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at his school久久国产乱子伦精品免费另类

Alright guys, this is my first crack at this whole sex story thing so comments and suggestions are very welcome. Oh, and there is a bit of setting the whole thing up, but once that is out of the way, it is nothing but hardcore sex. Just keep reading!Alright, a little background, this is a true story, it involves incest - if that's not your thing, don't read it. It's about two cousins, Sarah, 16 and Chris, 18. Enjoy.Sarah was super excited. For most of her life her cousin Chris had lived pretty far away from where she was and she hadn't seen him in four years. But now he was coming near to where she lived for college.Sarah and Chris had always been pretty close when they were around each other. They enjoyed talking to each other and helping each other out with whatever each needed. Sarah had felt an extra special connection with Chris though, ever since that night four years ago when he had shared with her one of his darkest secrets - Chris had told her that night about how he had fucked a girl back when he was just 14, at his school, in a classroom no less. Sarah at the time, being only 12 hadn't really thought about sex and all that stuff much, but she just knew that when Chris was telling her that story she felt very good because he was trusting her with that, and she was surprised, she started to have this idea about if she had been the girl that chris had fucked. Sarah had known the basics of sex then, that a guy put his cock in a girl's slit to make a baby but she hadn't quite hit puberty fully enough to yet be developed or to have masturbated yet.Now everything was going to be different. Chris was going to be back around, and Sarah was now a very well developed 16 year old girl who had been through a few boyfriends (she was still a virgin though, she only had gone so far as to do some oral stuff with her last boyfriend, though she had broken her hymen when she was 14 by sticking her hairbrush up her pussy.) Sarah was prepared for sex though, she was on birth control and was quite the horny teenage girl, she had just been waiting - she had always known she wanted her cousin chris to be her first cock in pussy experience.Finally, the day came. Chris arrived in town and, it being the summer, came to live in the basement apartment of Sarah's house. Sarah's parents at first weren't sure about having a soon to be college student in the house with their teenage daughter but, them being cousins and chris coming from a good christian family like their own (so they thought) it wouldn't be a big deal."Sarah, guess who's at the front door!" my mom yelled. I immediately knew it was Chris, I had been waiting for him for ages. I flew down the stairs and to the front of the hallway where the door was, and there Chris stood, 6 feet tall, dirty blonde hair with just the right kind of highlights that looked natural but added something really sexy to his flowing, wavy hair. Chris had a strong, defined face and had clearly been working out in the last few years since he had been around, he was chiseled. His tight american eagle shirt showed off every well defined muscle in his torso. I ran into his arms, screaming, and hugged him tightly. He definitely had been working out, he squeezed me back, very firmly. I felt so at home in his arms."Well hello there, Sarah!" Chris sorta laughed, muffled by my face and hair in his face. I stood back from our embrace and looked at Chris again, I saw him do the quickest of looks - you know the typical guy glance up and down they do to see a girl's assets, you know what I mean. And I knew he wouldn't be disappointed. I was 5' 10. Wore a D-Cup and was wearing my tightest shirt and gym shorts that molded to my solid ass. I definitely wanted to impress him first thing."You've sort of grown up a bit since I last saw you, wow. You'll always be that little 12 year old girl to me though!" said Chris. I hated that last bit, I wasn't 12 any more. I was going to show him!My dad interjected at this point and offered to show chris the way down to his room in the basement. So chris grabbed his stuff and followed my dad down the hall and down the stairs.My mom looked over at me, "Glad to see your cousin after all these years?" she asked. "Yes of course I am. I've missed him." I replied. "Shame he's related," my mom joked. "He is Fine." "Eeeewww mom." I hissed. "Don't be so gross." "I'm only joking honey" she replied. "Now go get washed up for dinner."Several uneventful days passed after this, our family and chris getting caught up and get chris settled into life in the new city. Chris and I hadn't talked a whole lot but had talked about school and friends and some about our dating lives. He said that he hadn't dated much, just a couple girls, and nothing too serious. I loved the sound of that. I wanted him all to myself! I wanted to move our relationship forward from just two cousins who were friends to, what I had been masturbating too for a couple years now, hardcore fuck buddies. I was pretty sure I was in love with him, but I would settle just for being able to be intimate with him if he didn't return those feelings. Luckily for me, the perfect opportunity presented itself about a week and a half after Chris arrived at my house."Honey, your dad and I are going away for the weekend. We haven't had the chance to have a weekend off by ourselves in a while and we feel that, now that Chris is around and he has a car and everything, he can watch out for you for a bit." I tried as hard as I could to not sound utterly gleeful. "Oh, okay… yeah I guess that will be fine." I replied. "Now we've already told Chris you aren't allowed to bring any boys over or throw a crazy party." my mom teased. Fine by me, I thought to myself, I have the boy I want already over! "I know, I know mom. I wouldn't do that anyway. But chris is responsible, i'm sure he'll keep me out of trouble." "Alright, we'll we're heading out, we've already cleared this with Chris and he said he would be fine. He should be back in an hour or two." "You two have fun while we're gone."I looked out the window to make sure that my mom and dad and actually gotten in the car and left. Ah, they were actually gone. Planning time. I needed to setup a situation where I could let Chris know I wasn't that little girl he thought I was any longer. Ah, perfect - I knew where dad had stashed some of his porn dvds… I could put one of them in and then ask chris if he felt like a movie…I picked out my sluttiest outfit as well. A tight fitting mini dress that was low cut and ended barely below my nether regions. And I put on my lacy red bra with matching thong. And boy was it a thong. It had so little material, it basically was a string, with a round piece of material where it would cover my asshole and a little bit wider where it very barely covered my slit. I was totally ready for tonight. Right when I finished getting the porn video ready I heard a car pull into the drive way. Ah finally chris was back. He had been out at the gym. He walked in and I said, "Hey, my parents already left but I was thinking pizza and a movie for tonight, sound alright?" he replied "oh yeah sounds great, i'm just going to go take a quick shower." Oh, the idea of chris in the shower started some juices flowing already. I am a pretty horny person, especially for girls. I ordered a large pizza and some soda, all the while fantasizing about what Chris looked like in the shower… I imagined him soaping up his muscular body, cleaning his large cock (i imagined it was bigger, I hadn't seen anything… yet). I couldn't wait to try and get that cock inside of me. I'd been waiting for this 4 years and wasn't going to wait too much damn longer.The pizza arrived right about the same time chris came down wearing some chino shorts and a nice tight shirt that showed off his muscles nicely. We ate some pizza and made small talk, then we went into the den to start the movie. "What movie did you pick?" Asked Chris. "Oh, it's a bit of a surprise." I whispered to him. We both sat on the couch and I grabbed the remote and hit play… the opening credits were going and you wouldn't know it was a porno… I lay my head against one side of the couch and swung my legs up, laying across it so my legs were in Chris' lap. This positioning had the advantage of allowing chris, when he looked across to me, to see up my dress pretty easily. Something he noticed quickly when he did just that. He slightly blushed, and looked back at the tv. That's when the porno started in earnest. "What the hell?" Chris looked from the tv to me. "Why are you watching this?" He got up quickly and went out of the room. I heard him heading down the stairs. I quickly stopped the porno and nearly was in tears. My plan definitely wasn't going like I had hoped. I waited there for a few minutes, panicked, not knowing if I should go downstairs or not. I decided to just go up to my room and change first, then go down to talk to him.I walked into my room pushed the door so it was open just a crack, habit I suppose, and pulled off my shirt. I had just finished unsnapping my bra, and tears were just starting to trickle down my face, when I heard the door swing open behind me, I turned around, forgetting I had on no bra, and there stood Chris. He looked at me, realized that I was half naked and looked away and started to leave. "No, wait!" I yelled. I quickly grabbed the shirt and pulled it on. He turned back towards me. "Okay I think we need to talk." He said quickly, still blushing a bit. But I noticed that his chino pants had a slight tent at the front. "Yeah we do. I'm sorry Chris… it's just… do you remember all those years ago when you confided in me that story, about having sex with that girl in school?" "Yeah," he said hesitantly. "Well ever since then, I've sorta had a crush on you." I replied. "Oh, shit. Sarah, look. You're beautiful and everything but, we're cousins. You know this is wrong. It would be incest." "I know that!" I said defiantly. "But I can't change how I feel about you. But I am sorry I was so into letting you know that I thought putting on that porno would be good.""It's okay sarah… I mean, I do watch porn. It was just being there with you on the couch and you choosing that and… well I knew that I would end up trying to fuck you and I knew that we were cousins and I didn't want to risk screwing things up, so that's why I ran out.""… you, you would have fucked me?" I said timidly. "God damn, yes." "You are so hot Sarah. I hope you know that. Your body is amazing. And your tight ass… Any guy would want to tap that." "Do you really mean that?" I said."Yes of course. You are beautiful!" Chris said."Oh chris, you don't know how long i've wanted to hear you say that…" "I haven't even had sex, because I wanted you to be my first." I semi- whispered, not wanting to be rejected."Oh God, sarah. We're cousins though… but.. I mean my heart says yes but my mind says that is wrong… but, I actually have thought, since that day I told you that - I mean you were the only one I told. I feel like I love you, more than just as cousins." Chris said all this very fast, looking into my eyes."Oh Chris, I love you, so much. I've loved you since that night too!" "And i don't care that we're cousins. We're in love, and I want you to have me." "And I want to give you more pleasure than you've ever felt." I said this more strongly, knowing now that he felt the same way about me."Come here." was all Chris said.I walked over to him… and just inches from him I paused… then he leaned towards me, and kissed me. and then kissed me again. And then we were making out. Heavily. His hands started to run down my arms, to my sides, down, to my ass. then one hand in from, running across my stomach, down towards my pussy. His hand stopped, cupped just over my pussy. We continued kissing as he slowly steered me towards my bed behind us. We fell onto it and were still kissing as now his hands ran over my chest and cupped by breasts. He felt all around them and squeezed them. God it felt soo damn good. Now I REALLY had juices flowing down there. I could tell the little fabric that was my thong was pretty soaking wet. I broke off the kiss for a moment and pulled on his shirt, upwards. He got the hint.He quickly pulled his shirt over his head and I got a look at his 18 year old, athletic bod. Damn he was sculpted. As I was taking this in his hands were already on my shirt and pulling it up and over my head. Then it was off, and my breasts were there again, for him to delight in. "Oh damn" chris moaned. "You aren't that little 12 year old any more." I was so happy in that moment. His hands now ran all over my exposed breasts, pinching and pulling on them, cupping and bouncing as we kissed. Then he broke the kiss, and his face moved down. And he took my right nipple in his mouth and ran his tongue around it and then sucked on it. Oh god this felt so good. He was so much better than any other boy I had fooled around with before. Then he nibbled on it a bit, painful at first but soo nice. then he switched, doing the same thing to my left nipple and his right hand ran down and again was cupping and rubbing the area of my pussy. Then he moved his hand up to the waist band of the shorts and started to pull them downwards… I helped him eagerly, I pulled them off quickly, nothing left put a tiny string really, between him and my glories. he moved his hands down towards my thong, rubbed the area right to either side of my pussy lips and then, without really having to try, broke my thong. I wasn't complaining at all. So there it was, my slit for him to see without any cover. He moaned in delight.As soon as he had broken my thong he started to lick his way down from my forehead, down my nose, across my lips, down my neck, my chest - pausing to lick at each nipple,在线播放真实国产乱子伦 then down my stomach, swirled around a bit at my belly button, down down, and stopped at the very top of my vagina. he licked all around my slit, teasingly, slowly. I was breathless, and oh so wet. But then I pushed his face away and motioned to his shorts - "Those come off before you get your reward." I said impishly. He pulled those things off so quickly, boxer shorts and all. There it was, the cock I had been waiting for all these years. And I was not let down. There was a cock that was rock hard, throbbing, and about 8 and a half or 9 inches. It was really thick too. Bigger than any other cocks I had seen, for sure. He moved back towards my pussy, licking around, and now his tongue darted across the folds of my pussy lips. Back and forth - then suddenly, he stabbed his tongue inwards. It breached the lips of my pussy and I felt that foreign object in my wetness. It felt so amazing. then he was back out. I wasn't about to be teased any longer. I grabbed his stiff rod, pulled it towards me and stuck it in my mouth and started to suck as hard as I could, all the while running my tongue around it and across the head of it. Then I pushed it even further in, making it go down into my throat, and I kept it there until I gagged. Then I did it again. I pulled his cock out now. DAMN it was even a bit bigger. Probably 9 and a half inches and a few inches thick. I knew he was ready now. His head went back down to my pussy and his tongue went in and out about 30 times super quickly. I was sooo damn wet."Enough!" I screamed in ecstasy. "I want you in me right this second!! Fuck me with that fucking baseball bat of yours!" And I moved my pussy towards his cock and he moved his cock closer. "Are you totally sure about this?" he asked, lovingly, but breathlessly. "yes i'm sure, and I even already got rid of that damn hymen for you." He gave me a look. "Not like that, I told you I am a virgin, I stuck a long hairbrush up my pussy when I was 13." He laughed. "Alright," he said, "Here I come." and he stuck his thick rod all the way up my pussy. And even further, It felt like he had extended my pussy more than I even knew possible. I yelled out and moaned in the same moment, it was good no one was around. "OH MY FUCKING GOD THAT FEELS SO DAMN GOOD. KEEP THAT MONSTER COCK IN ME CHRIS!! FUCK ME HARD WITH THAT THING!" and he did.He pounded in and out of my pussy, I was pretty sure I would have bruises. I could hear his ball sac pounding against my ass as his monster cock pounded and stretched my pussy so much. After about two minutes of this he asked me, still pounding, "are you on the pill, or, I have some condoms downstairs, I could go get one, or two." he added that last bit with a laugh. "No, i'm on the pill it's fine. You're not stopping this, no matter what!!" "I want you to fuck my brains out every single hour of every day from now til I die because you've filled me with so fucking much sperm!! hear me damn it! Keep fucking fucking me!!" And he did, he pounded harder. I started screaming and bucking - oh god this was what an orgasm from this felt like - "OH GOD FUCK FUCK FUCK, I'm cumming soo fucking hard!! AHHHH." I yelled and dug my nails into his back. He just kept on pounding. And I kept orgasming. It felt like I was in one constant orgasm for about a minute. It was so fucking heavenly. And then right as I was coming down from it, something totally unexpected, he stuck one of his fingers in his mouth, and then, quickly, took his wet finger, stuck it in my pussy along with his cock, pulled it out and literally rammed it up my arsehole. I was cumming again with that. "AHHH, OH GOD THAT HURT BUT THAT WAS SOO GOOD!!" I yelled. and he was pounding and moving his finger in my anus and then, boom, I felt something, his hot sperm was splashing all around the inside of my pussy, pump, pump, pump, he blew his steaming load all into me while still fingering my asshole. "AHHH, oh god!! Ohh oh oh.. god.. fuck." He moaned and yelled while he was still blowing his load. It felt like he was pumping a galleon of sperm into my beaten up pussy. Finally, as he blew his last bit of sperm, he pulled his finger out of my asshole. and started to shakily pull his cock out of my pussy."OH my god, that was so fucking good!!" I said to him. "Oh yes it damn well was. You are such a goddess Sarah. Oh god, your pussy is amazing!!" "Oh and i'm sorry about the finger in your asshole, that was something I kinda started doing a year ago and well, i'm just used to it.." He said. "Oh it's alright, it really hurt but then it made me cum again so hard!" We both just sorta lay there, tired from the really hard fucking we had just been doing, then Chris moved… "Ah, oh god." He had just stuck 3 of his fingers into my now, very sensitive pussy and was moving them around… then he pulled them out and said, "here, suck on this" moving his fingers towards my mouth… I didn't really want to suck on this fingers, covered in my juices and his sperm, at first, but then I did and it tasted well, kinda nice. "Oh, that's not so horrible." I said.Then chris started to lick at my pussy, he stuck his tongue in and out and then, it was like he was a fucking vacuum cleaner, he was sucking out my juices and sperm and then he came up from my pussy and started french me again. This turned me on, tasting him and myself on his tongue and in his mouth."Oh my God Chris, thank you so much for this. It was soo fucking great." "We have to keep doing this.""Oh yes, we will." Chris smiled. He had a bit of a strange look in his eye…We both went and showered - separately, because we needed some time to recharge after all that. Then we went back downstairs to the couch and started up that porno I had put in. I had just picked a random dvd and not paid any attention to what it was… but then it started. This was a porno about going all anal. Chris seemed to be into it but I knew that I was pretty scared of having his monster cock anywhere near my asshole. It had already bruised and stretched my pussy - and my pussy was made for his cock! My poor asshole would be torn to pieces! During the movie chris started stroking me and kissing me, and he pulled me closer. Then his hands again moved into my thong, (I was just wearing a thong, nothing else) and he was fingering me.. then me moved again to my asshole and started to move one of his fingers around the rim and then, again pushed up into it. "Ahh, chris, stop it. I don't really know about this asshole stuff." but he didn't stop.he kept pushing his finger in and out, and pulled me tighter to him. Then he pulled my thong all the way off and now, now he was trying to stick another finger up there!! "Ahh chris I said stop it! That is tearing up my ass!" Chris now though had a strange look in his eyes, and then I remembered what he had said about watching that porno. He would have fucked me and wouldn't be able to stop.. that's what he had said. And unfortunately, he was fixed in on my ass! Chris bear hugged me around my middle and started to carry me down stair to his room. Oh good I thought, away from that anal video, maybe now he will stop… I was mistaken.He threw me on to his bed and got on top of me. He pinned me down as he fumbled with his right hand in the drawer of the armoire right next to his bed - there he grabbed something.. Oh shit I thought, handcuffs. He snapped one end to my right hand and the other to the frame of the bed. Then the other handcuff he put on my left hand and the frame of the bed. Then he got off me for a second."Chris!" i yelled "what are you doing!?" "I'm going to show you a really great time," he replied "and I know you wouldn't let me normally, so sorry but I am going to keep you tied up." and he grabbed two bungie cords from across the room and used those to tie my feet to the other end of the bed. Now I was totally unable to move around. I was totally at his mercy. My legs were pretty far spread apart and he crawled up towards me and started tongue fucking my pussy again. He did this for about a minute… then he licked down out of my pussy down the lips and now around towards the back and, gasp, he was licking around my asshole! Then his tongue passed right over my asshole and he flicked it back and forth. I was thinking how gross this was and then, wetness, his tongue was now slightly inserted into my asshole. He swirled his tongue around in my ass for a bit, then he removed his face from down there. Again he walked over to the other side of the room and grabbed a bottle of something… He came back over.. "KY Jelly" I could make out on it. Oh Shit. "Chris, what do you think you are doing. I forbid you from putting your fucking cock in my arsehole!! It will hurt me so much!!" He just laughed. He came over and squeezed on the bottle.. a stream of the jelly fell onto his cock and he used his hands to rub it in all over his cock… then he squeezed some all around my ass crack and then started to move it around and it was all around my hole and now, his fingers were rubbing it into my asshole! Then he put the head of the bottle up against my asshole and squeezed, I could feel the cold liquid shooting into my asshole. I shuttered and yelled. "Chris, I said fucking stop it!!""Just relax." he said. "I know what i'm doing!" and now he had his cock up near my asshole and the head of his giant prick was rubbing around the outside of my ass… and then he was pressing up into my asshole… and he was inching in so slowly and I was crying, I was in so much pain, and then he stopped. He was only a bit of the way in but my asshole was so tight, even with the lube, he couldn't keep going. "Well shit." he said. "You have the tightest asshole ever, I'm going to love fucking it so much!!" "But first I am going to have to get it ready." He got off of me and walked into his bathroom that was connected off the room… I heard water running, it sounded like he was filling up a bottle or something… what was he doing, I wondered to myself. Then a couple minutes later he came back in with a bag filled with water connected to a kind of hose thing with a nozzle at the end. "Oh FUCK NOOOO. Chris, you cannot give me an ENEMA FUCKING NO WAY." I yelled and thrashed about. "Just relax, this is good for your body." Chris calmly replied, a grin on his face… he advanced. I kept thrashing about and tried to make it where he couldn't get to my asshole but, I was tied so tightly, I couldn't really move much. He got back on top of me and started to move the nozzle towards my ass. Seeing the nozzle closer I noticed It was like a butt plug, It was made to get in then hook in. I wasn't going to be able to remove it. He positioned the nozzle against my hole and then, pop - he pushed it all the way it to my ass. Then he kept moving it in further, hose disappearing in the depths of my ass. "Oh FUCK NO, that feels SO FUCKING UNCOMFORTABLE ARRGH." I hated the feeling. Chris laughed, "oh just wait."He placed the bag of water up on the top of the bed posts and then turned a switch at that end of the hose, water started running out of the bag, and a split second later I felt a steady stream pouring into my anus. "OH GODDDD AHHH, OHhhh." I yelled. I could already feel my ass extending, I saw that my stomach was growing. It was a huge bag of water, several galleons at least. "CHRIS FOR FUCKS SAKE STOP IT PLEASE!!" He didn't. The bag was half empty by now and my stomach was huge. I looked 5 months pregnant and I was having the worst cramps ever. I was in such pain. Then chris did something horrible. he started poking at my stomach. "AHHHH SHIITTTT FUCKING SHIT GOD AHHH." It felt so bad. he stopped the water coming in, detached the hose from the nozzle but, the nozzle stayed in, acting like a butt plug.Then chris repositioned himself so his dick was up near my face and he pushed his dick into my mouth and started throat fucking me. He was ramming his cock into me so hard and that caused my body to jiggle and that made my stomach and anus hurt so much! He throat fucked me for like 2 minutes. Then finally he stopped and pulled out. "Chris, please." I whispered hoarsely from my sore throat. "Pull out that plug and put me out of this pain!" "alright" he said "you've had that water in you long enough." He went and got a bucket and lifted my ass and positioned the bucket under it, then he stuck his finger into the loop of the nozzle and pulled. It came out slowly at first but then with a "POP" it came totally out and a mass of brown water and flakes of shit started pumping out of me. It seemed like it was probably 5 or 6 minutes before it all stopped pouring out of me."Ah ha" said chris now. "Now you are ready, your asshole will take my cock now." "Believe me sarah, that may have hurt but you are going to realize that it was all to make you feel amazing."He stuck his dick back in my mouth for about 30 seconds, getting it back as hard as it could be. Then he moved back down to near my ass. He looked down and said "Oh wow, your ass hole is so big and clean now Sarah." And then he stuck his dick right on in. Fully, until his balls slammed against my ass. And I screamed. It hurt like hell at first, but then it felt like heaven. I was cumming by the third time he pounded into me. Oh fucking hell that felt so good. "OHH GOD SARAH!! THANK YOU! Your ass feels SOOO FUCKING GOOD MILKING MY COCK OH!! he pounded my ass raw for about 8 minutes and then finally, I nearly passed out from all the cumming, he came. And boy did he come. By the time he was done huge things of cum were already running out of my spent asshole. By the end of that day I had cum probably about 50 times, and I had been taught that sex was the greatest thing ever. And that sex with Chris was the greatest thing ever, times a million."I have something even better planned for tomorrow." chris whispered into my ear late that night as we were laying in bed."Oh, I can't fucking wait!" I smiled back. My pussy twitching in anticipation.




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