want an enema.”“Do you want a spanking and then your enema?”Petulantly she answered, “No.”“Then get undressed and bring a towel while I get things together.”He only filled the bag half way, just a quart and hung it from the stand.He chose the standard enema nozzle then sat and spread the towel over his lap.“Come on Baby.”“I still don’t want an enema,” she said as she laid over his lap.“Cute butt,” he told her as he gave her a pat.“I’m going to lubricate you so don’t jump.”After spreading a bit of the jelly around her opening he penetrated her with a finger, lubing her internally.“I’m going to put the nozzle in now,” as he slid it home.“Ok, the flow is starting.If you feel any cramping, let me know and I’ll stop.”He’d hung the bag pretty low so the flow was slow.“You ok Baby?”“Actually, the warm water feels really nice Daddy.”“I thought you might like it.This is just a small enema.A big one can be uncomfortable, they cause cramping and bloating, not a pleasant sensation.”“You’re not going to do that to me, are you Daddy?”“I don’t want to, so no, not if you’re a good girl.”“Ok, it’s all in,” he told her.“Just lie here for a few minutes and let it do its work, then I’ll give you a nice warm bath” as he gently stroked her back and bottom.A short time later she said, “Daddy, I need to go.”He helped her to her feet and led her to the bathroom, seated her on her throne then started filling the bath tub.He didn’t watch but he certainly heard the splashing and farting from Sharon as she evacuated her bowels.After she’d flushed he called, “Come on Baby, time for your bath.”As she sat luxuriating in the warm water with him gently washing her with a loofah sponge she thought how wonderful it was to be Mrs. Robert Stephens, she decided to give him some acknowledgement.“You know Robbie, you were right.I must have been a little constipated, I did need my enema and now I feel so much better.”“I’m glad, now stand up and bend over so I can wash your bottom.”He dried her and walked her to their bed.“Yum, you smell good enough to eat,” he told her as he laid her down on her back.He undressed and joined her.“Can we do it with you behind again?I really liked how that felt Daddy.”“I like that, too, but I thought you might enjoy some oral attention first.”“Oh yeah, that’s the best.”Robbie adored watching her gyrations as she built to climax.This time she enjoyed multiple orgasms, her body trembled, her tummy quivered, uterine and anal contractions shook her as her fragrant nectar squirted.“Oh Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, God, what are you doing to me, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oooooooooo.”He lifted his head and looked up.“Can I assume you liked?”“More than liked, that was the most fantastic feeling I’ve ever had.”“I’ll do my best to give you more Baby.”He crawled up beside her and gave her a kiss as his fingers twined through the fine blonde hairs of her mons veneris.“Robbie, those girls on the computer were all shaved down there.Do you want me to shave?”“Baby, I want you natural, I want you to stay just the way you are.You’re a woman and I want you to look like one, ok?”“Ok Daddy.”Gently he rolled her onto her tummy, straddled her and lifted her to her knees.“Spread your legs just a little for me,” he told her as he moved up against her.His fingers separated her labia, he slid the head of his penis along her moist slit then he entered her.“Oooooh God Daddy, that feels so good.Fill up your Baby, come on, make me feel it, oh yeah, sooooooooo good, sooooooooo good.”“You like it Baby, you like your Daddy in you, do you, hunh?”“Oh, I like, I like, fuck me Daddy, fuck meeee.”He slapped her bottom and pounded her harder.“Ungh, ungh, ungh, ungh,” she chanted as he thrust into her, pumping hard and fast, giving her a ride like she’d never had before.“I’m gonna cum Daddy, your Baby’s gonna cum, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”He felt her vagina contracting, squeezing him, milking him then she just flooded, her fragrant juices pouring out of her as he continued to hammer into her.The squish of fluids, the slapping of flesh, her screaming orgasms, it was wild and it was wonderful.She didn’t want it to end, she’d never been quite so excited before but slowly she was collapsing to the mattress.He followed her down and continued to thrust.Leaning over her body he nibbled on the nape of her neck then nipped her.She squealed then thrust back to meet his strokes.He nipped her again as they exploded with mutual climaxes.He stayed on her back as she settled down.“God Robbie I feel like a big cat, a lioness or female leopard being mounted by her mate.You know, how he bites her neck.You bit me.”“And you tasted fantastic, if I do say so…ROAR!”Sharon laughed, “My big cat, hunh?”“Yeah, your big cat.”He was slowly sliding his penis along her anal cleft.“Are you going to go in me there now?”“Yes,” he answered as he reached for the lube.She started to roll over but he stopped her.“Stay on your tummy, I’m going to take you from behind,” as his fingers probed her, lubricating her, getting her ready.He lifted his hips positioning the head of his penis against her tight rosebud and said, “Remember, relax,” as he flexed and penetrated her.“Oooooh,” she moaned as her sphincters were stretched.“God you’re tight Baby, this is fantastic, can you feel me filling you, stretching you?”With ragged panting breaths she uttered, “Oh yeah, I can feel it, God can I feel it.It still hurts and I still feel like I need to poop.”She was gripping the sheet and mouthing, “Ungh, ungh, ungh,” in a cadence with his strokes.He fucked her for about ten minutes then reached around her hips and lifted her.“Get up on your knees for me Baby.Arch your back and lift your bottom, that’s the way, now rest your head on the pillow, I’m going to ride you just a little harder.”God, Sharon thought, in this position he could go even deeper.It felt like he was clear up in her belly, new tissues were stretching.He was opening her, getting her prepared for this part of their sex life.She knew her eyes were tearing so she buried her head in her pillow.He shifted his weight, changed the angle of his penetration, oh it hurt, it hurt.“Robbie, please, no more, I can’t take anymore, please Daddy.”“Lie down on your tummy Baby.”On the mattress he rolled her so she was on her side.He scissored herlegs openbut stayed in her.It did give her some relief, he wasn’t nearly as deep in her and she could touch herself.Her fingers danced over her clitoris.He pumped her faster saying, “I’m gonna cum Baby, do you want my cum?”“Please, yes, give me your cum, give it to me Daddy, give it to your Baby.”With a grunt his semen gushed into her rectum.As he pulled out she was still gaped open, her cream pie was oozing out.He caressed her hip saying, “You’re the best Sharon, the very best.”Gasping for breath, she replied, “I’m exhausted, that’s what I am.”He held her and whispered, “I’m so glad you’re my wife.I love you to pieces.”She snuggled against his chest.“I love you, too Robbie, I love you, too.”After a few minutes she started to get up but he held her in place saying, “Not yet Baby, not yet, I want you one more time before we clean up.”He rolled between her thighs and lifted her legs then moved to her.He said, “I want to watch your pretty face,” as he again entered her bottom.As he slid in it dawned on her what he’d been talking about when he’d told her he needed to break her in.After their rough session, it was almost painless as he slid into her.He gave her a smile then slid his hands along her sides and up to her breasts.“You’re beautiful Sharon.”And she was, even lying on her back her breasts were firm and erect, her areolas light tan, the nipples swollen and red like plump little strawberries.Her face was radiant, her smile so alluring.Her tummy was flat, her hips flared and her mons was adorned with fine strawberry blonde hair.She was so utterly desirable.“Play with yourself for me Baby.”Her hand slid down, her fingers opened her lips and she fondled her clit, rapidly flicking back and forth as he slowly pumped her.“Can you cum for me Baby, cum for your Daddy.”“Unhuh, I think so, just take it slow with me, nice and easy, Oh you fill me up Daddy, your big cock fills up your little Baby, pump me slow, play with my breasts, tell me you’re gonna cum in me, you’re gonna give me your cum in my plump bottom.Talk to me, love me and make love to me.”He lifted her hand and sucked the juices from her fingers.“I adore your taste Little One, your scent, your feel, everything about you.You’re so sexy and desirable; God it feels so right being in your body, giving you my cum, drinking yours.Cum for me, tell me you like having my cock in you, that you want me fucking you in your sweet pussy, between your lovely lips, up your tight bottom.You like me in you, don’t you.”“Yes Daddy, I like you in me.I want you in my pussy, I want to give my bottom to you, God, you’re so big and strong, you make me feel so safe, I want you to protect me and I want to please you.Fuck me a little harder, make me feel it.Give me sweet pain as I surrender my body and mind to you.”Her words were true, oh how she wanted Robbie’s love and he’d demonstrated it to her.A car, insurance, looking after her health with a doctor’s visit, making her his beneficiary.She wanted to be his, to surrender to him, to love, cherish and obey him and she knew she’d have to learn to take him from behind and she would, she would.Oh, he was pumping her harder, he was twisting and teasing her nipples as he smiled down at her.“Is that better Baby, is this what you want?”“Yes, yes, yes, yes,” she panted.Her fingers were flying, her sphincters tightened on him, squeezing him.“Are you cumming Baby, I’m ready to cum for you.”“Oh God, yes, yes, yes,” she moaned.Her juices erupted from her soaking them both as he pumped his cum into her clenching anus then fell forward over her body.At her face he kissed her and whispered in her ear, “You’re phenomenal Sharon, absolutely phenomenal.:They hugged and snuggled for a few minutes then he said, “You stay right here, I’ll get a cloth and clean you up.”With a warm washrag he wiped her thighs, her vaginal slit and her bottom then he asked if she wanted to sit on the toilet so she could drain.“Unn, no, I want to keep my cream pies.I want to sleep with your cum in me.”He crawled in with her and took her in his arms, whispering, “You’re my girl.”Burrowing into his chest she answered, “You bet I am,” as she sucked gently on his nipple.In that position, they dozed off.The rest of the week was uneventful, he took her shopping for summer weight clothing appropriate for Orlando.She did find some interesting garments, panties with a hand print on the seat.She thought they were not only cute but appropriate and bought several pairs.Their sex life had been frenetic, at least five or six times daily but Saturday arrived, the last weekend of Robbie’s vacation.At dinner she asked, “Have I been a good wife this week?”“Sharon, you’ve been a princess, the house is immaculate and your cooking’s been wonderful, I’m so proud of you, you’ve done great.”“But you’re still going to spank me tonight, aren’t you?”“Yes.”“Why, I haven’t done anything wrong.”“No, you haven’t but it’s a maintenance spanking, a reminder to you, if you will to maintain your good conduct.”“Are you going to use the hairbrush?”“No, I’ll only use that if you’re being punished for some infraction.”“Robbie after I clean up the dishes would you give me my spanking?Then maybe we could rest a while, just lie down together and snuggle while I get myself back under control?You’ll need to give me a little enema before we have sex, I haven’t been able to go for the last two days.After my enema maybe you could give me a bath, I liked that so much and I want to be nice and clean for you?”“Sure, in fact I’ll help you with the clean-up.”“Thank you and, I’m almost afraid to say the next thing, it hurt so much the last time but I want you to mount me from behind and ride me like I’m your little filly, I need you to teach me how to handle that.”“You’re positive that’s what you want.”“No, in fact I don’t really want it but I need it, do you understand?”“Yes Baby, I think I do, you want to satisfy me.”“That’s true Robbie but more than that I want to give myself to you, I want you to own me, ok?”“You rinse and I’ll load the dishwasher,” he joked.Once they’d finished she asked, “You like my bottom?”“I absolutely adore your bottom,” he replied.She dropped her shorts to the floor, bent and picked them up and said, “Follow me, Big Guy.”She led the way up the stairs, her plump bottom wiggling all the way, he was stiff as a board by the time they got to the bedroom but he had to wait; her spanking, her enema and her bath came first.”He sat on the spanking chair.Sharon already had dropped her shorts downstairs, she peeled off her top and draped herself across Robbie’s lap.With little preamble he began to spank.As always it was not vicious but it was firm and, truth be told, cotton panties give little protection, after five minutes Sharon was in tears.Truth also be told, Robbie didn’t use tears as a barometer, a girl could cry at the first whack, duration and severity were his measure and he didn’t want to apply severity to a simple maintenance spanking, so duration was key.Ten minutes, he thought she’d had enough on her panties, he had her lift her hips, took her panties down and removed her brassiere.Naked she was ready for the final discipline.Slowly but steadily, alternating from one cheek to the other he spanked her for nearly 20 minutes, her cheeks were glowing, a wonderful shade of crimson when he turned her and cradled her in his arms.He held her speaking gently to her as she cried then he lifted her to the bed.She was still sobbing quietly as he drew her to his chest, her tears dampened him as he whispered, “I’m so proud of you, you’re an exceptional woman and a wonderful wife.”Her head came up, her tear stained eyes were aglow with happiness, “You really think so Robbie, you really think I’m special?”“You are, the best ever.”She just held him and reveled in his adulation, knowing she was cared for, that she was loved.Finally she told him she was ready for her enema.She got the towel for his lap while he got everything else ready.She did like the warm flow as the water filled her almost as much as she liked her hands gently caressing her as she lay draped over his lap.Her bath was dreamy, she couldn’t imagine a woman being more pampered than she was as he washed and dried her.It took her breath away as he took her with his mouth and when he entered her she screamed her pleasure.Orgasms wracked her body, trembling, quivering she came time and again and then it was time.“Be gentle with me, please,” she whispered as she rolled to her tummy and drew her knees under her.She was trembling again but from fear rather than pleasure as she felt him applying the chilly gel.He admonished her to relax as he forced his way through her resisting sphincters, she groaned as he filled her, the strange sensation of her full rectum as he began to slowly stroke her.He kept it slow and easy for the first ten minutes or so then he told her to arch her back and lift her hips.She felt him rise on his haunches behind her, his weight shifted so he was on her, he began to thrust hard.She made little mewling sounds as he rapidly pounded into her, God, she wanted to get a hand under herself, to give herself some relief.He was riding her so hard, she was like his little filly, just like she’d told him she wanted to be, his cock was stabbing deeper than he’d ever been before, she was panting and moaning but she was taking it, she was satisfying her man.Her strawberry blonde hair was flying, as she shook her head, her body was sweat covered from the stress, she was on the verge of collapse when, finally with a roar he ejaculated thunderously.His cock was still in her as he rode her down to the bed.He stayed in her as she recovered, he kissed her on the nape of her neck and nipped her.“Your big cat’s back,” he whispered.He rolled to his side carrying her with him.He was behind her now, still in her but in the spooning position, he reached over her and stroked her genitals, tweaking her swollen clit.“Tighten your bottom, squeeze me, cum for me, cum for Daddy, come on Baby.”She started to pump back against him, cooing, “Oh yeah, fuck me Daddy, fuck your little Baby, fuck my chubby butt good, fill me up with your cum, fill me up.”They continued with just a slow rocking motion.Sharon was sore, exhausted and ecstatic, she’d done it, she’d taken her man.Relaxed and pleased with herself she just let herself go as sleep overtook her.He was still in her as she slept.Robbie had invited friends for a little pool party and barbecue for Sunday afternoon.He wanted Sharon to get to meet some people.It was just one couple, Tom and Naomi Loomis and their 7 year old daughter Rebecca.He did spare ribs, corn on the cob, cole slaw, baked beans, beer and Coke.They swam and frolicked it the pool then Robbie started the ribs on the grill.Everyone was still in their swim suits, Rebecca had stayed in the pool, Sharon was in the kitchen and Tom was standing with Robbie watching the grill when Naomi went to the cooler for another beer.Tom noticed.He excused himself to Robbie and went over to his wife.Robbie overheard him say, “Honey, you’ve already had 3, I think maybe you should change to Coke.”“Tom, it’s no problem, I’m not drunk.”“Honey, I’m not saying you’re drunk but I think three’s enough, change to Coke for me, will you, please?”“No Tom, I like beer better than Coke, I want a beer.”“Maybe we need to have a word or two in private Naomi, is that what you want?”And flippantly she replied, “Whatever.”The three beers were talking, not her good sense.He’d invited the Loomises because, from casual conversations around the water cooler, Robbie had sensed that Tom might be a kindred spirit.When he came back over after he’d spoken with Naomi and said that he and Naomi needed to have a few words in private and did Robbie mind if they used the guest bedroom upstairs, that Robbie was sure he’d guessed right.“Sure, use the same room where you changed into your swim suits,” Robbie told him.Robbie watched, Tom said something to his wife then took her hand and led her into the house.Naomi was a slender woman, tallish with uplifted breasts and a small tight tush.She was cute but not Robbie’s type, he liked his girls to have a nice round bottom. Her face, though, was a mask of despair as they headed toward the staircase.Sharon saw them go, she came out, a quizzical expression on her face and asked, “Where are Tom and Naomi going?”“Tom thought she was over indulging in the beer, he said something to her, they had words so he wanted to have a little private conversation.”“Why did they need to go upstairs?”“I can’t be certain but from the look on Naomi’s face I’d be willing to bet that she’s about to come out of her bathing suit and across Tom’s knees.”“You think he spanks, too?”“Yeah, I think he does.”“I’m going to go upstairs and listen.”“Sharon, would you want someone listening when you get your spankings?”“No, I’m sorry, that was stupid.”“I totally agree…now, go ahead, be quiet and let me know what you hear.”“Daddy, you’re so bad,” she said as she headed back into the house.She heard a resounding crack through the closed door then Tom’s voice.“Now, stand up and take off the swimming suit Naomi.”“Please Tommy, we’re at someone else’s house, don’t spank me anymore.”“Naomi, do you want me to help you get out of that suit?”“No Tommy, I’ll do it.”“That’s better, now, get over my lap.”Sharon heard the spanking begin and Naomi’s tears begin to flow, she left and went back down.“He’s spanking her right now,” she whispered to Robbie.It was nearly 20 minutes before Tom and Naomi came back down.She was now dressed in her clothes, her eyes were red and swollen and she looked totally chastised.Gingerly, she sat sipping a Coke.They ate but the mood of the day had changed.Tom, Naomi and Rebecca departed soon after.“Wanta go skinny-dipping?” Sharon challenged.He was out of his suit and into the water in a trice.She was right behind.“Oh, this feels nice,” she cooed.He came up behind her, circled her body with his arms, caressing her breasts as he pressed his penis against her bottom, saying, “This feels even nicer.”He walked her to the side of the pool and told her, “Bend forward and spread your legs, I want in you.”His fingers spread her labia and he pressed forward into her vagina.When he pulled out, semen floated to the surface of the pool.Upstairs, they showered together, toweled off and climbed into bed.“Robbie, I’d like to make some friends here in Orlando, would it be ok if I called Naomi and asked her to lunch?”“That might be nice, sure call her.”It was still fairly early so she made the call.The next day was Monday, Robbie was returning to work so all she had to occupy her time was some minor housekeeping and then she’d prepare dinner in the evening.The cooking was all hers until she started working then they’d share.Naomi seemed pleased to hear from her and gladly accepted the invitation for lunch.Sharon said she’d pick her up at noon but Naomi suggested that she arrive earlier so they could have coffee and chat.Next morning she awakened first.Robbie was still sleeping but he needed to get up, it was a workday for him.Better than an alarm clock, Sharon gently took his penis in her mouth.He opened his eyes, blinking, “Now this gives new meaning to rise and shine; good morning Mrs. Stephens.”She slid up his body, spread her lips and took him in, she liked cowgirl, as she replied, “Good morning Mr. Stephens, you have work today, remember?While you shower, I’ll fix breakfast but first…”As she slid up and down.A poached egg, whole grain toast, a slice of cantaloupe and coffee and Robbie was out the door.“I’ll be home around five, if you need anything you have my cell number, don’t hesitate to call me,” were his parting words.Sharon tidied the kitchen then turned on the news and had a cup of coffee then went upstairs, showered and dressed.At ten she left for Naomi’s house, Google Maps print-out in hand.She was greeted warmly with a hug then Naomi led the way to the kitchen.She poured coffee for them and offered pastries.“I was so glad that you called Sharon, I really meant to invite you over before we left yesterday but, I’m sorry, something else came up.”“I know Naomi, but, no apology necessary, I could see that you were distracted when you left.What’s important is today, where are we going for lunch?I don’t know anything about Orlando.”They made their lunch plans and then made small talk, getting acquainted with each other.She found out that Tom and Naomi had been married for nine years, they were in their early thirties and, of course they had one child, Rebecca.Naomi didn’t work outside the home, Tom wanted her at home while Rebecca was young.Sharon explained that she was a Registered Nurse but wouldn’t be looking for work immediately.She and Robbie were newlyweds and Robbie wanted her at home while the got settled in.Naomi’s smile seemed artificial, forced as she said, “Seems like a lot of HE wants.I stay home because Tom wants it.You’re home because of Robbie.Well, today let’s do what we want, ok?”“What is it that we want Naomi?”“You don’t know, you just don’t know what it’s like, I want to spread my wings a little.I love my Tommy but sometimes I’d like a little space.”Naomi saw the expression on Sharon’s face.She sighed and said,“You do know, don’t you?You know what happened when Tom and I went upstairs.”“Yes Naomi, I know, I went up to my room and I heard.He gave you a spanking, didn’t he?”“Yes, he was upset that I’d drunk three beers but even more so when I sassed him.”“Is that something Tom does often?”“I only get a spanking if I do something wrong, I should have never gotten sassy, it was my own fault.”“Does Tom use any other form of discipline, maintenance spankings, time out any thing like that?”“You sound as though you know something about domestic discipline, am I wrong Sharon?”“No you’re not wrong.I want to show you something and I hope you’re not offended.”Sharon stood, she was wearing white sandals and a pretty floral print sun dress.She turned her back to Naomi, bent at the waist and raised her skirt.Naomi burst out in full blown laughter.“My God Sharon, where did you get those, I have to have some.”Sharon was wearing her panties with the hand print on the seat.She told her where she’d bought them.“I thought they were appropriate, Robbie has established rules.If I break them I’m in for a spanking.”“Tommy used to give me maintenance spankings but after we’d been married two years and I’d been a good girl he stopped.Now I only get spanked if I do something wrong.We’ve talked, he doesn’t spank Rebecca yet, if she needs punishment I do it but that will change when she’s twelve, so frequent spankings will probably resume in another five years.”“Does he do anything else?“Sharon, this is getting a little embarrassing but, yes, he sometimes does other things..”“Please Naomi, don’t be embarrassed, have you ever had anyone you could share this with?”“No, no one, not even my sister or my parents.”“I already feel the same way, I mean, who could we talk to?Well, we can talk to each other, can’t we?“You mean kinda like a sisterhood Sharon?”“Exactly, I know I’ll want to be able to have someone and I can be that someone for you.”“Ok, he doesn’t use time out with me although I do use it with Rebecca but if I do something particularly bad I get a big punishment enema and that’s the worst, I mean absolutely the worst, I’d rather have five spankings than one enema.”“I understand.Robbie hasn’t done that to me but he has the equipment if he needs to.I get little ones if I need them though.Robbie likes anal sex so if I haven’t had a bowel movement in over two days he gives my one.”“I wouldn’t mind little ones, I kinda like it when the warm water starts but not two quarts or more of it.”“Naomi, does Tom have anal sex with you?”“No, in fact, Tommy and I only have sex two or three times a week.I’d like it a little more frequently but that’s Tommy, how about Robbie?”“Well, we are newlyweds but, if we’re home all day we’ll have sex five or six times.Now that he’s gone back to work he told me that we’ll do it three times a day.Once in the morning and again when he gets home from work, those two times will be in my vagina but before we go to sleep he’s going to take my bottom.”“Doesn’t that hurt?”“God, it hurt so bad at first.I’d never had anal sex before he did it to me the first time but it’s easier now.Naomi, I don’t think it’s too much to surrender to him.He treats me like a princess in every other way.All he expects in return is that I be a devoted and loving wife.”“I’m ready for lunch, how about you?I thought we’d try a little Russian tea room I like.”Sharon drove and the conversation changed to more mundane things.After dropping Naomi back at her house Sharon drove home to start dinner.Everything was prepared, the warm food in the oven and a salad in the refrigerator by the time Robbie came in.True to his word, when he arrived he led her to the bedroom where he slowly and sensuously undressed her and took her down to the mattress.He kissed her passionately while his fingers excited her, she was lubricating heavily when he entered her.The loving was slow and gentle, more romantic than dynamic, their climaxes were mutual then they laid together and talked about their day.Afterwards they both put on robes and went down for dinner; Italian food, a green salad, some garlic bread and a bottle of Chianti.After cleaning up they put on some music, piped it out to the pool and went outside to enjoy the evening.They slowly danced on the pool deck, the underwater light casting shadows, they kissed.At bedtime they climbed the staircase, In the bedroom Robbie took off Sharon’s robe and slippers then dropped his to the floor, took her in his arms and laid her down.He delighted in his dessert.Her salty citrus taste, her flavorful nectar as he brought her to one orgasm and then a second.He lubricated her and mounted her from behind.One day followed the next, the only change was on the weekends when their sexual activities were far more numerous and, of course on Saturday evenings Sharon got her spanking early then they rested before she got her little enema if she needed it and her bath before strenuous sex.After three weeks they decided Sharon could start looking for employment at the end of the month.It was midway through the fourth week, Robbie got home, there was no smell of cooking, the house was untidy and Sharon was lounging on the sofa watching true crime shows on ID Discovery.“Sharon?” He asked, why isn’t anything done?”“I’m sorry Robbie, I just don’t feel very well.I thought I’d just lie down for a while.”“What’s the matter, where do you hurt?”“My stomach’s a little queasy and I felt feverish earlier, I just wanted to rest.”“Have you eaten anything?”“Not since I had that piece of melon with you this morning.”“Well, I want to take care of you.I’ll fix some chicken soup, it will have to be from a can but it’s pretty good.Let me take you upstairs and get you comfortable.”He put an arm around her waist and helped her to climb.“Would you like a nice warm bath before you lie down?”“That sounds wonderful.”Robbie filled the tub, helped her in and bathed her then dried her with a soft fluffy towel.“If you feel feverish Baby, maybe you should put on a nightgown and panties,” he said as he got them from the drawer.He pulled the covers up around her and told her he’d be back in a few minutes with her soup.He came back with a bowl of soup on a lap tray, crackers and a glass of ginger ale. As she ate he sat and watched.“Better?” He asked as she finished the soup.“Better,” she smiled.He took the tray back down stairs then returned.“Let me feel your brow, see if you’re hot.”“No, you’re not burning up.Let’s see if you have any fever left,” as he reached for the thermometer.He dipped it into the lube then told her to roll over on her side.“Robbie, what are you going to do?”“I’m going to check your temperature, of course, now, roll over.”Slowly she rolled so that her back was to him.He pulled the covers back, raised her nightgown and lowered the seat of her panties.Spreading her cheeks he said,“This may be a little chilly.”“Robbie, you don’t have to do this.”“Oh I think I do, we don’t want you sick.”He inserted the thermometer into her anus.“Just lay still, I’m going to leave it in for five minutes.”One of his hands rested on her hip, the other held the tube in place.When he took it out, it registered 99 degrees.Rectal temperatures register a little higher than oral, between 99 and 100 degrees was normal.He patted her bottom, “We’re lucky Baby, your normal temperature indicates there’s no infection.I guess it’s just a tummy ache, maybe a virus or something you ate, we’ll take care of that in just a minute.”He went downstairs and came back with a pitcher then got a towel and spread it on the bed before wheeling the IV stand out and filling the enema bag and the pitcher completely full.He put the double retention nozzle on the tubing and brought the stand to the bedside.Pulling the covers off Sharon he grasped her panties by the waist band saying, “Let’s get these off.You can keep your gown for the time being.Now get on your knees on the towel for me Baby.”“Please Robbie, don’t make me do this, please, please, please.”He swatted her bottom saying, “Let’s go Sharon, up on your knees, now.”She obeyed.He pushed her head down on the pillow and spread her legs a little then lubricated her anus, inserting a finger and working the gel up into her.“I’m going to use a retention nozzle, we don’t want you to leak.It’s a little big so you may feel some discomfort when it goes in.”He lubed the nozzle and pressed it into her with a twisting motion.“Sharon, there are two balloons.One of them is inside you, the other is outside.I’m going to inflate them, it may feel a little strange.”“Robbie, this is so embarrassing, please don’t do this to me.”“But my poor Baby’s sick, I need to take care of her.”He started the flow of the water.“Let me know if you start to cramp.”She took the first half of the bag without complaint but when it was about three quarters empty she gasped and cringed, she was starting to cramp.He stopped the flow and massaged her tummy then started the water again.As the bag emptied Sharon began to moan.After it was empty he massaged her belly again until she stopped moaning.She was getting distended, taking on the appearance of pregnancy.He poured the pitcher of water into the enema bag and started the flow yet again.By the time it was empty Sharon was writhing, pain and stress were debilitating her.She’d taken three quarts of water and she was in agony.“Lie down on your side Baby.”He massaged her saying, “We need to get the water way up in you.You know anatomy, we want to rinse your descending, sigmoid and ascending colons.”“Please Robbie, let me go to the bathroom, I have to go.”“Don’t worry, the balloons will keep the water in.”She was moaning pitifully, begging, “please Robbie, please.”“Sharon are you really sick?”She whipped her head and moaned, “Noooooo, I’m not sick, please.”“Why did you lie to me Sharon?”“Oooooooooo, please Robbie, I was bored and started playing on the computer.Time just got away from me, now please, take me to the bathroom.”“Ok, I’m going to leave the nozzle in so we don’t have an accident.Now, here, take my arm.”He helped her to stand, her tummy bulged so badly it looked like she was beyond nine months pregnant.She was bent at the waist and walking like a little old woman as he helped her to the commode.“Get over it and I’ll take out the balloons.”He deflated them and tugged them free. Explosively she evacuated.“You’re going to be here for a while so I’m going to clean the equipment and put it away.Call me if you need me.”He cleaned the nozzle and hung the enema bag in the bath tub to drain then threw the towel into the clothes hamper and wheeled the stand back to the closet.Her panties were still on the bed, he took them to her saying, “You may want these.”After nearly twenty minutes she shuffled back to the bedroom.She had put her panties back on and was still wearing her nightgown but she looked like a whipped puppy.He was sitting on the spanking chair, waiting.“I’m so sorry Robbie, I promise I won’t lie to you again.You don’t need to spank me, I’ve learned my lesson.”“Sharon, your lessons are best learned in tears.Come over to me.”She walked to him and stood between his spread legs.“Baby, I want to trust you, that’s so important in a relationship, yet this is the second time you’ve been untruthful with me, isn’t that a fact.”“Robbie, I’m so very sorry.”“Let’s take your gown off, you can keep your panties on until I take them.”“Are you going to use the hairbrush?”“We’ll end with five whacks from it, now, bend over my lap.”He jiggled her a little to get her into position then massaged her chubby cheeks as he talked to her.“Baby, I’m afraid this is going to be a long one, you may be cried out before we’re done but this is the second time you’ve lied to me and I simply won’t accept that.”Whack, whack, whack, whack, slow firm strokes alternating from cheek to cheek.After ten minutes he pulled her panties up so he could get the bare bottoms of her cheeks, smacking her at the point where her thighs met her bottom.She was already crying, she was kicking and trying to escape, he squeezed her around the waist and told her to settle down or it would be worse.He cracked her on the back of her thighs and she wailed.“Your panties are coming off now, lift your hips.”He stripped her panties off and tossed them onto the bed then began again.Sharon was wailing and screaming, he hit her harder and said, “Quiet down or I’ll have to gag you.Do you want me to stuff your panties in your mouth?”“Do you?Answer me.”“No.”“No what,” whack, whack, whack.“No Sir, No Sir, I don’t want my panties.”“Are you going to lie to me again?”“No Sir, never again, I promise.”She was sobbing deeply, having a difficult time getting her breath, her body was sweat soaked and her nose was running, still he spanked on for an additional five minutes before he picked up the hair brush.Five hard ones, thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack.“Spread your legs for me Sharon.”She opened them wide, her sex was gaping open.He gave her one smack with the brush on the inside of each thigh.She was draped limply over his lap.Her legs were still splayed, her tears were flowing freely.He rubbed her back saying, “It’s over Baby now just lie here and think about what you did to bring this on yourself and how you’re going to improve.That’s it, cry yourself out, use it as a catharsis, a cleansing.”After about five minutes she had settled down to just intermittent sobs.He turned her over, cradled her in his arms and got a Kleenex from the vanity.“Blow,” he instructed as he held the tissue to her nose.“That’s my girl.Sharon, I don’t think you’re a bad girl but you’ve done a couple of bad things.I don’t want to have to discipline you but I’d be remiss in my duties as the head of our household if I didn’t help you to become a better wife, do you understand?”“Yes Sir, I understand.“Good, now come with me,” he said as he helped her up.He walked her to the guest room and turned down the covers.Think of this as your time-out.I want you to sleep in here alone and I want you to consider the corrections you need to make.”With a little peck on the cheek he left her.Slowly she crawled between the sheets, he’d only been gone for a few moments and already she felt lonely and abandoned.She did think, she wondered to herself why she’d chosen to lie.If she’d told the truth she might have gotten a spanking but it wouldn’t have been nearly as severe and she certainly wouldn’t have gotten that nasty enema (she now understood what Naomi meant about preferring five spankings to one punishment enema), and although it hadn’t hurt she wouldn’t have had to endure the humiliation of having her temperature taken rectally.Dumb, just plain dumb, she decided.She buried her head in her pillow and began to cry again, she felt so all alone.Finally she fell into a restless half-sleep, her dreams haunted, tossing, turning, she was tying the sheets in sweaty knots, God, was the night never going to end.Would Robbie come for her in the morning, would he take her back to his bed, their bed.She couldn’t imagine wanting to satisfy a man so much, wanting a man so much.She yearned for his strong arms around her, she hungered for him, for him to take her.She looked at the bedside clock, the illuminated red numerals mocked her, 3:00 a.m.She couldn’t endure it, all he could do was spank her again and, better that than the loneliness.She got up and padded softly down the hall.The moonlight through the bedroom window guided her.Quietly she climbed under the covers.She moved against him and snuggled under his arm.At last she could relax, she slept a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep.Fortunately the cataclysmic yesterday was Friday, it was Saturday morning and there was no alarm clock to awaken them.He woke up first, he admired her pretty face, so relaxed in repose, her lips slightly parted, her beautiful strawberry blonde hair splayed across the pillow.He admired the rise and fall of her breasts as she breathed.All was forgiven.Her eyes slowly opened as he kissed them.“Good morning beautiful,” he whispered.“Oh Robbie, I’m so sorry about yesterday.”“Shush, yesterday was exactly that, yesterday and it’s forgotten.”“Well, not completely forgotten, my bottom’s still sore from that spanking.”“Turn over and let me see.”She rolled on her tummy, there was still a dull redness, she might be a little uncomfortable sitting.He kissed her cheeks and she wiggled her tail.It was inviting.He swung over so he was between her legs and buried his face in her, laving her anal slit, tickling her anus with the tip of his tongue.“What are you doing to me Daddy?”“Making love to you.”“God, I’m so wet, can you feel me, I want you in me.In my bottom (she’d never have believed she’d ever utter those words but it was what she wanted).He moistened her with his saliva then fingered her before moving up, covering her back.He guided his penis into position and pushed into her.She took him with the smallest of moans then began rocking her hips, thrusting back to meet him.It felt good, she liked it like this, not too rough, her flat on her tummy with him riding her back.He was going to bite her, she just knew and it gave her a shiver, she wanted his teeth, his cock and his cum.Now this is the way a girl should waken.He rode her for about ten minutes, she trembled and climaxed.It amazed and startled her.That was the first time she’d come from anal with no preparation and no fingers. She guessed that she truly was broken in.“Cum in me Daddy, I want your cum.”She tightened her sphincters squeezing him, masturbating him, bringing him off.“Stay on me, please, I like feeling you on my back.”He leaned forward and gave her her nip.“I don’t want to get up Daddy, I just want to stay in bed all day and make love.”“Now that sounds like a plan to me,” he replied.“Unfortunately Baby needs to pee pee, so I guess I have to get up; you come with me.You can fold the paper for your baby.”She took his hand and dragged him along.Seated on the throne she spread her legs then reached down and opened her labia.“Do you like to look at me Daddy?Do you like to look at my little pussy?I like you to look at me.Can I touch you, can I hold your cock, I want to suck you.”“Baby, I just came out of your bottom.”“I’m not worried, after last night’s enema there’s nothing in me, come here to Baby.”She slowly stroked his cock several times then pulled him to her and took him in her mouth.“Ummmmm, good,” as she worked up and down his length.She came off of him to say, “I’m gonna pee now.”He reached under her and toyed with her clit as her golden flow gushed then he was her paper bearer, handing her a folded pat.Back in the bedroom she resumed her fellatio, he turned so he could reach her with his mouth. Giving her cunnilingus as she sucked him.His fingers found her anus, he rubbed then penetrated her with a finger.As his tongue attacked her clit, he slowly pumped the finger in and out.“Oh, oh, oh,” she chanted, she’d come off him, the intensity of both the clitoral and anal stimulation brought her quickly to a screaming orgasm.He climbed up and mounted her then lifted her legs over his shoulders and fucked her hard and fast, her mouth had already gotten him highly aroused.He came quickly but stayed in.With her legs still elevated he asked her, “Do you like my cock in you, do you like me to fuck you?”“Daddy, I like your cock in me anywhere you want to put it, my mouth, my pussy, my tush, everywhere.I just like you to fuck your Baby.”Finally, after a morning of sex they did get up, hunger became a more urgent need than fun and games.They showered and went out for a champagne brunch, stopped at the seafood market for some salmon and went home and back to bed.Sharon was on her best behavior, their first anniversary was approaching and the only spankings she’d received since that fateful night had been her maintenance spanking.She’d taken employment as a pediatric nurse at a hospital in Seminole County with the understanding that she would be off the week that coincided with their anniversary, they were going to Aruba for a weekRobbie had booked a beach side cottage and had arranged for a fishing trip for one day, horses to explore the beach on another, dinner at the finest restaurant on the island for one evening and the other days they intended to snorkel, swim, sun and fuck…no, make that fuck every day, just some days more than others.The only wet blanket on her elation was the fact that he told her to be sure to pack his ferocious hairbrush.When she asked why, he answered, “You still need to be a good girl, besides, there is a Saturday while we’re gone.”“You mean you’re going to spank me on Aruba?”“Baby, you’ll be the only girl you know that’s been spanked on Aruba.That’s the bad news, the good news is that you’ve been a very good girl for most of this past year.As a little anniversary present, that one will be your last maintenance spanking, are you happy.”She was, her chubby bottom was happy, she was happy that she’d lived up to his expectations and she was so very glad that she was getting his recognition for her efforts. By the time that they flew back into OIA they were exhausted.Sharon was walking bow legged and not just from the horseback riding but both of them were absolutely ecstatic, the fishing had been excellent, Sharon had gotten a small sailfish but the billfish were catch and release; not the mahi mahi, which they’d taken to a restaurant for preparation.They’d eaten their catch…how cool.They took a cab from the airport, got home, bathed together to rinse off the grime of travel and fell asleep in each other’s arms.In year three Sharon came to him and said, “Daddy, can I get a tattoo?”“Why in the world would you want a tattoo to mar your perfect body?”“Just a little one, stylized like a brand on a filly, with your initials on my hip.Your mark on me, please, can I?”He thought long and hard before finally saying, “Have it drawn and let me see the drawing before you do it and keep it small and I’ll see.”She jumped onto him, kissing him and chanting, “Thank you, thank you, thank you, I know you’ll like it.”He did approve, she now had “his mark” on her right hip.As the years passed Robbie knew he’d chosen a winner, Sharon was special, she was the ideal submissive wife.She wanted nothing but the best for him and worked hard to build for their future, he made more than enough for them so most of her earnings went to her 401 (k) and other conservative investments.They both agreed that the decision to delay a family for five years had been wise.In fact, the only times Sharon needed a spanking was after she came home from visiting her family.Robbie equated it with a Jamaican friend he had.She spoke nearly flawless American English but after two weeks back on the island she sounded like a Trench town Rasta for the first week after she got back.She went back to Ohio every year, Robbie had only gone with her once, and, when she got back she was inevitably sassy and snippy, she sounded like her sister Shannon.A nice firm spanking was all that was needed for an attitude readjustment.So, it was with more than a little trepidation when Sharon asked if her twin, Shannon could stay with them for a little while.“Why would she want to stay here and, more to the point, why should we take her in?”“Robbie Honey, I guess you were right, those things you said about him, remember?Shannon says he’s decided he likes his boyfriends more than he likes her.She told me she hasn’t even had sex in over two years and now she’d divorcing him but she just wants to get away for a while.She is my baby sister and I want to help.”“Sharon, I have some concerns.Every time you come back after spending time with her you start to sound like her, sassy, waspish, a real shrew.I’ll tell you what, she can come but you need to explain our rules, I won’t tolerate her being a disturbance to out household, particularly now.”The particularly now referred to the fact that they’d just celebrated their fifth anniversary and Sharon had an appointment with her gynecologist for the next week to have her IUD removed, they’d decided to start a family.“Robbie, I’ll talk to her, make her understand that we have rules for whoever lives here, I don’t think there’ll be any problems.”“Baby, I think your confidence is misplaced but she is your baby sister, I’ll go along with it for you and only for you, ok?”“Thank you Daddy.”Their sex over the next days was aimed toward pregnancy, her bottom wasn’t off limits, of course, but they had vaginal intercourse at least three times daily.Sharon even bought a Basal thermometer so they could more closely monitor her fertility, again, it was a rectal thermometer which Robbie used each morning before she urinated.And then baby sister arrived.She was towing a small U-Haul trailer with her most important belongings.They stowed some in the garage while the rest went to their guest room.When she came in she and Robbie shared a hug without contact along with air kisses before she really hugged and kissed Sharon.It was approaching dinner time when she arrived and it was Robbie’s turn to cook, he fixed whole yellow-tail on a bed of spinach and sautéed potatoes accompanied by a bottle of Chardonnay.Shannon’s only comment was, “No salad?”Robbie apologized, saying that with the green vegetable he hadn’t seen the need but that, if she liked a salad he’d certainly offer one in the future.Shannon gave him a Cheshire Cat grin and said, “Why thank you Robert, I try to stay health conscious.”And that was just the beginning, everything about Robbie elicited some snide comment, nothing outrageous, just enough to be abrasive.He put up with it for the first week before he buttonholed Sharon.“Baby, you need to talk to your sister.She’s grating on me, you’ve heard it and, here under my roof I won’t accept it.Maybe we need to ask her to leave.”“I’ll talk to her Daddy, but please don’t put her out, she doesn’t have any place to go.Since Father died, Mother is in a nursing home, there’s nowhere for her but here.”He smiled at her, “I know you’ll handle it, like I always say, you’re the best.”Sharon did have a conversation with Shannon but, perhaps it wasn’t as forceful as it needed to be.Shannon didn’t materially remediate her behavior, she still grated on Robbie, he wasn’t at all comfortable with her in the house.He even noted some backsliding by Sharon.Again, he spoke to her explaining that not only was Shannon’s conduct totally unacceptable, her own was coming into question, it didn’t look like a good situation to him.“Sharon, explain our rules to her.If she’s going to continue to live here she must abide by the rules.Let her know that she can choose, she can leave or she can accept the discipline that comes for violations.”Sharon caught her breath, she knew what Robbie had just told her but she didn’t believe it, she said, “Are you saying she’ll get the same thing I do if she doesn’t clean up her act?”“That’s exactly what I’m saying.”“Robbie, you couldn’t, I mean, she’s my baby sister.”“So tell her to get the hell out, Sharon, I refuse to put up with any more of her antics, it’s on you now.”Sharon had taken vacation time to help get her sister settled in, after Robbie had left for work she and Shannon had coffee then they went to their respective bedrooms to change.Evidentially Shannon skipped a shower because she was in Sharon’s room while she was still in the bathroom.When she came out she was wearing only her panties and bra.Shannon grinned at her, saying, “My aren’t you cute, do I look that good, too?”Sharon grinned back, “You look just like me, of course you’re cute.”Shannon walked over to the bedside and sat down and said, “Your husband seems a little dominating, is he?”“Shan, he knows what he wants and he works to get it.He’s a good man and I couldn’t be happier, in fact, now we’re trying to get pregnant, we want a baby.”“Come over here, sit with me and tell me about it Big Sis.”Sharon did, she sat beside Shannon and they talked about becoming mothers.Shannon imagined she never would, she was twenty-seven and getting divorced from a man that had finally outed himself as gay.He was a good guy but, still, it was more than humiliating to lose out to a man, I mean, really.“I guess I understand, to another woman would be one thing but to a guy, yuck, that would be the worst.”“Sharon, can I keep staying her, at least until I get a job?I’m scared, I mean I don’t want to be a street person.”“Shan, I’ll be honest, Robbie was ready to put you out.I begged him and he agreed but, remember those rules I told you about?You have to abide by them just like I do and if you don’t he’ll punish you just like he would me.”Shannon’s hand was caressing Sharon’s thigh as they talked, she said, “You really are a sexy girl, I’m so glad you’re my twin.Do you like being my twin?”“You’re special to me Shan, you always have been and you always will be.”Shannon’s hand was now massaging Sharon’s abdomen, “You’re so soft, am I that soft,” she asked as she guided Sharon’s hand to the tummy..Sharon massaged her for a few seconds then pulled her hand away.Shannon laid back on the bed, “Unfasten my shorts Sis, feel my tummy, tell me I feel soft, please.”Sharon couldn’t resist her baby sister, she did what she asked, “Oh that feels so nice’” Shannon crooned, “So nice.”Sharon smiled down at her little sister, “What are we doing Shan?” She asked.“Remember when we were teenagers, how good we could make each other feel?”In their teens they’d experimented with lesbian sex, just the two of them, now they were twenty-seven, Sharon happily married, Shannon married but on the verge of divorce, Sharon said, “Sweetheart, that was years ago, remember?”“Come on Shar, lie down with me, touch me.”“I can’t to that Shan, I’m a married woman now.”Shannon wrapped her arms around Sharon and brought her down to the mattress beside her, “Please,” she said.Sharon couldn’t deny it, she was getting aroused.Her sisters words, her sisters touch, she asked, “What do you want Sweetheart?”Under her gown Shannon’s hand massaged Sharon’s breast, with her other hand she guided Sharon to her groin, “Touch me here Shar, please touch me here, it’s been so long, so very long.”They laid on the bed kissing, Shannon’s hand under Sharon’s brassiere, Sharon’s hand cupping Shannon’s sex.”Robbie had gone to the office, returned some calls and checked out with his boss.He’d decided to make an effort with Shannon, he was going to take the girls out for a fancy brunch then serve as their driver for whatever they wanted to do, he drove home.It was unexpectedly quiet when he got home, he checked out by the pool, nobody, the TV was silent, no one on the ground floor, silently he climbed the staircase, the feeling was ominous, had there been an intruder?As he neared his bedroom door he heard the sounds of sexual activities, he was appalled and sickened by what he could observe through the crack in the door.He stood and watched his wife and sister-in-law locked in a passionate embrace.Sharon glanced at the vanity mirror, she, through it could see the door and she saw Robbie watching.Terror overcame her, she leapt from the bed and cowered in the corner.Shannon was slower to react.Robbie came into the room.“It seems you girls are having a little fun behind my back,” He said.“Sharon, please stay here, Shannon, out, I want to have a word with you.”In the hall he told Shannon, “Sharon’s my wife and I don’t expect anyone to encroach on out relationship.I’ll let you know after I’ve spoken to Sharon but I believe it may be time for you to leave, now go to your room and I’ll get with you later.”Back in his bedroom he closed and locked the door.Sharon was still in the corner, he sat on the spanking chair and called her over.She was clad in only her panties and bra, he asked, “Dressed for fun, are we Sharon?”“Robbie, I didn’t mean it to happen but it did, I only had these on when Shannon came in but that’s not an excuse.”“No, no, it isn’t.Come over here and bend over my lap, it’s been a while but I think you deserve a spanking, don’t you?”“Yes, I was wrong it what I did, please spank me Sir.”He went through his normal progression, on her panties, on the bare, three quick ones with the hairbrush then oral to soothe her, vaginal sex for her pleasure and vigorous anal for his gratification.Sharon was the worse for wear when he finished with her.He put her under the covers and told her to stay there saying he was going out to get something for dinner, probably KFC.”As he left the driveway, Shannon sneaked into Sharon’s room.“What did he do Sis?”“Shannon, it’s best if you just stay out of it, ok?”“That doesn’t answer my question, what did he do?”“Shannon, he spanked me, he spanked me, now leave it alone.”“He spanks you, when did that start?”“The first time he found out I’d lied to him, please, no more.”“God, he’s a beast,” Shannon said.“No, no he isn’t, he’s made me a far better person.”“By getting beaten?”“Shan, he doesn’t beat me, he spanks me, there is a difference.”“So why are you naked now?”“He undresses me while he spanks me.”“Shar, I was outside the door, he did a hellava lot more than just spank you.I heard moaning that sounded a lot like painful sex, what did he do?”“Shan, you don’t want to know.He’s already so pissed at you that you’re going to get it, too if you keep running your mouth, just shut up and leave it alone, ok?”“He wouldn’t do anything to me, I’d call the cops.”“And I would support him, I’m sorry but he’s my husband, if he does something it will be because you’ve brought it on yourself so, please, just leave it alone.”Shannon crawled on the bed, “Give me a hug Sis.”“Shan, you don’t understand, I’ll get a spanking with that hairbrush if he catches me doing that again, please don’t do something that could make him angry.”And at that they heard his voice thunder, “What is going on in here, didn’t we just deal with this?”Robbie walked to the vanity and picked up the hairbrush.He walked to Sharon and pulled the covers off her.“On your tummy, you need five.”Obediently she rolled to her tummy and took her five strokes.And that set Shannon off.“You’re a beast, a bully and a bastard, you should be arrested for what you’ve done to her.”Sharon yelled, “Please Shannon, just go back to your room, this is between Robbie and me, just let us work it out.”Robbie echoes, “Yes Shannon, I think you should leave us, please go.”“God, you’re one sorry mother fucker,” Shannon screamed.Sharon saw the flare in Robbie’s eyes, she quietly said, “Please Shannon, go right now, I mean right now.”“Why, what the fuck is this pussy going to do?”Sharon closed her eyes, she knew her baby sister was beyond help.She didn’t see as Robbie grabbed Shannon’s wrist and twisted her over his lap but she did hear the spanking start on the seat of her shorts.Not the slow, steady pace she got, he was whipping her fast and violently as Shannon screamed.He whipped her until she went silent then reached under her and unfastened her shorts.“Lift your hips Shannon and do it right now.”Sharon opened her eyes.Her sister was draped across Robbie’s lap and her shorts were now down around her knees.A lot of the spunk was gone from Shannon and Sharon knew it had only just begun.He started to spank, she watched as the rhythmic blows fell, five minutes, ten and then fifteen.Her sister was sobbing, her pain evident.Robbie stopped for a moment the pulled her T-shirt off over her head, unfastened her bra and let it fall to the floor and took her panties down, taking both them and her shorts off over her feet.Shannon wasn’t even fighting anymore and the spanking was only about half over.He started again.Sharon watched the clock, five minutes, ten, fifteen and finally twenty minutes.Shannon was reduced to a quivering mass of tears and snot by the time he reached for the hairbrush.Five quick strokes and it was over.Just like he did for her, Sharon watched as Robbie rubbed Shannon’s back and spoke soothing words to her.When she’d settled to just quiet sobs he cradled her and wiped her nose.She couldn’t hear but she knew he was telling her what her transgressions were and that she was a good girl who had simply done a bad thing.She also watched as he cradled her and carried her to the bed.Shannon’s bottom was resting on the bedside while Robbie was supporting her legs, it was a position Sharon well knew and she knew what would follow.“She whimpered, “Please Robbie, no, she’s my baby sister.”“I’m sorry Sharon, you should have explained things to her better,” as he covered her sex with his mouth.In spite of the pain from the spanking Shannon couldn’t help but respond.She hadn’t had sex in over two years and oral, she’d only had oral once in her life.Her arousal cut through her pain, her hips thrust up to meet him in spite of everything, God, her body, she couldn’t control her body.She trembled and she shook, her tummy tightened, her ovaries, her vagina and her anus clenched as she exploded with the most spectacular orgasm she’d ever experienced.Like her sister, her cunt erupted like Vesuvius, spewing her fluids at least six inches into the air.Robbie stayed on her, drinking her, teasing her clit until she climaxed again.Sharon gazed awestruck, it was like she had the ability to watch herself, this was her identical twin.Robbie mounted her, penetrated her; she heard Robbie say,“Damn, your pussy’s tight.”Sharon guessed that two years of celibacy had tightened her.Shannon was moaning as he rode her, Robbie wasn’t huge but he was pretty big, around a chubby seven inches and he was more than adequate to fill her vagina.Shannon began, “Oh God, fuck me, God, that’s so good, fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeee.”As she climaxed he roared and filled her with his sperm.He stayed in her, continued to pump until she came again then he gave her a second load of his own.He was still in her when he said, “Sharon, hand me the lube, please.”Sharon begged, “Please Robbie, don’t, she’s never done that.”“Again I’ll ask, Sharon, please hand me the lube.”She plucked it from the vanity and handed it to him.She watched as he forced her baby sister’s legs back to her shoulders.She saw him scoop a handful of the lubricant, rub it on Shannon’s anus and observed as Shannon’s eyes flew open when his fingers penetrated her, lubricating her internally.His cock was pressed against her sister’s anus when she made her final attempt.“Robbie, please don’t.”The next sound was her sister’s scream as he skewered her, bursting through her sphincters, he slid into her. Her sound was a pitiful moan before she began to sob, “Please Robbie, take it out, Oooo, please take it out, it hurts so much.”Instead of taking it out, he began to pump her, going deeper into her with each thrust.Her sounds were mournful as he fucked her.“Come here Sharon, help your baby sister.”Sharon quickly scooted over, her fingers went to work on Shannon trying to provide some small relief but she continued to moan.He twisted her onto her side with her legs splayed, he was behind her, her back bowed, her pussy well exposed, her lower lips split, showing nothing but pink.“You seemed anxious to exchange bodily fluids with her earlier Sharon, so take her with your mouth.”Her eyes came up, shock and fear evident.“Do it Sharon.”As he continued to sodomize her baby sister Sharon performed cunnilingus on her.Finally, he came, filling his sister-in-law with his cum.He pulled out but Shannon didn’t move, she lay in a daze whimpering softly.“Come here and give me a kiss Baby,” he told Sharon.As they kissed he whispered, “She sleeps with us tonight, put her in the middle, I’m not done with her so don’t clean her up.”Sharon knew better than to argue, Robbie was going to start breaking Shannon in tonight.God, she couldn’t imagine what tomorrow would bring but she did know her little sister’s anus would probably be as big around as a half dollar by morning.Robbie went into the bathroom and washed off, he had some other business to attend to before he got back to Shannon.He knelt beside the bed along side Sharon and whispered, “We still have a baby to make.”She whispered back, “I was afraid you’d forgotten about me.”She was atop the covers, he said, “Open your legs, I want a taste ofmy very favorite flavor.”Sharon quickly came to a climax although she didn’t want what had happened to Shannon to happen, the close proximity to the violent sex and her own participation had aroused her; she was anxious and ready when Robbie entered her, she wanted his cum, she wanted his baby.After Robbie came he continued to lie atop Sharon with his cock still in her, he said,“Just lie still for a few minutes, the Basal thermometer says you’re ovulating so there is a good chance of insemination.”“God I hope so Robbie, I want your baby so much.These first five years have been fun but I’m ready to be a Mommy now.”“And you’ll make a great Mommy,18禁h漫免费漫画无码网站 I know you will.”“Daddy, what was it like, you know, ah, being in my twin sister?”“Baby, she smells like you and she tastes like you.She’s a little tighter than you are but that’s just from her lack of sexual activity, but still, I’d know she isn’t you.I can’t explain the difference but it’s there.”“Who do you like better, sloppy ole me or her tight pussy and bottom?”“Hey, no question, it’s you Baby, you’re my girl now and forever.”“Robbie, you’re going to do her again tonight, aren’t you?”“Yeah, probably a few times, she can be a feisty one, so first I need to break her then I need to break her in.”“You know you are probably going to have two babies, don’t you.”“What, you think because you’re a twin that you’ll have twins?”“No, not that; my baby sister is ovulating, too, our periods have always been synchronized, and you came in her.”“So what do you think of the idea of two kids around here?”“I like the idea to be honest.I’d like it if you would do it with her again, you’re going to get me pregnant and I want her preggers, too.”“Oh, the duties of a dominate husband.”“Yeah, it is rough, isn’t it,” Sharon giggled.“Why don’t you get started Daddy, I want to watch.It will be like seeing myself making love to you.”“Ok, in a few, I want to stay in you just a little longer.”“That’s sweet, you really do want a baby, don’t you?”“I want our baby Sharon, I want to make a baby with you.”“What about Shannon, you want her baby, too, don’t you.”“Yeah, I want her baby, too, in fact let me get busy and help her make one.”Shannon was still laying quietly, Robbie slid over beside her.“You ok Sweetie?”“So I’m your Sweetie now, am I?”“I want you to be,” he replied as he bent to kiss her.He was holding her with one arm while the other played with her clit.“Get wet for me Sweetie, that’s the way.You’ve got the sweetest pussy, I like it and I’m going to fuck it.”“You want to fuck me Robbie, what about Sharon.”“She knows, she’s right here beside us, she’ll help you if you need it.”He slid over atop her, lifted her legs and entered her.She moaned softly as his cock filled her vagina, then she mewled a little.“Fuck me Robbie, give me your big dick, fuck my little pussy, oh, so good, that feels so good, fuck your Sweetie, fuck me.”“Do you like it from behind Sweetie, I want to see your beautiful ass.Get up on your knees for me.”“Nyess, I like that, I like it that way,” in a soft voiceHe pulled out and turned her onto her belly.“Get up on your knees Sweetie, I want in your sweet pussy.”He entered her again, pressing forward then thrusting hard and fast.“Nyess, nyess, nyess, oh, fuck me good, fuck me, fuck meeee,” She wailed as her orgasm hit her.He continued to pump her until she climaxed again before he grunted, his cock jerked and he shot pulse after pulse of his ropy cum into her scalding cunt.He stayed in her and kept her on her knees.Her arousal had taken her over the top so he gave her several minutes to calm down.“Was that good for you Sweetie, did you like me fucking you?I’m going to fuck you a lot if you stay with us.Do you want to stay here?”“I want to stay Robbie, I do want to stay.”He pressed her down to the mattress, still on her tummy, “Sharon and I want you to stay, too.”He was rubbing her back as he talked to her.“Sweetie, are you on any type of birth control?”“No Robbie,Ron just didn’t want to have sex with me.I hadn’t needed anything for over two years so I just stopped taking the pill.”“I want to do something, check something.”“Sharon, would you get the Basal thermometer, please.”He lubricated it and slid it into her anus.“Just lay quietly for five minutes, Sharon thinks you might be ovulating, she is and she says your periods were in sync.”“Oh God, I never gave that a thought, I can’t get pregnant, what would I do, where would I go?”“You wouldn’t go anywhere, you’d stay right here with us.”Checking the thermometer he said, “Yes, I do think you’re ovulating but we’ll check again in the morning and over the next several days.When you wake up, don’t move around, just lie quietly until I’ve taken your temperature, ok?”“Yes Robbie, I’m a nurse, too, I know about Basal temps.”“Good girl.”He slid his fingers into her anal crack checking to see that she was still adequately lubricated, she was, between residual lubricant and semen, she was slick.He straddled her hips.She sensed what was coming, she pled,“Please Robbie don’t, that hurt so much when you did it before.I don’t like it.”“I’m sorry Sweetie, but I do like it so I need to break you in, teach you to first take it and second like it.Sharon’s here, she’ll help you.”He began massaging her shoulders, “I want you to relax for me, I’ll be as gentle as I can but it will still probably hurt.That’s why it’s so important that you relax, get the tension out of your muscles for me.”He positioned the head of his penis against her anus.“Remember, relax for me, I’m going into you now,” as he pressed forward.As the head of his cock popped through her sphincter muscles, Shannon groaned, her eyes teared and she whimpered as he pushed into her. “You’re ok Sweetie, just relax for Daddy.You’re the best, so tight, you make me feel so good, God you’ve got a sweet ass.”Shannon continued to whimper, she sounded like an abused kitten.“Feel me in you, feel how I fill you up, I’m way up in you, feel me in your belly.”“Robbie, please, it hurts and I have to go.Take it out, please take it out of me, I have to go real bad.”“What your feeling is me filling up your rectum and now I’m going to pump you a little, I’m going to fuck your sweet ass.”As he began to stroke into her, she became more tearful.“Sharon Baby, can you help your baby sister?” He asked.“Yes, if we can turn her on her side so I can touch her.”Robbie parted her legs, put one of his between hers and rolled so that he stayed in her as he splayed her legs.He pressed hard against her, forcing himself deeper and forcing her to bow her back.Sharon moved on her, her fingers rapidly strumming her clitoris, with the fingers of her other hand she entered her vagina, forcing her fingers up, finding Shannon’s G-spot.The poor girl’s body was wracked, the pain in her anus, the excitement and stimulation from Sharon’s ministrations.“Daddy, can I use my mouth?” Sharon asked.He nodded yes.Sharon’s lips and tongue took over, sucking and flicking at Shannon’s clit while her free hand massaged Shannon’s breasts.“I’m going to stop pumping, you go to work on her hard, make her cum, I want her to cum while I’m in her bottom.”“You want to cum don’t you Sweetie?”“Nyess, oh God, yes, please make me cum,” Shannon moaned.He put him hands around her throat and pulled her head back, kissing her neck, licking her ear, saying, “That’s my girl, moan for me Sweetie, cum for me.God, you feel so good on my cock.Turn your head, look at me while I fuck you.”It was like a mixture of fear and pain in her eyes as she turned toward him.“So pretty, such a beautiful girl,” he said as his hand went to her breast.He gave it a little squeeze, “You like my cock in you don’t you.You like my cock in your ass, don’t you, ask me to fuck your ass Sweetie, ask for more of my cock.”“Nyess, nyess, please give me more of your cock, please fuck my chubby ass, Oooooooooooooooo,” as Sharon brought her to her climax.“Move Baby, I’m gonna put her back on her tummy so I can finish.”Flat on her belly, Robbie pumped her fast until he felt the cum rising in his balls, he pushed deeply into her and held it as cum gushed from him.“Hey baby, remember that video, the anal sex one with the black girl?”“Yeah, I remember.”“I’m gonna pull out now, come here and check Shannon’s cream pie.”Her baby sister was gaped open, cum was oozing from her.Slowly, Sharon watched Shannon close, her ring looked tight again.Robbie said, “Ok girls, lets get some sleep, tomorrow’s gonna be a busy day and remember Sweetie, don’t move after you wake up, we need to get your temperature.”When morning arrived Shannon followed her instructions to the letter, she just laid calmly.He reached over and patted his wife saying, “Baby, you just lie still, too.”He took Shannon’s Basal temperature, noted on a chart he’d created then moved to Sharon saying, “You, too, Baby.”After both had been charted, he went to the bathroom, peed and returned.The girls asked if they could get up yet, both needed to pee.“Come on, both of you,” Shannon was the first to the commode.“Doesn’t a girl get a little privacy,” she asked.Both Robbie and Sharon were near her.Sharon answered, “No Sis, in fact we’d like you to hold your lips open, show some pink while you pee.”Golden flow splashing, a folded pat of tissue, a flush and it was Sharon’s turn.“Stay and watch,” Robbie said to Shannon.After having observed her sister perform this bodily function Shannon commented, “God, it is kinda arousing, isn’t it?”“Let’s get back to bed, I want both of you before breakfast.”He took Shannon first, in the vagina, he wanted to be sure she was impregnated but he worked to make it good for her, he wanted her to want sex all the time.Sharon was second, again, vaginally, same reason, he wanted her impregnated, too.“How you feeling this morning Sweetie, it was a kinda rough night.”“Yeah, it was, my bottom’s sore but I’ll make it.”Robbie went down and started coffee while the girls completed their ablutions.They both put on panties and wore robes and slippers when they went down to the kitchen.“Let’s have a cup of coffee before I scramble some eggs,” Robbie said.They sat, he wanted to talk to both of them.“Shannon Sweetie, I had fun last night, did you?”“Honestly, some of it was and some of it wasn’t but overall, yes, I guess I did.Sex with Ron was like watching grass grow, with you two it’s more like Mardi Gras,God, I was so high some of the time and in so much pain other times.Robbie, I’d only had oral sex once in my life and that was when I was in college, Ron wouldn’t do it.I guess he wanted to keep his lips unsullied by female parts, he preferred sucking cocks.But, God when you went in my butt I thought you were going to split me, I cried, didn’t I?”“You did, but did Sharon help?”“Oh my, yes, her fingers and tongue were my salvation.”“But you want me to do it again, don’t you?”“You’re going to whatever you want, am I right?”“I’ll probably have you two or three times today alone, so yes, I’m going to do it again.”“Can Sharon help me?”“You liked her help did you?”“Yes, I sure did.”“Well, I think Sharon liked it, too.I think she didn’t mind helping you and I think she liked watching.”“Sis, did you?”“Robbie, can I speak frankly without getting into trouble?”“Yeah, I guess you could say we’re off the record right now.”“Shannon, have you ah, well have you, I don’t know how to ask this so I guess I’ll just spit it out.Have you ever put a finger in yourself and tasted it?”Shannon turned several shades of red, “Sis, that’s gross.”“Well have you?”“Yes.”“So have I, it was neat tasting you, you taste just like me and, yes I did like watching, same thing, it was like seeing myself getting fucked every way imaginable.”“Robbie, can I watch when you’re with Sharon?”He glanced at Sharon before answering, “I don’t see why not, she’s watched you, what do you say Baby?”“I think I’d like that.”“Ok, then there are just a few other things we need to cover.Sharon Baby, get a copy of our contract, Shannon will need to sign it.”“Shannon, first, about when you are spanked.When I’m disciplining you you are to call me Sir.When I spank I expect you to present yourself to me wearing your panties and brassiere, nothing else.Punishment is entirely at my discretion, if you argue with me I will increase the severity of the punishment.For the immediate future you will receive a maintenance spanking every Saturday afternoon.Sharon received hers for the first year and so will you.If you’ve abided by the rules during that time well stop.Understand, other spankings could also be given if you violate rules. Sharon will explain the punishment for faking illness but, suffice to say, you don’t want to do that.Also, I expect you to have a bowel movement no less frequently than every two days.If nature doesn’t work you are to tell me, I’ll give you a small enema to clear your rectum.Do you have any questions?”“Robbie, why do I have to have enemas?”“Because if we have anal sex and you have a rectum full of feces we can have a big mess on you, me and the sheets and we don’t want that.“What if I don’t tell you that I haven’t gone?”“I’ll spank you “Shannon pouted.”What’s the matter Sweetie?”“I haven’t gone in three days.”He gave her a little kiss saying, “Thank you for your honesty.”“How about you Baby?”“I’m ok.”“Is there anything else girls?”“Ok, I’ll get breakfast together, Sharon, please get Shannon signed to our contract.”The girls headed upstairs while Robbie went to the kitchen.He prepared cheese omelets, whole grain toast, turkey bacon and orange juice.It was ready by the time the girls came back downstairs.As they ate Shannon did have a question.“Robbie, you spanked me last night, today is Saturday, you’re not going to spank me again, are you?”“Of course, it IS Saturday.I’ll spank you in the afternoon then we’ll all lie down and rest for a while.When we get up I’ll give you your enema then you and Baby will get a bath before we go to bed.”There is one other thing we need to cover.I take care of the outside of the house and the pool area, Sharon is responsible for the interior and the laundry and she and I alternate the cooking.“Shannon, we need to assign you some duties, what do you do well?”“I cook pretty well, I guess I can he the chef.”“Ok, that’s settled, the kitchen is yours.Let’s get finished up here then do some shopping, we need to stock up on groceries and there are a few other things I want to pick up.”Their first stop was at a sex shop.Now that there were two girls, for reasons of hygiene, a few items were needed for Shannon.He selected an enema bag along with an assortment of nozzles for her then decided to go with a liquid lubricant rather than the gel he was using.He opted for a product named “Liquid Silk” along with two lube launchers, one for each girl, a Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator and two Silver Bullets, one for each, finally a bottle of adult toy cleaner.Then it was off to the market for groceries.When they got home Robbie said, “I’ll put the groceries away. Why don’t you gals go upstairs and wash your new toys.”They did as they were told, when they’d finished they came back down, he was just finishing.He glanced at them.“My aren’t you the sexy ones,” he said.Both were wearing sexy lingerie under full length robes and slippers.“We wanted to look nice for you Daddy,” Sharon cooed.“Well, come on, let’s play.”“Girls, let’s start with regular sex, I want to be sure you’re both impregnated,” he said as he led them to the bed.He took Shannon first.Slowly he removed her robe, bra and panties, on the bed he kissed her, open mouthed, tongues and teeth, savoring her sweet breath as his hand massaged her breasts.He whispered, “You’re so beautiful Sweetie,” as he trailed kisses down to her breasts.While he caressed one he sucked the other.“Do you like this, do you like me touching your breasts?” He asked.“Oh yes, God Robbie, I’m so wet.”“Do you want me to taste you, to lick you?”As her legs involuntarily opened and closed in anticipation, “Please Daddy, please.”He licked down over her taut tummy, through her strawberry blonde curls to her luscious slit.His tongue parted her lips and laved her vulva, dipped his tongue into her vagina, came back up nibbling and tugging at her labia with his lips then back down over her perineum.He rimmed her, moistening her anus then licked back up to her clit.As he took her little man in the boat between his lips and, as he rapidly flicked it with of his tongue he slipped a finger into her back door.“Oh, oh, oh, yesssssssssssssssss,” she wailed.Her body was rocked by a series of orgasms, her tummy was rippling, her uterus, vagina and anus were clenching and then, her pussy erupted.For the first time, Shannon squirted, as he licked her her hips bucked and she squirted again.“Daddy, please no more, oh, God, no more, no more.”He stopped and asked, “What’s the matter Sweetie, you don’t like?”“Like, way beyond like, I thought I was going to pass out, it was just so intense, Lord, I’ve never cum like that before.”He moved up on her body and kissed her as he entered her then slowly stroked.Shannon came to climax quickly then Robbie followed.He stayed in her as he told her, “I want you to lie quietly for a few minutes, ok Sweetie.”As he pulled out Sharon asked, “Can I look?”She crawled over, a little of Robbie’s semen had leaked out and was dripping down over her anus.“Daddy, that’s so arousing, God, I’m lubricating so heavily it’s running down my thighs.”He moved behind her, yes, she was soaking, with no preamble he opened her lips with his fingers and filled her.“Ahhhhh,” she moaned as he began to stroke.She was bent forward, her head was resting on her twin’s belly when her body trembled and she came.Robbie was right behind as he flooded her vagina.He stroked her back and said, “That was fantastic Baby, now, lie down with Shannon and rest.I want both of you to remain quiet while my sperm does its work.”“I didn’t get to look like she did,” Shannon complained.“Don’t worry Sweetie, there will be plenty more chances a little later.”He looked over his girls, beautiful young women, sexy ladies and they were his.He told them they could move around.The only thing he didn’t want them to do for thirty minutes was sit on the toilet where they would drain.“Sharon Baby, will you get the new lubricant and your lube launcher, I want to try them out.Shannon, I’d like you to get the Magic Wand, when I ask you to your job will be to use it on Sharon, ok?”Sharon brought the requested items, the lube launcher was like a syringe.He filled it from the bottle of “Liquid Silk” and had Sharon lie on her tummy.“Baby, this thing will get the lube way up in you and make it easier for you to take me, Shannon will get to try hers, too, but not until after she’s had her enema.”“Ok, here comes,” he said.He inserted the device in her and, pressing down on the plunger, he slowly withdrew it so she was lubricated from about four inches in clear back to her anal opening.It was a hell of a lot neater than smearing on the gel, now to see if it works.“Get up on your knees for me Baby, I want you that way.”He moved up behind her.She was positioned with her head on her pillow with her hips elevated and her legs slightly parted.Shannon was right on Robbie’s shoulder, she wanted to see him go into her sister, to see him pump her, make her squirm and cum in her.Sharon had taken him in this position many times over the past five years; it still could be painful if he was rough with her.She was breathing slowly and deeply, trying to relax.When she felt the head of his cock against her she pushed out her anus like she was trying to move her bowels, that helped to relax her sphincter muscles.Still, she gave out a little moan when he pushed into her.Shannon caught her breath, she’d really never seen a woman being penetrated before, now she watched as her sister’s anus was forced open and Robbie’s cock slid into her.He was gripping Sharon’s hips and, slowly his cock was being enveloped by her body.When he was in completely he stopped.“You like my cock in you, don’t you Baby.Tell me you like my cock in your ass, tell me.”“I like your cock in my ass Daddy, God, you make me so full, you’re so big, so big,” her voice was low and raspy.“Do you want me to fuck you now Baby, ask me to fuck you.”“Fuck me Daddy, fuck your Baby’s chubby butt.”He began to stroke her.“Unh, unh, unh, unh,” with each stroke, it was evident that she was feeling it.Then the worst, for Sharon happened.She felt Robbie’s weight shift, he was up on his haunches.He pushed down on the small of her back forcing her, her bottom higher, then she felt his weight on her hips.He was positioned so that he’d be thrusting nearly straight down. She knew he’d go deeper, that he’d pound her harder, faster and she knew she was about to get some pain.His first powerful thrust elicited a groan from her and her eyes teared.He fucked her like he was a wild animal on his bitch, God, she thought he was going to split her.She heard him, “Shannon, get ready with that Magic Wand.”He slowed to a stop then lifted her so that she was upright on her knee.Again, he started to pump.“Sweetie, use the Wand.”His hands were encircling her breasts, caressing and squeezing, his cock was up her ass pumping then the Wand touched her clit.The vibrating sensations were like nothing she’d ever experienced, she didn’t know if she was going to shit or cum, she screamed.Like the “Tale of Two Cities,” it was the best of times and it was the worst of times, pain, yes, but sweet pain.She screamed again, “Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, God, Noooooooooo more, Noooooooooo more, she was climaxing, squirting, soaking the sheets, so much fluid was flowing from her she thought she was peeing and, maybe she was, maybe she was.“Keep it on her Sweetie, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum,” as he exploded into her.“Let me lie her down Sweetie.”Shannon took the Wand vibrator off her as Robbie lowered her to the mattress.Sharon lay stunned, Robbie crawled up, covering her back.At her ear he whispered, “You were spectacular Baby.”He pulled her head back and kissed her throat then he went to the nape of her neck; high on her right shoulder he nipped her then nipped her a second time, hard.Sharon winced as blood oozed from the bite wound.He whispered to her, “That will leave a little scar.You’ve got my mark on you now.”Shannon got ready, Robbie was ready to pull out of Sharon.She stared in amazement, her sister’s anus was gaped open, she could see into her body.Cum was oozing out as Sharon slowly closed back to a tight ring.Robbie rubbed Sharon’s back as she laid quietly, recovering from the most intense experience she’d ever endured.“Sweetie, would you get a warm cloth and wipe Sharon off, please.”She did more, first she wiped her brow then her bottom and, finally, she washed Robbie’s penis.“Why don’t you lie down beside her and hold her ‘til she’s feeling better,” he said to Shannon.When she did, Sharon snuggled against her, burying her face against her sister’s breasts.Within moments she was contentedly sucking, nursing at her bosom; Robbie smiled and let her go on uninterrupted.When she came up for air Robbie asked, “Better?”“All better Daddy.”“You haven’t used the bathroom yet, why don’t you go ahead, maybe sit for a little while to drain, ok?”“Yes Daddy.”As Sharon walked out of the room Shannon said, “I have to go, too.”“In a few minutes.”“Come over here and get up on your knees.”Terror showed in her face.“You’re not going to do that to me, are you?”“No Sweetie, I just want to add a little more sperm for the baby making.”After he’d cum in her he again had her lie quietly until Sharon came out.“Ok Sweetie, grab your panties and bra and put them on before you come out, it’s your turn.”When she returned she’d put on the panties and bra, yes but she’d also donned her robe and slippers.He scowled at her and had her stand in front of him.“I asked you to wear your panties and bra, I didn’t say anything about your robe and slippers.Take them off for me.”“Ok, now come bend over my lap.”“What are you going to do Robbie?”“You’re going to get your spanking and, your discipline session has started, you’ll call me Sir until we’ve finished.”“You don’t need to do this Sir, I’ll be a good girl.”“I’m sure you will Shannon, this is just a reminder, now get over my lap.”He spanked her on her panties then took them off along with her bra and completed her session.He stroked her back as she cried herself out then cradled her in his arms and kissed her tear stained eyes.Saying, “You are a good girl,” he lifted her and carried her to the bed where he tucked her under the covers.“Get some rest now, Little One.”“Baby, I want to breed you one more time then we all can take a little nap.”After ejaculating in her he had her lie quietly on her back as he massaged her abdomen.“We’re going to put a baby in here, aren’t we.”“Yes Daddy, we are.”They napped for an hour then went downstairs where Shannon prepared a light snack.After eating they went out by the pool to enjoy the cool of the coming evening.Sharon said,“You know Robbie, we need to have Tom and Naomi Loomis over to meet Shannon, maybe a little barbecue and pool party next weekend?”Over the previous five years the Loomises and the Stephens had become close, Tom and Robbie golfed together and occasionally played cards while Naomi and Sharon often met for lunch or had coffee together.Sharon felt a certain sisterhood with Naomi, she was a submissive wife just like Sharon;well maybe not just like Sharon.Sharon was immensely satisfied with her role in her relationship however Naomi couldn’t say the same.Her sex life was dull and inadequate, she wanted another child but Tom refused so, with her daughter Rebecca in school, she sat at home most days, bored.Getting together with Sharon was the high point of her week.She didn’t even get spanked very often, with nothing to do, there was nothing to screw up.She confessed to Sharon that occasionally she’d do something to merit a spanking just to break up the ennui.“Robbie told her, sure, extend the invitation, the Loomises hadn’t been over for a couple of months.”Sharon went in and called Naomi who checked with Tom, Saturday would be real good with them, it was agreed that they’d get together at 4:00 that day.“Robbie, Tom and Naomi will be over at 4:00 Saturday, they won’t have Rebecca, she’s spending the summer with Tom’s parents on their dairy farm in Vermont.”He looked at Shannon saying, “Well, it sounds like we’ll have a busy day doesn’t it. And speaking of busy,”“Sharon could you go up and prepare Shannon’s enema.Just a small one, only a quart, we’ll be up in a couple of minutes.”After Sharon had gone he said to Shannon, “Sweetie, I know you’ve never had an enema but it won’t be bad.I’ll take your panties off and bend you over my lap.You can keep your top if you like.The enema will be a quart of warm water that I’ll inject into your bottom then I’ll ask you to lie quietly for a little while, I’ll rub your back while you wait.We’re not going to wash out your colons, that takes two or three quarts, we just want to empty your rectum so we don’t have a mess when I go in you, you understand?”“I guess so Robbie.”“Ok, let’s go upstairs.”Sharon had everything ready, Robbie took a seat in the spanking chair.He lowered Shannon’s panties then guided her over his lap.Using a small amount of the lubricating gel, he dabbed some on her anus.“I’m going to put the nozzle in now, Shannon.”He spread her cheeks and gently twisted the nozzle into her.“I’m going to start the water now,” as the flow started.He kept it slow so she didn’t cramp.“It feels nice, doesn’t it,” he asked.“Unhuh, it’s nice and warm.”“Ok, that’s it, I’m going to take the nozzle out now, tighten your bottom so you don’t leak and just lie still.”He stroked her back and sides as she lay quietly.“Robbie, I need to go,” she said after about five minutes.He walked her to the bathroom, while she evacuated, he started filing the tub.“Sharon, do you want to bathe with Shannon?”“Oh yeah,” she answered and she stripped for her bath.He washed his pair of pretties, dried them then told them to scamper off to bed.He grabbed a quick shower then went into the bedroom where he found the duet kissing.He thought about it then decided he really couldn’t get angry, Shannon was part of them now and besides, he’d encouraged them to provide stimulation and relief for each other.“Make room for Daddy,” he told them as he slid between the sheets.“If you two are going to party together I’m gonna make you work.Sharon, would you get me Shannon’s lube launcher and that bottle of “Liquid Silk,” you can get the Magic Wand, too.”“Sweetie, you’re first.I want you to lie flat on your tummy for me.”Sharon thought of something as she looked at her sister’s bottom.“Daddy, Shannon needs to get a tattoo, too, maybe on her left hip.”Shannon had noticed the tattoo on Sharon’s right hip, she thought it was a tramp stamp, didn’t want one and said so.“Shan, it’s Daddy’s initials, like a brand ‘cause we’re his.”Now that, she didn’t mind, in fact she wanted one.“Can I get one Robbie?” Shannon asked.“Sure Sweetie, Baby, can you take her Monday.Be sure it is exactly the same, ok.”“I’ll take care of it.”“Ok, Baby, fill the syringe with the lube and give me the launcher.”“Here Daddy.”“You’ll be doing this for me in the future, so pay attention.Spread her cheeks for me.”“Ok, insert the launcher all the way in then as you’re pressing here to release the lube slowly withdraw it so she’s completely lubricated right up to her anus, see how it works?”“I’m going to start on her back then I’ll turn her so you can use the vibrator then I’ll put her back on her tummy to finish.”He laid over her back letting her feel his weight as he kissed her neck and ears then positioned the head of his cock at her opening.Shannon remembered how Sharon had used deep breathing to relax herself, she breathed heavily, deeply and slowly.With a thrust he was in her, she moaned loudly. He rubbed her shoulder, “Just relax Sweetie, relax.”God, she thought, his cock felt enormous in her bottom, she could feel him sliding deeper, filling her rectum.“You’ve got all of me Sweetie, you’re wonderful, fantastic, I love fucking you, you’re so sexy, so hot.Do you like my cock in your ass, does it feel good?”Her voice sounded nearly tearful nonetheless, she whimpered, “Nyess Daddy, I love your cock in me.”“I’m going to pump you now,” as he started to stroke.As he fucked her she moaned, “Ah, ah, ah, ah,” with every thrust.He saw she was dragging at the sheets as she moaned then a sob broke loose.“Relax for me Sweetie, I’m going to turn you on your side so Sharon can help, ok?”He rolled her and held her legs apart displaying her vaginal area.Sharon flicked on the Magic Wand and gently used it circling her clitoris until Shannon began to tremble.“AH, AH, OH, Oooooooooo, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, OH, I’m cumming, cumming, cumming,” as fluid splashed from her vagina.”“Ok, Baby, I’ll take over now he told Sharon.”As she pulled the Wand away he rolled Shannon back on her tummy.He pumped her rapidly as the cum rose in his balls, with a roar he exploded in her, he continued to pump her until he was drained; he laid over her back and went to her neck.He kissed her throat on the left side then high on her left shoulder he gave her a nipand then a bite that drew blood, he sucked the wound until the bleeding stopped. Like Sharon, he’d marked Shannon, once she’d gotten her tattoo both girls would be marked as his.“Sharon, please get a cloth and clean us up,” he asked.Nothing too eventful happened for the rest of the week although Robbie was kept pretty busy, between work and keeping up with the girls.Saturday rolled around, fortunately, neither of his ladies required an enema so Shannon’s spanking was the only duty that called.They got that out of the way at 3:00 and the girls were busy preparing baked beans, corn on the cob, cole slaw and potato salad while Robbie was getting the steaks seasoned and the charcoal grill lit.The doorbell rang, Robbie said, “I’ll get it,” and went to answer.It was Tom and Naomi.He invited them in and led the way toward the patio where they greeted Sharon with hugs and air kisses then they noticed Shannon.After double takes they realized what they were seeing, the twins.“Tom, Naomi, this is my sister Shannon Washburn, Shannon these folks are our good friends Tom and Naomi Loomis.”After the nice to meet you’s Tom and Naomi went out with Robbie while the girls continued in the kitchen.After a moment or two, Naomi joined them asking how she could help.When Robbie called that the steaks were done the ladies carries the accompaniments out to the patio.After eating, no one really felt like swimming so they sat around chatting.Sharon noted that Naomi slowly sipped her two beers and was on her best behavior.As the guys talked the girls arranged to meet for coffee on Thursday morning at Naomi’s house.Once the Loomises departed the twins handled the clean-up then they all traipsed upstairs.Sharon asked, “Do we still get our bathes Daddy?”He smiled, “Sure, you two get undressed and I’ll draw the bath.”In some ways they were like a couple of kids as they splashed and giggled before he picked up the loofah sponge and started washing their fine feminine flesh.He dried them and sent them off to bed.After having sex with both of them, they slept.Sunday was uneventful, they just lounged around at the pool.Monday morning, after he’d taken their Basal temperatures and they’d finished their morning ablations Shannon went down to prepare breakfast.Sharon and Robbie stayed upstairs where she was bred again.With a vagina full of sperm she dressed in her nurses whites, she had to depart earlier than Robbie.They had breakfast together, Sharon left and Shannon took care of the clean-up then Robbie took her back upstairs and bedded her.Tuesday and Wednesday were a replay of Monday.Thursday Sharon was working a later shift so she could get together with Naomi for coffee.While they chatted she noted that Shannon seemed to be dragging.“What’s the matter Sis,” she asked.“I don’t know, I just feel a little fatigued, I guess I didn’t get enough sleep and I feel achy but I’ll be ok.”Their conversation lasted for a couple of hours then Sharon needed to leave for work.She dropped Shannon back at the house.Robbie found Shannon napping on the living room sofa when he arrived at home.He whispered, “Shannon, Shaaaanon, wake up Sweetie.”Her eyes blinked open.“What’s the matter Sweetie?”“I don’t know, I just felt so tired and achy and now my breasts hurt.”“Come on, let’s go upstairs, I’ll put you to bed and then fix something for supper.”He undressed her and asked if she wanted a nightie which she declined, he tucked her in.Always alert for slacking he got his thermometer and lubed it.“Roll over on your tummy Sweetie, I want to get your temperature.”She didn’t argue, she rolled over and slightly parted her legs.Opening her cheeks he inserted the rectal thermometer.”“I’m going to leave it in for five minutes, just lie still for me.”He rubbed her back and bottom while they waited.It registered nearly 101 degrees.For a rectal temp that was about a degree high.“Something’s going on Sweetie, your temp’s a little high.”“Robbie, I think I know the problem, there was a little spotting in my panties, my breasts ache and I have a slight fever, I believe I’m pregnant.It will take a few days before we can test.I probably got pregnant last week, maybe even the first time so, I’ll get a test kit and use it Sunday but Robbie, I’m pretty sure, I can feel the changes taking place in my body.”He smiled at her then bent and kissed her.“I’m so happy Sweetie, I can’t wait ‘til you have our baby.”“You really want my baby, I mean, I’m not your wife.”“Shannon, we’re family, you, Sharon and me.And it’s not your baby, it’s our baby.I love you and I’ll love our child.”Her smile was radiant, that was exactly what she needed to hear, what she needed to believe.“Make love to me Robbie, please make love to me,” she asked.He undressed, got in beside her and held her in his arms.“Kiss me, hug me, bite me, God, I want you in me, I’m so wet, I need your love.”Their love making was slow and tender, sensuous kisses, tender touches, sweet loving words.“Go in me Robbie, I want you in me, please.”She parted her legs as he rolled between them.He ran his cock along her slit then slid into her filling her vagina.“I’m yours Robbie, I give myself to you, I surrender myself to you and whatever you want to do with me.”“Sweetie, I’m doing what I want to do with you, I’m holding you, kissing you and making love to you,” he told her as he slowly stroked with deep strokes, filling her.“Fuck me harder Robbie, make me feel it, hurt me just a little bit, enforce yourself on me, take me and make me know I’m one of your women.”He lifted her legs forcing them back toward her chest then thrust hard and fast, pounding into her until she was whimpering, “Nyess, nyess, Oooooh.”“You like it, tell me you like it Sweetie.”“Oooooooooo God, I like it, I like it, that’s it, make your Sweetie ache, Oh my womb aches, God, my vagina hurts.”Her breathing was more like panting as she chanted, “Yes, yes, yes, yesssssssssssssssss,” as she came to a shuddering climax.“You’re going to cum again for me Sweetie,” as he continued to pound her deep, fast and furious.“Nyess, nyess, I want to cum for you,” she whimpered.After a few minutes, her hips started to thrust and gyrate, sweet nectar flowed from her as Robbie’s semen flooded in.They laid together in each other arms for nearly an hour. “I need to take care of dinner, I’ll let you tell Sharon, I’ll send her up when she gets home.”“Robbie, I don’t want anything too heavy to eat, maybe you could get some Chinese and some egg drop soup for me?”“Ok Sweetie, Chinese it is.”Downstairs he called in an order for delivery, 3 shrimp egg rolls, a quart of lobster fried rice, steamed vegetables, 2 orders of egg drop soup and 1 of hot and sour soup.With a little luck, Sharon would be home before the delivery arrived.Luck held, Sharon arrived, he sent her up to see Shannon and within two minutes the food order arrived.He went upstairs, both girls were happily crying.He announced dinner.He got a robe and slippers for Shannon and walked her downstairs while Sharon changed from her whites into a robe and slippers, too.They ate, Shannon pushed her food around her plate, finished all her soup but by the time all was over there was nothing but a few grains of rice left.Back upstairs and in bed he encouraged Sharon to pleasure Shannon.As she knelt and sucked her sister’s breast Robbie mounted her from behind, when he came in her he had her lie down and rest quietly.“I’m sorry Shannon but Sharon needs to catch up, I’m going to be with her most of the night.”After thirty minutes, he entered her again.It went on that way ‘til after midnight, every thirty minutes or so he mounted her.By the time they went to sleep so much cum was oozing from her that it was soaking the sheets.Because Shannon was not feeling well, Robbie fixed breakfast then kissed Sharon good-bye as she set off for work.Then Robbie dressed, told Shannon that if she needed anything she was to call him and set off.He was already home by the time Sharon came dragging in, she didn’t look at all well.He helped her to the sofa then sat beside her.“What’s the matter Baby?” He asked.“God, I feel bad, I’m dragging, my breasts are so sore I can’t touch them, I don’t know, I just feel terrible.”Having just gone through it with Shannon the previous day he was pretty certain Sharon was pregnant, too.“Let’s go upstairs, I want to put you to bed and get your temperature.”She hated the rectal thermometer but she didn’t even argue, she let Robbie help her upstairs where he undressed her and got her a nightie.When he took her panties off he could see thick white mucus spotted with a bit of blood and her temp, just like Sharon’s was slightly below 101.He gave her a smile and a kiss saying, “Congratulations Baby, I believe you’re pregnant, too.”“Really Robbie, you really think so?”“The symptoms seem to indicate it, yes.”“My gosh, I’m so happy Daddy, both of us are going to have your baby, just thinking about it makes me tingle all over.”“So, who wants supper?” He asked.“I don’t feel like eating,” said Sharon.“Me neither,” added Shannon.“Just some ginger ale to settle our tummies would be nice.”He brought them a ginger ale each then went back down stairs, he wasn’t pregnant and he was hungry.A ham sandwich of Jewish Rye, cole slaw, chips and a beer, later he joined the girls in bed.He took the middle, he wanted to be able to hold them both.When Saturday rolled around Shannon expected that she wouldn’t be spanked.Robbie took her to the bedroom for a private conversation.“Shannon, I think you still need your maintenance spankings, like I told you in the beginning, you’d get them for at least a year. I understand we don’t want to do anything to harm our baby but I also don’t think smacking your bottom is going to affect a fetus in your womb.I intend to spank until the end of your seventh month then after you’ve recovered from your delivery we’ll resume for five more months to total twelve.But since we’re already here, let’s go ahead and get it over with.Take off your outer clothing and bend over my lap.”“Robbie.”“Shannon, I haven’t used the hairbrush on you yet but you just earned two strokes, you’re arguing with me and you failed to call me Sir.Now get undressed and get across my lap.”She realized she’d overstepped her bounds, she peeled off her shorts and T-shirt and dived on his lap.“That’s better.”He spanked her on her panties until she’d been crying for about five minutes then unfastened her bra and let it drop.Her panties were tugged down, he let them fall to the floor and began spanking on bare flesh.After ten minutes she was sobbing and her nose was snotty.He picked up the brush and gave her two firm swats.He rubbed her back as she cried herself out then he grabbed several Kleenexes, turned her so he could cradle her and wiped her nose for her.Finally he lifted her to the bed, with her legs hanging over the side he knelt between her thighs and took her orally bring her to two mind blowing orgasms before mounting her.“God your pussy’s sweet,” he said as he pumped her.“Are you going to cum again for me Sweetie, come on cum for Daddy, cum on my cock.”As he felt her vagina contract as she climaxed he said, “Good Girl,” as he came in her.He put his hand on her abdomen, “Don’t get up, we’re not done yet.”He filled her lube launcher and picked up the Silver Bullet.“Pull your legs back for me, display your bottom.”She pulled her legs back to her breasts.He inserted the lube launcher getting her ready for penetration then he slid the Silver Bullet into her vagina and switched it on low.She gave a little tremble then said, “That feels nice.”He guided his cock to her anal opening and pressed into her.“Ahhhhh, Daddy,” she moaned.He switched the speed of the vibrator up to medium, she jumped.He was all the way in her and pumping fairly rapidly, he wasn’t sure she even noticed, the vibrator was lighting her up.Even he could feel it through the thin membrane that separated her vagina from her rectum.He turned it up to high.“Unh, unh, unh, unh, Oooooooooo God, what are you doing to me Daddy, Oh, oh, oh.”She was bouncing so hard he didn’t even need to pump her, her gyrations, her bouncing hips and her clenching anus were bring him toward the top.Suddenly, she wailed, “Yesssssssssssssssss, yesssssssssssssssss,” as fluid gushed from her, erupting nearly a foot high.Robbie was right behind her, spewing pulse after ropy pulse into her bowels.He slowed the vibrator back to medium and then, after several moments to slow.She had a dazed look on her face as she whispered, “What did you do to me Daddy, what did you do?”As it continued to vibrate on it’s lowest setting he asked, “Did you like it?”“I don’t know Daddy, I just don’t know.I thought I was going to pass out, everything was so intense, it was like all of my female organs were involved but they didn’t know what to do.Your cock in me hurt a little but not too much but this thing in my pussy nearly drove me crazy.He turned the vibrator off, removed it from her then pulled out his cock.“You have a cute little cream pie Sweetie.”“Here, let me help you up.You need to clean this vibrator, use the adult toy cleaner, then put it away.”He watched as she did as she was told then she came back in and sat on the bed.“Do you need an enema?” He asked.“No, I pooped yesterday but do I still get my bath?”“Sure, go get Sharon while I fill the tub.”He let them play for a while then bathed them, dried them and sent them to bed.“Can I trust you two to be good girls, I want to slip out for a little while and play a round of golf with Tom Loomis.”As one they answered, “We’ll be good girls Daddy.”But Shannon continued, “Can Sharon and I play together a little while you’re gone?”He gave it a moments thought then chuckled, “Only if you save some for me.”After he’d left Shannon said, “Sis, you wouldn’t believe.He used that Silver Bullet thing on me, he put it in my pussy then he put his cock in my butt.When he took that thing up to it’s highest setting I thought I was going to explode, in fact, maybe I did, when I came I shot a foot in the air.”“Do you want to use it on me Sis?”“No, I want you to have the full effect.I think you need his cock up your bootie to learn what it’s really like.”“Well, what are we going to do then?”“How about we talk for a while.You’re still going to take me to get my tattoo Monday, aren’t you.”“Yeah, you need to get branded, too, then we’ll stop at Walgreen’s and get four Clearblue pregnancy test kits.I want two for each of us, we need to test with our first urine of the day so we’ll wait ‘til Tuesday to test, ok?”“Sounds right to me.”“Do you want to call Naomi and give her our good news?”“Maybe we should wait ‘til after we test.”“Well, I want to tell someone and she’s the only one I know so if you won’t call her Sis, I will.”“Ok Shannon, ok, I give, we’ll call Naomi, she’s at home alone and probably not doing anything.Maybe we should just to go over.”“Daddy would tan our little hides.”“We can call him on his cell phone and ask can’t we.”“You go ahead and call him Shan.”“Shar, he’s your husband, you call him.”“Chicken.”“Cluck, cluck.”Sharon made the call.“Daddy, since you’re playing golf with Tom, Shan and I would like to go over and visit Naomi, is that ok?”“Ok, but be home by six and get dinner ready, I’ll be there at seven.”“I did it, I don’t believe it, let’s go.”“Ah Shar, don’t you think we should put some clothes on first.”“Un yeah, that might be a good idea.”Sharon drove, they rang the doorbell and Naomi answered.“What a nice surprise, come in, come in.”“We thought since Tom and Robbie are playing golf you might like some company.”“I love company, especially your company.Come on in the kitchen, I was just having a glass of wine, would you like one?”The twins looked at each other, Sharon said, “I don’t think one would hurt.”They sat and started with small talk but Shannon couldn’t hold back.“Naomi, we’re pregnant.”“You ARE?” that’s wonderful.“No Naomi, I meant it when I said we’re pregnant.Both Shar and me.We just found out.”A look of sadness flooded Naomi’s face but she said, “I’m so happy for both of you.”“We’re just so glad, Robbie is too.”“You mean he’s the father for both of you?”“Yes, I guess we’re like his little harem.”“That must keep him worn out.”“Not our Robbie.”“You mean he can please both of you?”“More like we’re the ones that have to work to please him.He wants sex with both of us three times a day on weekdays and I can’t even keep count on the weekends.”“That’s amazing, Tommy only wants sex maybe every two weeks.”“I shouldn’t be so nosy but I guess I will.If you don’t want to answer just tell me to mind my own business.But do you and Tom engage in oral and anal sex?”“No, with Tom it’s straight missionary position.”“You mean he doesn’t ever give you oral?”“He never has, he says he thinks it’s dirty.I’ve never had it done but I’d love for him to do it.Now anal, I think I’d be scared, doesn’t it hurt?”“Yeah, the first few times it hurts some but a lot of patience and a lot of lubrication go a long way.And mixing it up, different positions, oral, anal, fingers and tongues keep it exciting.”“Have you ever been with a girl?”“Yes, when I was in college, my roommate and I experimented a little but not since then.”“You looked disappointed when Shan told you we were preggers, is something bothering you?”“I guess you could say so, I’m just so lonely, I want a baby to occupy me, to give me purpose, to love.”“Have you tried talking to Tom about how important it is to you?”“It is important, I’m thirty-six years old, my biological clock is ticking toward midnight.”“Hey, you’re a very attractive woman, I would never have guessed you at thirty-six.What does Tom say?”“No and not just no but Hell No.”“Have you considered just going off your birth control?”“I don’t use birth control, Tom thinks it’s unhealthy, he uses a condom when we have sex.”“Can’t you just explain?”“I tried to talk to him about it just last night.He told me that he’d already said no and that the subject was closed but it’s so important to me I just kept on.Finally, he told me to hush, he’d heard enough.I should have had sense enough to listen to him but he just doesn’t understand how important a baby is to me so I kept arguing.”Sharon’s voice fell low into near sepulchral tones, “You got in trouble, didn’t you?”“Oh Sharon, that understates it.He was so angry he even used a paddle on me, do you want to see?”“If you’d like to show me Naomi.”She stood up, unfastened her slacks and, bending over the kitchen table she lowered her trousers and panties.It was awful, herbottom was still a fiery red with blue bruising and a sickly yellow.”“Oh my God, you poor girl.Can I touch you Naomi?”“Go ahead, just be gentle, I’m so sore.Naomi was slender with a small tight bottom, Sharon gently stroked her and asked, “Do you have some analgesic cream?”“In the bathroom medicine cabinet.”“You come with me,” Sharon said as she took Naomi’s hand and led her to her own bedroom.“Lie down on the bed while I get that cream.”Her pants were still unfastened.Sharon took off one shoe, Shannon who had followed took off the other then they gently lowered her slacks and took them off.Next came her panties, she was nude from the waist down.Sharon took some of the cream into the palm of her hand to warm it then gently smoothed it on.“Naomi, you have some bruising on your inner thigh, can you open your legs just a little so I can get some of the cream there, too.Both Sharon and Shannon could see Naomi’s treasures, her vaginal slit was small and tightly closed, the lips were a seal, Shannon thought of herself.With all the sexual exercise she got her lips seemed to stay open, even her panties could stimulate her and she knew Sharon was the same.Sharon tried to soothe her thighs.“You need to just lie down here for a while Naomi.”“I can’t, I need to make dinner.”Sharon checked her watch, it was just four and they didn’t have to be home ‘til six, she said, “Naomi, you stay right here, Shannon and I will fix dinner for Tom, what were you going to fix?”“Just spaghetti and meat sauce with garlic bread and a tossed salad.The meat sauce is in the freezer.”“You do the salad, I’ll do the spaghetti and garlic bread Shar.”Shannon microwaved the sauce to thaw it then put it in a sauce pan to heat it.She boiled the spaghetti, mixed it with the sauce then grilled the garlic bread.When she was done, she transferred everything to the oven to keep it warm.Sharon finished the salad and refrigerated it then they went in to the bedroom.Sharon smoothed on some more of the cream, hugged and kissed Naomi then she and Shannon left for home.“God, that was terrible, Daddy spanks hard but he’d never do that to us,” Sharon said as she drove.“I know, he loves us, he’ll discipline us but he’d never beat us like that,” Shannon agreed.“Gosh Shar, she has a cute little pussy, doesn’t she.”“Yeah, she does but did you see how tightly she was sealed.Tom doesn’t give that nearly enough attention.”“Man, I wanted to kiss it,” Shannon said.“You can kiss mine when we get home.”“Are you serious, I’ll do you if you’ll do me.”“Well, not tonight, if Daddy came home early he might skin us alive.”When they got home, Shannon sautéed chicken breasts, fixed creamed spinach and steamed some brown rice.The salad was sliced avocados and tomatoes.She got everything ready, put the warm food in the oven and the salad in the fridge then she and Sharon went upstairs and got dressed for Daddy.Panties, bras, robes and slippers so that their bodies were available for his pleasure.They were lounging on the bed when he came in.“Dinner smells great, I want to grab a quick shower then we can eat, ok.”As a duet, “Yes Daddy.”They went down and set the table.As they ate they told him about their day, omitting the injuries to Naomi then asked about his.He was semi-pleased with his round of golf, he’d beaten Tom and won a beer at the 19th hole.“I did learn something interesting, though.Week after next Tom has to go to Cleveland for two weeks, I think he’s going to be transferred up there.Cleveland was the company’s home office, Orlando was the Southeast regional office.“Would you go up there Daddy, I wouldn’t like it, the weather’s so much nicer here and we’re forty-five minutes from the Atlantic and ninety minutes from the Gulf.”“No, I don’t think I would, like they say, been there done that and didn’t even get the T-shirt.I think I’m a Floridian now.”“Oh Gosh, Naomi’s going to be alone, Rebecca’s up in Vermont.She’s pretty lonely now and that two weeks would be pure misery,” said Sharon.“Yeah, Daddy, I mean, she’s real lonely now, maybe she could come over and stay with us while Tom’s gone.I know she likes the pool and we do have an extra room, can she?”“Let me talk to Tom, if it’s ok with him, it’s ok with me.”When they went up, again Robbie slept between them so he could hold them both.He rubbed their abdomens saying, “I want to get to know my babies.”“Girls, take your panties off, Daddy wants you.”He took Sharon first, her vagina, his hands and tongue had her lubricating heavily when he entered her.Shannon was watching intently, she was breathing hard and her fingers sought out her sex.“Oh, you’re beautiful Shar, God you’re so sexy, I love the way you open when he strokes into you.”Robbie pushed one of Sharon’s legs up then rose to his knees so Shannon could get an even better view as his cock skewered Shar’s pussy.“Yes, Oh God, so arousing, my pussy’s leaking.”“Sharon voice joined in, “Oh Daddy, Daddy, fuck your little Baby, give me your cock, fill me up with your cum, God yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck, fuck, fuck, Oh, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, Cum in me Daddy, give me your cum, Oh Daddy, you own me, I’m all yours, fuck your Baby, Oooooooooooooooo,” she wailed as her pussy gushed.“Daddy, can I touch her, please let me touch her,” Shannon pled.“Only if you want a spanking, right now she’s mine.”He fucked her rapidly, as Sharon moaned in pleasure, Robbie filled her with his cum.“Now Sweetie, come over here, you can touch her, put your fingers in her cream pie.”Shannon ran her fingers through the semen leaking from her sister then took her fingers to her lips, tasting both of them.“That was spectacular, damn you fuck good Daddy, do I look like that when you fuck me?”Sharon was finally able to speak up, she said, “I’ll watch and tell you.”He hugged and kissed Sharon then rolled off her.“Now it’s your turn Sweetie.I’m going to have your bottom, just lay here beside me on your tummy while Sharon gets you ready.”“Sharon Baby, would you get Sweetie lubricated for me, please.”Sharon got up and loaded Shannon’s lube launcher.She spread her cheeks and inserted the device, filling her sister with the “Liquid Silk.”Robbie stroked Shannon’s back, “You’re my pretty girl, aren’t you.”“I want to be but how come you did Sharon in the front and me in the back?”“I’m afraid I’m still breaking you in.You need the experience more than your sister does, besides, I like your nice tight bottom.”“Am I going to have a cream pie?”“You sure are.”“Does Sharon get to look at it and play with it like I did?”“If she wants to, now would you like just a little oral to warm you up?”“Oh yes, please do that.”Robbie pivoted so his head was at her crotch but his penis was at her face.“Take me in your mouth Sweetie while I take you with mine.”She hesitated, she’d never performed fellatio in her life.He fondled her, playing with her clit with his fingers.“Go ahead Sweetie, take me.”She moved toward him.She took him with her hand and engulfed him with her mouth then slowly started to bob up and down.Truly, she wasn’t very good at it but, in time, she’d learn.He covered her sex with his mouth then rapidly flicked her clitoris with his tongue until she began to pant then rolled her onto her tummy and straddled her hips.“Get relaxed Sweetie, I’m going to go in you now.”She slowed her breathing, deep breaths, relaxing her muscles then, when she felt him press against her she did what she’d see Sharon do, she pushed like she was trying to poop, it did make it easier when he went in.Robbie smiled, even though Shannon had uttered a little moan as he popped through her sphincters she had taken it without screaming and tears; she was still quite tight, still a real pleasure and she was learning.Slowly he pumped.They had a fun Sunday, slept in, had sex, showered and dressed then went out for a champagne brunch.The day was spent at the pool then burgers and hot dogs, baked beans, cole slaw and beer; one beer each for the twins; Robbie explained that, now that they were pregnant alcohol consumption was extremely limited.Three glasses of wine or three beers per week and they were only to drink in his presence and with his permission.He told them that he really didn’t anticipate any problems, neither of the girls were real drinkers, but he was sure they didn’t want to cause any injury to the babies.Monday came, Sharon needed to get her chores done early, she was on a swing shift and started work at eleven, so first thing she and Shannon headed to the tattoo shop.Fortunately the shop still had the drawings of Sharon’s, they were able to duplicate it on Shannon’s left hip.Then a quick in and out at Walgreen’s for the pregnancy test kits.Tuesday morning, Sharon dipped the tester into Shannon’s urine and Shannon checked Sharon’s, both indicated positive results.They intended to check again in two weeks but, all things being equal, they were, in two words, Knocked Up.They danced around, hugging each other then went to tell Robbie.“God, you can’t imagine how happy you girls have made me.But Sharon, I want you to talk to your Human Resources department today.I want to play it entirely safe so, ask for a leave of absence or, if they refuse, resign.I want you here at home with Shannon, if there’s any trouble with one of you, the other is here to help, ok?”“Yes, Daddy.”After Sharon had gone Robbie told Shannon to load her lube launcher so she knew their sex was going to be anal.He brought her to climax through oral then lifted her leg, pushed them back to her chest and inserted the lubricant.Facing her so he could watch her face, her reactions, he entered her.As he fucked her he talked, “Do you like my cock in your bottom Sweetie, do you like Daddy in you?”“Nyess Daddy, nyess,” she moaned.He smiled, she knew the right answer.Once Robbie got to the office, he told Tom he’d like to have lunch with him.Over stale commissary sandwiches and weak coffee, he took the twins’ proposal to him.“Tom, the girls mentioned that Naomi was going to be home alone while you’re in Cleveland and they wondered if maybe she’d like to stay with us for some company, what do you think?”“Robbie, confidentially, there are some things going on that maybe you need to know.Rebecca is staying with my folks up in Vermont for the summer but she’s asked them if she can stay permanently, she loves the rural life on the farm and she loves her grandparents.I’m going to say yes.Naomi doesn’t know this yet.Also, upper management has indicated to me that they want me to stay in Cleveland, I’m going to accept but I’m not going to take Naomi, I’m afraid our relationship is broken and this move is an opportunity to make a clean break.So, if she’s staying with you you may well be dealing with a depressed and angry woman.Having said that, I also think having your girls around her would be a positive, so, yes she’s welcome to stay.”“Tom, damn, that was a lot to put on me, you’re sure about breaking up?”“Yes, I’m sure, all we’ve done recently is argue.She wants a baby, I don’t.I think I’m too old to be a father again but she just won’t let it go.I’ve even disciplined her for arguing with me over this but that didn’t stop her and I’m tired of hearing it, so, yes, I’m done.”“So Tom, tell me, are you leaving me with your problem?What’s she going to do once you’re gone?“She’ll be ok financially, we’ll sell the house and split the profits, I’ll take all the debts and pay reasonable alimony so she should be able to find a little condo.”“I guess.”“Thanks Robbie and, please keep this quiet for the time being, I’ll tell Naomi when it’s time.”When he got home Sharon was already there, she’d asked for a leave but had been denied so she’d quit without notice.She was officially unemployed.Robbie wasn’t upset in the least, he wanted her at home during her pregnancy.He did tell Sharon and Shannon that it was fine if Naomi stayed with them, he didn’t tell them the rest but, he knew it would soon come out.Sharon phoned Naomi to invite her to come stay with them while Tom was in Cleveland and told her that Robbie had already talked with Tom, it was ok with him.Naomi was elated, she’d hardly been looking forward to being alone for the two weeks.Tom was planning on leaving on Saturday, she’d be over after he left.On Wednesday, at the office, Tom buttonholed Robbie.“I’ve decided to drive to Cleveland rather than fly, so I’m going to leave tomorrow morning, I’ll break it to Naomi before I leave, I just wanted to give you a heads up, and thanks buddy.”So Robbie was ready for the phone call he got at the office the next day around ten thirty, it was Sharon.“Robbie, you’re not going to believe it but Naomi just called.Tom just left, he’s driving to Cleveland and he’s not coming back, he took the car and they only have the one so she’s stuck with no transportation and he told her that Rebecca was going to be staying with his parents permanently.Robbie, she’d going out of her mind.I think Shannon and I should go over to be with her and bring her back here, can we?”“I think that’s a good idea Sharon, yes, go ahead.”Off they went.When they got there Naomi was a mess, crying, ranting, and guzzling white wine.The twins got her settled down, helped her pack and took her home with them.Once there they got her set up in the guest room they pampered her.They bathed her, washed her hair, they sat her down.While Sharon brushed her hair, Shannon painted her finger and toe nails.As they worked, they all talked.Naomi was pissed, yes, but mostly because she wasn’t going to get her baby.After they’d finished they went downstairs.Shannon fixed a light lunch then they all went out by the pool.The twins tried to keep the conversation light but without much success.Naomi was justifiably concerned about her future.Here she was, deserted by both her husband and daughter, without transportation and no prospects for a job.Tom had seen to that, she’d not worked at all during her married life at Tom’s insistence.“Not to worry about that, Naomi, as they say in Mexico, mi casa es su casa, of course Robbie will have the final word, I’m sure you’ll be welcome to stay here for as long as you like,” Shannon said.“I can’t impose on your hospitality that way,” Naomi answered.“Naomi, it would be no imposition, Shannon and I would love to have you as a member of the household and I’m sure Robbie will agree.”“I can’t believe I have such great friends.”“Honey, we’ve all loved you from the moment we met you but there is one thing we need to talk about.I think you know we live in a dominant/submissive relationship, don’t you?”“Yes, yes, I know.”“Shan, why don’t you get a copy of our contract, I want Naomi to look it over so she can decide whether she wants to be a temporary guest or a member of the household.”As Shannon left Sharon told Naomi, “Robbie does spank if you break the rules of course but he never beats like Tom did and he never spanks in anger.Also, I think you should know that we lead a very active and diverse sex life.”“That would be a change for me, I feel so sexually frustrated, sex with Tom was infrequent and boring, God, I can’t remember the last time I had an orgasm, can you?”“That’s kinda easy, last night.I had to leave early this morning so I didn’t get mine then but if you ask Shan I’d bet she did, Robbie usually has sex with each one of us at least three times a day.”“Sharon, that’s unbelievable.”“Yeah, it is.I was kinda glad when Shannon arrived so we could share, he’s a stallion.”“You once mentioned oral and anal sex, he really does that?”“Oh God yes, I feel his tongue most days and, I’ll tell you, oral is the best, the very best, he can send me around the moon.”“I’ve never had it, Tom said it was dirty, he wasn’t going to lick me where I pee.”“I can tell you Robbie had no pee complex.In fact, sometimes he’ll go to the bathroom with us so he can watch us.”“God Sharon, that would be so embarrassing.”“I thought so, too at first but he explained that he wanted to know everything about my body, how I worked, what I liked, so our sex would be better, and it is, he knows my every nook and cranny, where to touch me to set me off, how to give me intense pleasure.”“So, how about the anal, that scares me.”“I guess I’m ambivalent about anal.You can look at porn videos and those actresses make it look so easy and so wonderful, well I can tell you that’s all contrived.Yes, there are nerve endings in your anus and yes, it can be exciting but it can also hurt like fire.Robbie is good about using plenty of lubricant, working to get us relaxed and taking it slow and even then it sometimes hurts and I’ve been doing it for over five years, Shannon would be a better one to talk to.”At that moment Shannon joined them.“So ask, Naomi, get her opinion.”“Shannon, Sharon said to ask you about anal sex, what can you tell me?”“What can I tell you, let me think; I guess I’d say, men like it and women do it because it pleases their men.I’m not even sure about whether anal should be called sex.I see it more as dominance and submissiveness.I mean, men have threatened me physically but it was nothing compared to having a big cock in my tush,I know with just a thrust he can reduce me to tears, no need to hit me, just his cock like a sword in my guts.And forget the bullshit on Oprah or the porn videos, those girls get paid mucho to take it.Think about it, a porn actress gets paid double to take it in the ass as compared to straight up sex and then tell me they do it for the love of anal, no way.”“Would Robbie do that to me?”“I can assure you that he would.Robbie’s dominant, he will never intentionally hurt you, he does truly love us but we have to understand our position, screw up and we are over his lap.”“Sharon pushed the contract and a pen toward Naomi saying, “Your choice girlfriend.”Hesitantly, Naomi sighed.Then they heard him come through the front door.He joined them on the patio.He hugged Naomi and kissed her cheek, saying, “Naomi, I’m so sorry but I view it as our gain and Tom’s loss, I mean, how could he let such a beautiful and intelligent woman get away?”“Robbie, you flatterer you, I feel like years of trying to be a good wife have been for naught.”Sharon interrupted, “Daddy, I think Naomi would like to be one of us, can she?”“Naomi is our guest, let her get comfortable here, ok?”“Yes, Daddy.”When Robbie walked upstairs to shower and change, Sharon followed. She waited ‘til he’d come out of the shower before saying, “Daddy, Shannon and I have talked to Naomi and she would like to be with us.I even reviewed our contract with her, she signed; here it is,” as she handed the document to him.“Thanks Baby, there is one other thing I want you to talk to her about, though.It goes back to the first time we had the Loomises over.She got spanked for drinking too much and I’ve noticed over the years that she seems to have a problem with that.”“I think maybe it was just depression from a bad relationship but I’ll talk to her about it.”“One other thing, you need to take her shopping tomorrow morning.She’ll need her own nozzles and lube launcher.”“Ok, Daddy.”Sharon had started dinner by the time Sharon went back down.She broiled some salmon served on a bed of brown rice with summer squash, Sharon fixed a salad of tomatoes and cucumbers and set the table.Everything was ready by the time Robbie came down.Naomi slept in the guest bedroom but the girls shared Robbie’s bed.He had vaginal sex with Sharon and anal with Shannon, he reversed the sequence the next morning before he left for the office.The twins and Naomi were having coffee, Naomi asked whether or not they’d had sex, Shannon told her about their night and morning.“Wow, unbelievable,” she commented.“Hardly Honey, that’s everyday here, wait for the weekends, it’s like an orgy,” Sharon told her.“Like I said, Wow.”They all hopped in Sharon’s Mustang and made the run to the sex shop.On the way home Naomi asked about her purchase.“They’re for you, the nozzles for your enemas and the other thing is called a lube launcher.It’s used to lubricate you internally for anal sex.”“Sharon, what do you mean, ‘My enemas,’ I’ve never had an enema in my life.”“I’ve got a feeling that’s about to change, girlfriend.If you go for over two days without moving your bowels you’ll get an enema, but don’t worry, they don’t hurt, fact is they feel kinda nice.”“So, what if I don’t tell him I haven’t gone?”“He’ll know, then you’ll get an enema all right but not a little nice one and, on top of that you’ll earn yourself a spanking that will probably end with five strokes from his damned hairbrush.”When they got back to the house Sharon explained to Naomi how they were expected to dress unless there were guests or they were going out.“Naomi, Honey, it’s comfortable and it makes us available for Robbie’s attention.Your panties, your bra, a robe and slippers; let’s get changed.”The three of them met downstairs, Naomi commented that she wanted to help with the work so it was decided, she’d clean the upstairs, Sharon would take care of the downstairs, Shannon would cook but Naomi and Sharon would clean up afterwards.Late in the afternoon as they were getting ready to go out to the pool Naomi said, “I like a glass of wine in the afternoon, how about you ladies?”Shannon said, “Robbie would get angry, since we’re pregnant we can only have three drinks a week and he’s suppose to be here if we drink so, I’m afraid I have to pass, good as it sounds.”“Robbie asked me to mention to you Naomi, he wants you to be careful with your drinking, he’s a little concerned.”“Nothing to worry about, a glass can’t hurt, can it?”“Well, I guess not, maybe I’ll have one with you,” Sharon answered.“Sis? Are you sure?” Shannon cautioned.“One glass can’t hurt, can it, like Naomi said.”So, a bottle of Chardonnay in an ice bucket sat in the middle of the poolside table.Sharon had her one glass but Naomi had put away three when before suggested that they get in the pool.Naomi lamented that she’d not brought a swimming suit but Shannon told her that they could skinny-dip, no one could see them, so they dropped their attire and jumped in.Unbeknownst to them, Robbie had come home early.He saw the girls out in the pool and decided to join them.He went upstairs to change.From the bedroom window he could look down.Naked, all three were frolicking and splashing. A smile came to his face, he thought of his twins as broad bottomed dolphins and Naomi, with her black hair and dark complexion, her slim, sleek body was a river otter.He watched, he’d really never had a yearning for slender women with small bottoms but his horizons were expanding, Naomi looked desirable.Then he noted the wine bottle and the two glasses on the table, who’d been drinking he wondered.As he watched, Naomi got out of the pool, walked to the table and poured herself a glass.He knew who one of the imbibers was, who was the other?The other two came out of the water, naked they sat around the table.Robbie was surprised, the empty glass was in front of Sharon, he would have bet it would be Shannon, who knew?Finally, they got up, toweled off and dressed.Panties, bras, slippers and robes for all three.Shannon began supper, Sharon made a salad and Naomi set the table. The meal was ready when Robbie came downstairs.As they ate Robbie asked about their day, Naomi blushingly told him about the things Sharon had bought for her. But no one mentioned the wine.Robbie was disappointed by the omission, it wasn’t lying but it did seem like deception to him.After the meal and clean-up Robbie asked Sharon to join him upstairs.“Here, sit on the bed with me and let’s talk. How was Naomi’s first full day, any depression or other problems?”“No, not really Daddy, in fact she seemed happy to be here.”“So nothing?”“Well when we bought her things and she learned what they were for she seemed a little scared.She’s never had an enema and she’s never had anal sex, I guess it’s more a fear of the unknown than anything.”“Is there anything else you’d like to tell me?”Moment of truth, Sharon hung her head, “Yes Daddy, I drank a glass of wine.”“Did you talk to Naomi like I asked?”“Yes Daddy.”“So how many did she drink?”“Four or five glasses, I had the one glass, Shannon didn’t have any and Naomi finished the rest of the bottle.”“I see, well, I guess I have some work to do, don’t I?”“That’s your decision Daddy.”“Yes it is, isn’t it.I instructed you that you were not to drink if I wasn’t here and yet you did, why would you do that Sharon?”“Foolishness Daddy, just foolishness.”“I agree, but it’s going to cost you a spanking.It’s been a long time hasn’t it?”“Two years.”“I’m going to delay it until tomorrow afternoon, you’ll get yours when Shannon gets hers.Now, I want you to send Naomi to see me but before you go, load up her lube launcher.You and Shannon can sleep together in her bed, you can even play your girly games if you want, I want to spend the night with Naomi; send her in.”Timidly Naomi came into the room, Robbie called, “Come on over, sit on the bed, I wanted to talk with you.”“First thing Naomi, I again wanted to tell you how glad we could be here for you.I know it must be difficult but we want you with us.I know you’re aware that this is a dominance/submissive household, as I understand it, Sharon’s gone over the rules with you, I just wanted to know if you had any questions?”“No, I understand.”“Good, good, because I thought there must have been a misunderstanding.”“Why’s that Robbie?”“Didn’t Sharon voice my concerns about your drinking?”“Yes.”“And yet you drank.How many glasses of wine did you have?”“I’m sorry, I don’t know.”“Sharon had one glass and you drank the rest of the bottle, does that sound about right?”“Yes.”“Stand up and come here,” Robbie said.He was sitting on the spanking chair.“I’m sorry Naomi, but you choose to ignore the instructions I passed on through Sharon and I can’t permit that to pass unpunished.You’re going to receive a spanking.When I spank I expect you to come to me prepared.You are to be wearing your panties and bra, no more no less, no robe, no slippers, just your panties and bra.I will spank you over your panties for a period of time then I will take your clothing.You will be totally nude for the final part of your punishment.During your discipline session you are to address me as Sir, do you have any questions?”“No Sir.”He smiled, “Good girl, now shed the robe and slippers and come bend over my lap.”As she laid across him, he jiggled her into position then rubbed her cheeks below her panties.She was velvety and soft, her bottom small; he began to spank.Slowly and methodically, first one cheek then the other, the blows were firm but not thunderous, his aim, as always, was to make it hurt but not injure. After ten minutes Naomi was sobbing uncontrollably, he stopped and rubbed her back allowing her regain her composure. She thought it was over until her brassiere fell away and he said, “lift your hips for me Naomi, I need to take your panties.”An additional ten minutes on the bare and Naomi was completely spent.Her sobbing was reduced to a whimper, her nose was running, and her legs were splayed. He stroked her back and bottom until she’d calmed then turned her, cradled her in his arms, wiped her nose and kissed her teary eyes.“All done Cutie, you’ll watch our drinking in the future, won’t you.I want you to limit yourself to one drink a day, understand.”“Yes Sir.”“No need for the Sir, the discipline’s over, now the fun begins.”He stood and laid her on the bed.Her sex was a tiny slit with lips sealed tight as a clam, he covered her with his mouth and used his tongue to open her labia.She reacted like she’d been jolted by electricity.“Oh, oh, oh, oh, Jeeez, Ah, ah, ah, Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Robbie, Robbie.”He moistened two fingers with her liquid then slid them deep into her vagina.He massaged her G-spot as he continued to orally stimulate her clitoris.Her body trembled and bucked, her vagina clenched and she screamed from the intensity of her climax.His hand was covered with her fluid, he took his fingers from her vagina and moved to her bottom.He rubbed her then while his tongue continued to rapidly flick over her clit he slid a finger into her anus. She nearly went through the roof, her hips were banging against his face, he put a hand on her abdomen to hold her down, he could feel the contracting of her uterus, her anus was clutching his finger, she was wailing as her sweet nectar poured from her.He licked and sucked, drinking her juices then crawled up her body and kissed her.“Was that fun for you Cutie?”“Way, way beyond fun, I’ve never had feelings like that, it was phenomenal, fantastic, I’d take five spankings for just five minutes of that again.”“No need, you’ll get plenty, and now, spread your legs a little further and bend your knees.”He moved up against her, ran his cock head along her slit and pushed in. Damn, she’s so tight, he thought.“Ungh, God Robbie, you’re so big, so big.”Robbie knew he was no giant, a little less than seven chubby inches, Tom must be a needle dick, he thought.“Do you like my cock in you Cutie, ask for my cock, beg for my cum.”“Oooo, Oooo, Oooo, please Robbie, fuck me, cum in my little pussy, Oh God Robbie, you’re hitting my womb, you’re making my pussy ache, fuck me, hurt me, make me feel your big cock,” she pled.“God, it’s been so long, so long, you’re in me, fuck me hard, make me squeal, make me cry.”Robbie pushed her legs back, she was lithe, she could do it, he pushed her legs back so far they were on the bed on each side of her head, her arms atop them, like a gymnast, a contortionist as he pounded against her.“Cum for me Cutie, give me your sweet juice, cum on my cock, cum for Daddy.”Naomi was panting, breathing hard, squealing in pleasure, moaning with pain, he’d freed her legs, she had them wrapped around his waist as she thrashed her hips, she screamed, she trembled, she stiffened and she came with a gush.“Oh Robbie, Robbie, that feels so good, so good.”He kissed her then whispered, “Cutie, I’m gonna cum in you, tell me you want my cum, tell me you want me to cum in you.”“Please give me your cum Robbie, please fill me up with your cum.”His semen shot into her, he was deep inside, holding himself at the entry to her cervix, his sperm pooling there.He stayed in her, sealing her so there was no leakage, until he shrank.Holding her afterward, he told her, “You’re to spend the night here with me, we’ll have sex multiple times and over the next week or so I’ll be paying a lot of attention to you, I intend to inseminate you, do you want my baby?”“Oh yes, I want a baby so badly.”“We’ll get it done, but right now we do have another order of business.Roll over on your tummy,” he told her as he reached for the lube launcher Sharon had prepared.She rolled but she was fearful asking, “Robbie you’re going to sodomize me now, aren’t you?”“I’ll try to be gentle with you Cutie, you need to try to relax.”He inserted the lube into her then laid on her back.“I’m ready to go in you, when you feel my penis press against you, try to stay relaxed and push like you’re trying to poop.”When he stretched her sphincter muscles and forced his way in it nearly took her breath away, she groaned as inch by inch he filled her.As he started to slowly pump her, she moaned, “Unh, unh, unh,” with each of his thrusts.”“Do you like it Cutie, do you like my cock in you?”“It hurts but for you Robbie I like it, Oh, I like it,” she choked on a sob as she repeated, “I like it.”He sped up, he wanted to cum quickly.Next time he’d bring Sharon and the Magic Wand to help Naomi.He came then took a moment to admire her anal cream pie as cum oozed.He told her to just wait as he went to the bathroom and washed his penis.He didn’t want to enter her vagina after being in her rectum.Over the course of the night it seemed to her that he was in her every thirty minutes, inevitably bringing her to a climax before he came in her then having her lie quietly for fifteen minutes.Finally, just after three they both dozed off.She woke up to him kissing her eyes.“Good morning pretty lady,” he told her as he mounted her once again.When she reached orgasm, he came and again he had her lay still.“Your Cutie needs to potty Robbie,” she told him.“Just hold it for a few minutes,” he answered as he gently stroked her abdomen.“Ok, let’s go,” he said as he got up then helped her out of bed.He walked her to the toilet, sat her down and instructed her to spread her legs, saying, “I want to see you.”He reached beneath her, opened her slit and fingered her clit.“Go for me Cutie.”It was difficult getting the flow to start, this was so embarrassing but once she started she gushed liquid gold.“Come on, let’s take a quick shower and go get some breakfast.”After eggs and toast, Robbie needed to go to Home Depot for some yard stuff so the girls sat around the table and had another cup of coffee.“So how was your first night Naomi?” Sharon asked.“Eventful to say the very least, he must have made love to me twenty times last night.I know this sounds ridiculous but there’s something strange about how my body feels, I think I’m pregnant.”“Are you ovulating?”“Probably, my last period was two weeks ago.”“Yeah, you probably are, we’ll monitor it and run a test in a week to be sure.How about anal, he did that didn’t he?”“Oh yeah and, Shannon you’re so right.I’ve never felt so submissive as when his cock was up in my bowels, God, it was like he owned me.”Both Sharon and Shannon chuckled as, in unison they said, “He does.”“So what do we do today?” Naomi asked.“Well, first we need to give the house a once over then it will be lunch time.Robbie will probably watch some sports but he wants us in our bedroom at three.”“What’s that about, a family conference?”“You might call it that Naomi, I’m not sure I would.We’re all going to be spanked, you and Shannon as weekly maintenance spankings and me because I drank that glass of wine yesterday without his permission.You two won’t but I’m no doubt going to get a taste of the hairbrush.Then we’ll all take a nap before dinner.After dinner we’re all going to get an enema before he bathes us then it’s off to bed for fun and games.”“Wow.”“Come on, let’s get to work.”At three, three pretty girls were sitting on the bedside, all were clad in only panties and brassieres, strawberry blonde, slim with raven hair and a second strawberry blonde.Robbie walked in precisely at three, smiled at them and said, “Let’s get started, Shannon, I’d like you first, come to me.”Since this was a maintenance spanking, he gave her no lecture and the spanking was less severe than would normally have been the case, still, she was in tears at its conclusion.Hugs and kisses then he picked her up, carried her back to the bed and laid her on her tummy.“Naomi, Cutie, you’re next, come bend over my lap, please.”“Yes, Sir,” she answered as she positioned herself.First on her panties then on her flesh, sobbing and tears, hugs and kisses then laid on the bed next to Shannon.“Sharon, come to me.I’m disappointed in you.I try to be fair, I permit you three drinks a week, all I asked is that you not drink unless I was present, isn’t that right?”“Yes Sir.”“Yet you did, you took a drink when I wasn’t here, didn’t you?”“Yes Sir.”“Come across my lap Sharon and prepare for a severe spanking.”He caressed her bottom then struck.Sharon gasped, it had been so long, she’d been a good girl for over two years, he struck again.With a steady rhythm, he spanked, slowly but firmly he alternated from one cheek to the other, from the top of her buttocks down to where bottom joined thighs and up again.His constant strokes rained down on her for over fifteen minutes.Sharon was already crying pitifully when Robbie stopped.He rubbed her back as he crooned, “Settle down Baby, deep breaths, get control.”He rubbed and talked to her for several minutes before she was able to catch her breath.“You ready to go on?”“Yes Sir.”“Ok, raise your hips, I need to get your panties off.”Another fifteen minutes, she was a mess, snot dripping from her nose, tears flowing from her eyes, Robbie said, “It’s about over Baby,” as he picked up the hairbrush and gave her five of his best, then he let her lie there and just cry herself out.Finally her sobbing stopped, he turned her, cradled her and wiped her nose.“You’re a good girl Baby, you just did something wrong, you know you need to listen to Daddy, don’t you?”She nodded yes.He kissed her eyes then her lips, picked her up and laid her beside Naomi who was beside Shannon.Robbie smiled, they were adorable, three beautiful girls with three crimson tushes.“Why don’t you girls nap for an hour or so then start dinner,” he said as he left the room.Shannon was the first to come down, Robbie was watching TV, she snuggled up against him.“Hi Daddy.”“Hi Sweetie, now what do you want from Daddy?”“After our baths could you let us play some girly games.I can warm Naomi up for you.”“So tell me Sweetie, what do I get out of it?”“A fantastic show, you can watch live some stuff you can only see on those porno videos.”“I want all of you girls’ bottoms tonight so have all three lube launchers filled, put them on the vanity for me then you can have an hour to play before I take over, fair enough.”She hugged him and kissed him, “I may be your Sweetie but you’re my sweet Daddy.”With that she bounced into the kitchen to start their meal..After dinner and the clean-up Robbie said, “Ok, let’s go, I want three naked ladies sitting on the bed when I get up there, Sharon, get your enema set up, I’ll take you first.”They scampered up the staircase, Sharon wheeled out the IV rack, got her enema bag and, after adding a quart of water, sat on the bed with the other two.Robbie took her over his lap as soon as he came in.He lubricated her with the gel and twisted the nozzle in.Naomi watched intently, she’d never had an enema, in fact had never even seen one.Sharon was smiling as she lay on Robbie’s lap.He was rubbing her back and bottom, he told Shannon to get hers ready, then after a few minutes he let Sharon up.She headed for the bathroom.Shannon hung her bag then she laid across Robbie’s lap and he repeated the process.As he rubbed Shannon he asked, “Think you can fix yours Cutie?”“I can try.”“Ok, just fill your bag half full with warm water, not hot, warm.”As Naomi laid down he called, “Sharon, please draw the bath,” then he lubricated her and inserted the nozzle.“I’m going to put the water in now, just relax Cutie.”He kept the flow slow, “How does this feel Cutie?”“Nice, warm and nice, I like it.”“I’m glad, the twins like it, too, they say it’s relaxing.”When the flow stopped he stroked her back, bottom and sides saying, “Just lie here ‘til you need to go.”And then there were three in the tub, he let them mess around for a few minutes before washing and drying them.“Get your equipment cleaned then you can have a little play time, ok?”“What’s that about, play time?”Sharon asked.“I wanted to play a little while and Daddy said we could.He gave us an hour, so let’s get the clean-up done and play.”They climbed back onto the bed, Shannon came up on one side of Naomi, Sharon on the other.“Did you like your enema and bath Naomi,” Shannon asked.“It was kinda dreamy, the warm water in me and on me, his hands, he’s so tender and gentle, isn’t he?”“Yes, he is.Daddy calls you Cutie.I’m gonna call you Cutie, too, because you are so cute.God, you’ve got such a nice tight body,” Shannon said as she ran her hands over Naomi’s abdomen.“I think you do have a baby in here Cutie, feel mine, I have one, too.”She guided Naomi’s hand to her tummy then pushed it downward.“Um, your hand’s soft, it feels nice on me.”Sharon was running her fingers through Naomi’s hair.“Beautiful, so luxurious, I love black hair Cutie, you’re so pretty, so very pretty.”She trailed her finger down the side of her face then over her throat to her breast.Her finger circled her nipple then she gently rubbed her nipple.Naomi’s voice was quivery when she said, “What are you doing Sharon?”“Admiring you, your fantastic body, so slim and sleek.”Shannon attended her other breast saying, “Yes, so slim and sleek, so beautiful.”Shannon dropped her head, circled her nipple with the tip of her tongue then took it into her mouth.Naomi gasped and started to push Shannon away but Sharon stopped her.“Don’t Cutie, we just want to adore you,” as her lips found Naomi’s mouth.She forced her tongue into her, then pulled back.“Kiss me Cutie, taste me, I want to taste you, your mouth, your breath, you’re so lovely,” as she kissed her again.Shannon caressed both breasts until Naomi began to respond.Her breath was becoming ragged as Sharon continued to kiss her.Naomi’s mons veneris was covered with an ebony pelt.She wasn’t shaved but she was neatly trimmed.Shannon ran her fingers through it.“I like it Cutie, so neat, so alluring,” touching her thigh she said, “Open your legs for me Cutie, let me look at you, your sexiness.”“Oh yes, I see why Daddy likes you so well, such a cute little pussy,” as she trailed a finger along Naomi’s slit.“Ah, you’re wet aren’t you Cutie, you’re lubricating for me, nice, really nice.”She flicked her clitoris, raising her arousal then slipped a finger into her vagina and gently pumped her.Using her lubrication Shannon put another finger in, pushed deeper and began massaging her G-spot.As Naomi began to work her hips Shannon said, “Shar, please pass me that bottle of Liquid Silk.”She heavily lubricated Naomi’s vagina then poured the lube over her own hand.She returned the two fingers to her vagina then added a third.Naomi gave out a little gasp, but was still bouncing.Shannon added a fourth finger and pumped her rapidly.Naomi’s sound had changed, it was now, “Un, un, un, un.”The girls had no idea.Robbie had come back upstairs, he was standing in the shadows watching.He saw as Shannon folded her thumb under her palm, she added more lubricant and with a slight twisting motion her entire hand was in Naomi’s vagina.He knew Shannon and Sharon had small hands, they were small girls, just 5’2” a piece but, Jesus, Shannon had her arm wrist deep in Naomi’s cunt.For Christ’s sakes, Naomi looked like a hand puppet.“Shar, use your mouth on her, come on Sis, let’s get her to cum for us.”As Sharon slid down Naomi’s body and covered her clitoris with her mouth Robbie could now see Naomi’s face.God, Shannon was working her, she looked stressed, she was making unintelligible sounds,“Ungh, ungh, ungh,” as Shannon pumped her hand in and out and Sharon rapidly flicked her tongue over Naomi’s clit.Naomi wailed as the twins brought her to an explosive climax, Shannon said, “Sis, give me her lube launcher then lie down so your pussy’s by her face.”She laid the launcher on the bed and pulled her hand out.“Get up on your knees for me Cutie, that’s the way, that’s a good girl,” as Shannon gently pushed her head down toward Sharon’s groin.“Lick her Cutie, lick Sharon for me,” as she added more lube to her hand.She prodded her legs apart saying, “Spread for me, let me see your pretty pussy.”She circled her hips with one arm and again slid her hand into Naomi’s vagina, fucking her clear up to her wrist.Robbie was afraid Naomi would pass out and he wanted her tight little ass.He stepped out of the shadows and said to Shannon, “Daddy’s turn.”Shannon scowled at him, she was having fun but she did as she was told, she pulled her hand out, picked up Naomi’s lube launcher and got her bottom ready for Daddy’s cock.As he moved into position he said, “We’ll leave her on Sharon, you can play with her pussy and tits if you want.”His cock slid through her stressed anus, her moans filled the air, she was tight, so very tight, he loved the feeling as he thrust deep into her bowels and he knew life was good, three lovely ladies for his sexual pleasure, yes, life was exceedingly good.



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