" I said久久www香蕉免费人成

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" I said久久www香蕉免费人成

Things weren't going well with my wife; our sex life was dead, and I needed a bit of sexual energy to lift my mood. I'm a 56-year-old man and proud chub. It might not be your thing, but a significant minority love my shaved head, smooth body, huge ass, big belly, and average-sized cock. Most of them were indeed gay men, and I would have preferred that they were women. But hey beggers can't be choosers, right? So what are the options for men like me needing a quick, exciting sexual fix? Well, prostitute, but my wife is an ex-hooker so meh: Strip Club, but that's more frustration than excitement. Swingers site but, as a single man, it's hard to get attention unless you're young and hot. Occasionally there a wife who wants to watch you with her husband but it amazing how few times that turns into an actual meet up. The most immediate way to get sex is a gay sauna. I've tried camming on web sites and got lot's of gay attention, which I'm fine with and I usually end up coming for the guy, and it was hot. But it's only the sex I'm not attracted to the men. I've always chickened out when it came to actually touching one.Anyway, as usual, I checked out the saunas on line and chickened out, which in my mind was a good thing. I did notice this one place that offered a mixed night. I was intrigued, this was still a gay sauna until 08:00 pm on a Wednesday. Then all of a sudden, they let women in?I must admit I was intrigued with this. What did the women do, did they just like to see men fucking men (I had a girlfriend once who loved gay porn, she'd say it's double the dicks and arses). Did they just watch, did they bring their husbands for some bi swinging, or was there a lesbian scene in parallel with male homo's. So I decided to go.I went along about 08:00 pm there was no queue, and it was let's say it was a little boring. I got a locker and a towel and stripped off. There was a bar, a large hot tub in the bar and a corridor heading to the sauna Hamman and private cabins. I bought myself a beer and slipped into the tub with another guy. He was young and hot, but we weren't feeling each other, and he got out and headed off to the sauna shortly after I joined him. To be brutally honest, the night was young, and I was looking for some male-female action at this stage of the evening. A few more guys came in; they were young again, and I started to feel out of place sitting on my own in the hot tub as I was. They sat at the bar, ordering drinks. Apparently, the management was totally fine with everybody being naked around the bar area. Great I thought. A couple of girls came they were dressed in bondage gear which covered everything except their breasts and pussies. I'd have loved to be in the changing room as they pulled on that gear. Were they going to use the sauna and the Hamman dressed like that surely not?They must be here for some dungeon action. They bought drinks sat at a table and immediately started making out. They weren't far from me, and I could see the blonde fingering the brunette under the table. I felt my cock growing under the water as I watched. She looked right into my eyes and rubbed a fingertip the full length of her friend's vulva, then hovering over her clit and rubbing it in a circular motion. So hot. By now it was about 10:00 pm, and people started coming in. I was now sharing the hot tub with a couple of guys. I'd had my arse felt up, and my dick squeezed a couple of times, but they were now intently making out with each other, and I felt the urge to explore. I got out of the hot tub as brazenly as I could my semi leading the way. As I climbed out, I caught the eye of a rather attractive woman standing by the bar. She was about 40 years old dark hair, slim, nice big breasts with nipples poking out of the half cup leather bra she was wearing. On her lower half, she had a tartan school girl mini that barely covered her arse, and as she bent over the bar, you could see she wasn't wearing any pants. She raised a glass to me as I went to pick up my towel, and I waved back. She then pointed me out to her naked(apart from a studded dog collar) male companion. An older man 5'4" tall with a bald head and enormous dick that was already half erect. The only way to describe him was that he was a tiny man with a huge dick. They made a strange couple, but she seemed friendly enough. But I wanted to explore, so I headed off to the dry sauna. To see what was going on. On the way, I passed by a dungeon with the door open. The lesbian girls I'd seen earlier had a big muscley guy stapped to a bench. One was beating him with a whip while the other lightly brushed his cock with her hand repeatedly. They then plunged fingers into each other's pussy and kissed passionately before returning to tease the guy. I don't think I've ever seen a cock so hard.Anyway, I headed to the large sauna; there were about five couples in there engaged in various sexual activities. My cock immediately rose to attention, but I doubt anyone noticed. As I said, the sauna was large, and even with the five couples, there was still plenty of room for me to stretch out on the bottom bench. So I laid there gently playing with my erection for all to see getting quite turned on with myself. Then the couple I'd seen at the bar came in. For some reason, I don't know why I changed position and sat-up on the bench. The lady had removed her leather bra, but the schoolgirl skirt was still in place. She sat down next to me very close and rubbed her leg against mine. "Hi," I said, but she immediately shushed me and kissed me deeply on the mouth. I felt the warmth and wetness of her mouth and those huge soft tits against my arm and chest. I cupped one of her tits in my hand and started to squeeze her nipples. Her partner had seated himself on the bench opposite and was idly stroking his huge cock (9 inches and thick) into a very impressive erection. The woman gasped when I grabbed her tits and responded in kind, stroking and squeezing my nipples rubbing my man boobs and slowly working her way down to my cock via my huge soft belly which she rubbed all over. I felt the hand on my cock and gasped as she slowly stroked my member. I responded in kind by pulling up here schoolgirl skirt to reveal shaved pussy with the lips puffy and red from her arousal. I remembered what I'd seen the two bondage ladies do at the bar and ran a finger up and down her slit before massaging here stiff little clit.All of a sudden, she stopped stroking my cock, and I felt a wet mouth surround the end of my member. I looked down to see her lover had joined us between my legs and started sucking my cock. I looked down in shock. This was the first time I'd had my cock in a man's mouth. I released the lady's pussy and raised my arms and looked down, but before the words "what the fuck" could come out of my mouth, the woman shushed me again and returned her lips to my mouth and my hand to her pussy. The man now had my balls in his mouth and was alternating between licking my shaft and sucking my balls. It felt incredible. As I buried my fingers into her cunt her partner deep throated my cock. I felt the end of dick enveloped in the soft flesh at the back of his throat, while his tongue continued to pulse against the root of my dick. I came hard deep into his throat. He swallowed every drop. The woman attached a lead to his collar and patted him on the head. She whispered one word in my ear "dungeon". I followed them out of the sauna; she grabbed her leather gear. We headed down the corridor into the dungeon.This one was dark as you'd imagine, the floor was cold concrete, and there was a drain in the corner. Also, there was a bench with foot stirrups and handcuffs. There was also a shower with an unusually long hose in the corner. The woman pointed to the corner and her partner squatted down there like a dog waiting for a bone. She told me to lay on the bench, which I did rather nervous, but again she kissed me full on the lips and stretched her body along her soft breasts pushing against my chest. She broke off the kiss and put my right arm in the handcuff. I didn't complain. Still straddled across my waist she, place a large erect nipple in my face which I hungrily sucked on. She then turned around and pushed her pussy in my face. It smelt nice and tasted good. She was wet, and the juices were covering my face as I licked at her warm flesh. She then sat up a bit, moving her pussy away and placing her arsehole into the zone. I licked her chocolate button and pushed my tongue as deep into her arsehole as it would go. Again I felt my right leg, and then my left leg being placed in the stirrups. I couldn't move. She climbed off of me and in a very business-like manner put on her leather half bra. She called over her partner, who bounded across the floor. She ordered him to kneel on all fours. She went to the shower, turned it on. It had a special enema attached to end, and she proceeded to push this into her partner's anus. She pressed a button to let the water flow, and he yelped like a dog as the warm water filled him up. She stopped the flow, and he ran to the corner, and he released the contents of bowels down the drain in the corner. He scampered back, and she lovingly washed his arse cock and balls with soap before rinsing him down. His cock was now rigid and huge. She leads him to the bench, where I lay unable to move. He stands with his cock next to my face. I shake my head. She slaps me hard around the head. Ishake my head again "suck it, it's clean for you", slap. I sheepishly part my lips and stick out my tongue. It makes contact with the tip of his enormous dick. It smells soapy and doesn't taste bad at all. I part my lips some more and take the monster into my mouth. I feel my own erection growing as I start to lick and suck on this enormous cock. "Good,波多野吉衣 Good" the Mistress now encourages me. I open my mouth wider, and he pushes his enormous cock deeper into my throat, my eye's water and I gag on the sheers size of the thing. He starts to fuck my mouth, the end of his meat hitting the back of my throat, lips stretched by his huge girth. "Good girl" the Mistress whispers in my ear stroking my hair. The fucking get more urgent I feel his body tense as he pushes hi enormous cock deep in my throat and then pulling back slightly spurted a huge gob of semen into the back of my throat. I'd never tasted male cum before, but it was delicious and so horny to have another human being cum inside me. He stepped away "lie down" the Mistress ordered, "you must rest for the main event".Main event?The Mistress took the enema and placed it inside her arsehole. She yelped a little as the warm water washed inside her. She then lovingly straddles her pet and released the contents over his chest. They hugged, and he rubbed enema over his chest. A big smile on his face and new erection slowly starting to build. The Mistress filled her bowels with water again. "This can't be good", I thought to myself. She then walked over to me and climbed on top of me again in a 69 position; her primed arsehole pointed straight at my face. "No, no" I shouted. "Quiet, do not panic. I will not release unless you cum". With that, she started to lick the end of my semi-erect dick, which rose to attention at her first touch. Slowly I felt her soft mouth caress the end of my dick, her tongue licking up and down my shaft. Her mouth engulfing my cock, her soft lips sliding up and down my shaft. Instead of deep throating me, she settled on licking the end of my dick. The sensation was extremely powerful, and I did my best to not cum, but it was useless I felt an intense orgasm build in my loins shooting load after load of fresh cum into her soft mouth. She sat up. The pet who had been idly stroking his meat back to life up until this point sat up eager to see what happened next. The Mistress stared straight into my eye's, her face covered in my semen. "You made a mess, and I told you the consequences." With that, she sat on my face, her arsehole directly over my mouth. She then opened her bowels, and the warm water washed across my face. I had to open my mouth to breath, and the arse water flooded into my mouth and down my throat. It tasted disgusting, but I had no choice but to swallow the fluid, taking it deep into my stomach.She climbed off of me the smell of her arse still on me. "I'm done now no more please" I begged. She took out a paddle and slapped my arse. "We still have the main event". I whimpered "You're getting the hang of this she said. "Up " she suddenly called to her pet. "Remember all favours will be repaid", with a whimsical smile. The pet straddle me on the bench. "Pleasure him, slut" the Mistress ordered. If I hadn't been sure who the slut was before I came into the room, I was sure now.I craned my neck and licked the pets ballbag. Almost gagging as I took his balls into my mouth and sucked on the bag that surrounded them. I fluttered my tongue across his perineum and then went back to sucking his balls until finally, I inserted my tongue into his arsehole. Again this was my first time doing ass to mouth with a guy, and the thought of tonguing another man's ring was exciting and taboo (although this one was very fresh and clean I wondered what a sweaty one just off the dance floor would taste like). All of a sudden, the Mistress yelled "Off". And the arsehole was removed from my face.The couple were standing at the end of the bench; my feet were in the stirrups, and my balls, cock and arsehole were out for all to see. I'm an exhibitionist, so this actually felt good. The Mistress had the shower hose. "Now relax, and this won't hurt" she laughed. I'd never had anything inserted into my arse before, and I held my cheeks clenched shut as she tried to insert the enema. "Ok". She reached over and added some lubricant to the tip. The nozzle slid easily into my arsehole, and there was nothing I could do about it. "Open the door rex" she called to the pet "if he's going to be a little bitch let the everyone watch. The door was opened, and a small crowd started to gather around the door. This was so hot. She opened the nozzle and my arse flooded with warm water. "Let it out" she ordered. "Please don't make me shit myself in front of all these people."She inserted the nozzle again and added more liquid; there was no way I could hold it. I opened my arsehole and a stream of arse water cascaded on the floor. The crowd gasped some with arousal other with horror as the Mistress hosed away the contents of my bowels. "Clean him" came to the order. Rex knelt at the end of the bench and started licking my arse. The Mistress had somewhat lost her composure and had pulled up her tartan skirt and was masturbating herself as she watched him lick my arsehole. It felt fantastic, and my cock once again raised itself to the stiffest I'd ever seen it. At the same time, it was very frustrating because, with my hands tied, I couldn't touch it myself. Meanwhile, I felt his warm tongue probing deeper and deeper into my anus. Mistress must have sensed my frustration, as she came over fingering her clit with one hand and rubbing my belly and loins with the other, never touching my dick and making the frustration worse. Suddenly the licking stopped, and I felt a finger being pressed into my lubed arsehole, Rex pushed it as deep as he could, and I felt the pressure on my prostate and the pleasure building within me. I grunted with pleasure. "Is it tight?" the Mistress asked. Rex nodded. Then he pushed in another finger. This hurt and I winced. "Relax my little plaything." The Mistress ordered. Rex started to finger fuck my arsehole. It hurt like hell, but somehow I didn't want it to stop. Again I winced in agony. "Ok, you can fuck him now my pet." "No, no, his dick is massive, and I'm a virgin." I pleaded. "Haha, not for long." She laughed, and the crowd followed.I felt him place the head of his cock at the entrance to my hole. It felt like an orange being pressed against my virgin arsehole. He pushed in slowly at first. I was both scared and excited about having another mans cock inside me, but this one was huge." The first part was ok, but then he came to my sphincter. The pressure felt good at first but quickly turned two pain. "This guy is a virgin" Rex exclaimed his meat was feeling like it was going to split me in half. He pushed a hard as could. I screamed with pain. I saw flashing light and thought I was going to pass out. But nothing moved. "No lube for him the Mistress interjected. Just relax, and it'll be ok." Another huge push I screamed again this time the pain was worse. "Please stop" I begged. Mistress tossed over the lube. Rex pulled out his cock, and I yelped in pain. He lubed up three fingers and pushed them into my arsehole. It felt good but painful. His middle finger cleared my sphincter and brushed my prostate. A shiver of pleasure went through me. Rex spread the lube inside me, then lathered up his monster cock with lube. It slid easily into my arsehole. He stopped at my sphincter and got ready to push. Then he thrust this time his dick was able to stretch the muscle more easily, but it was even more painful. I sobbed "Please stop.".But he felt the muscle giving way and made one more concerted effort to get his dick into my man pussy. The pain was excruciating; all I could think of was to push back and get this thing out of me. I tried to push it out as hard as I could. My sphincter opened, and his giant dick squeezed through. The pain was terrible even though it had popped through my cherry; there was no relief."Fuck him," Mistress ordered as she frantically rubbed her clit.He started to fuck me; first, he pushed all the way in. More stretching, more pain, it wasn't sliding well at all. Then he pulled out almost all the way. As the head pulled back through my sphincter, it felt like the biggest most painful shit of my life. He pushed back through again this time it slid in not really easily still fucking painful but sliding this time. Now he started slowly fucking me. It was a mixture of intense pain and increasing pleasure. My arse was sore, and I felt like I'd been kicked in the guts, but I didn't want this feeling to stop. He continued slowly thrusting all the way in and out. I wanted so bad to jerk my cock, but my hands were tied.Mistress took my cock in her mouth as her partner picked up the pace. I managed a reasonable hard on. She then climbed on the bench and mounted my dick reverse cowgirl. She draped her arms over rex and kissed him deeply as he fucked my virgin arse. The pleasure was now exquisite; his huge member was pounding my prostrate and stretching my arsehole. My stomach and arse felt completely full with his meat. As he fucked, he rocked Mistress backwards and forwards onto my cock buried deep in her pussy.Suddenly I felt myself cumming every muscle in my body seemed to contract as I pumped my semen into mistresses pussy. My arse clamped down hard on the monster cock in my bowels, and I felt the fucking stop as rex dropped his load into my arsehole. I felt the throbbing of his cock pulsing inside me as his semen pumped deep into my bowels. With that, Mistress leaned back and furiously rubbed her clit to a massive orgasm which gripped my slowly subsiding erection. Now came the hard part, getting that dick out of my arse. Rex just yanked it out it, felt like I'd just released the biggest shit of my life onto the dungeon floor. My hole was gaping, and I could feel his cum dripping put of it. Mistress whispered in my ear "Thank you" and the two of them walked off arm in arm. "let me down I protested". But they just walked off.Five guys had stood there and watched the whole thing at the door. One of them closed the door. One guy said "Sorry but that has made us all very horny. It won't take long". I felt a tongue licking the cum from my arsehole, and then a cock pressed up against it. Slowly it was slid into me. I groaned with pleasure. This couldn't be happening. The guy had been holding his dick watching me being used for 30 minutes three pumps and I felt his warm semen being squirted into my bowels. I let out an involuntary moan. A second guy came to my arsehole pushed in his dick and started to fuck me. A third guy came to my face and placed his rigid cock in my mouth.A fourth guy was douching with the shower in the corner.After sucking his cock for about a minute the third guy shot a huge load into my mouth, not forgetting to pull out and cover my face with his delicious cum. Seeing this the guy in my arse pushed in as far as he could go and shot another load of man seed into my gaping arsehole. I felt his orgasm rippling through his dick and gasped as he pulled it out of me. Some how I was now on my third erection of the day. Douch guy came over straddled me on the bench, placed my cock at the entrance to his arsehole. As my dick entered the warm douch water spewed from his arse in a warm torrent in my groin. I couldn't move so he fucked himself using my rock solid erection. He shot a huge load over my chest. The sight if his spewing cock sent me over and I dumped a huge load into his arsehole.Finally it was over, the guys undid my restraints and asked when I was coming back. I said I think that's enough for a while don't you?




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